Fug or Fab: Julianna Margulies


If CBS cancels The Good Wife, someone should bring Julianna Margulies — and her head, from this outfit — to Mad Men to show Don Draper a thing or two about real foxy women.

Maybe I would be okay with the rest of this outfit if she’d just hemmed her pants (although Manhattan is so very tiny; wherever would she find a tailor?). Or maybe my issue is that the suit needs younger, sassier hair with it. Maybe I want blood-red lips with it, and a matching manicure. Maybe I want to sit down the Revenge writers and make them watch The Good Wife to understand how corporate shenanigans can be engrossing, if they are executed properly and by characters with more depth than the lid of an Arrowhead bottle. Maybe I want better wrinkle cream for my forehead, which is apparently where I experience ALL of my feelings. Maybe I want this outfit to give me more of those feelings, and for whatever reason, it isn’t.

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  1. Mina

    The hair. I can’t get over the hair. I could see Sandra Bullock wearing this too.

  2. Blenda

    She Looks like Ginnifer Older sister in that Photo.

  3. MizWeirdo

    I’d change the styling AND hem the pants.

    Better hair, bolder lip, hem and taper the pant legs – I think they’d look better as a slim cigarette-pant style trouser.

    Oh, and add some hot shoes of course.

  4. maryse

    she looks so fantastic. and the good wife has me wanting to go to law school just for her wardrobe on the show.

    a deeper lip would have been good though.

  5. Kath

    Rather pedestrian. I don’t like it enough to even bother with the hemming.

  6. Kitty

    For what appears to be a charity event, I’m fine with the rather colorless styling. Like, she could do red lips/nails OR the cleave, but not both. This way the look is “Business-y suit with boobs for evening”

    The length of those pants, however, is a crime.

  7. Heather

    WHAT IS UP WITH UNHEMMED PANTS??? I get that many of these actresses are petite; however, I, a mere mortal, have my pants and skirts hemmed at the corner tailor for like $15.

    I also get that sometimes the outfits are ‘borrowed’; however, this would call for that magical commodity, hem tape.

    • ines

      yes. why. ! i hate those unhemmed things.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      It’s the weirdest thing, right? Why would you not hem them?

      Apart from that, and needing lipstick that’s a color, though, I like this on her. Menswear looks on super-feminine women always tickle my fancy.

  8. Vashti

    Eww, and the pants seem to have black stripes down the side–I hadn’t noticed that horrifying feature. Stick some giant shoulder pads in that thing, and it’s one of those horrible “power suits” form the 80s. Needs to BURN in the fires of hell.

    • Maria L.

      Those black stripes negate anything mildly redeeming about this outfit. I loathe them.

  9. marra

    Fab IF Janelle Monae was wearing it

  10. JanetP

    I’d hem it and restyle it. A little lippie … maybe a necklace of some sort … visible shoes, and she’s good to go.

    • JanetP

      Oh, and less tall hair! I don’t know at all how that slipped my mind.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        If you look more closely, that’s all at the back. She just has her hair up, is all. The front is neatly pulled back.

        This photo angle lends the illusion that the height might be at her face, but it isn’t. It’s actually a really pretty style for curly hair.

  11. Natalie

    Is she going as Tony Manero for Halloween?

  12. Frances

    Echoes of Janelle Monae. Although since I unreservedly love Janelle Monae and her style, I think this works. Except Janelle would have hemmed the pants!

  13. Red Scorpio

    Hem it and wear it with pointy dark cherry red stiletto shoes and lipstick. And definitely not high hair….
    Charlze Theron had worn something similar but better styled. http://www.fashionweekdaily.com/the-fix/article/8987

  14. Z

    I’d feed her

  15. madison16

    Obvious sign I have been a Fugreader for years; I saw this picture on another website and immediately gasped knowing that the Fuggirls would have issue with it. Clicked over immediately for the humor.

  16. Loxy

    The Good Wife is SOOOOOOOOOO amazing this season.

    (Note: Only 3 episodes in.)

    • Eli

      I was just coming here to say can we talk about how awesome that show is? I get very bored with shows I like after 3 or 4 years because they just feel so same-y. But TGW still has me as engrossed as the first episode. Love it!

  17. jar

    Is there a Love Boat reboot I know nothing about? Because I swear this was one of Julie McCoy’s cruise director uniforms. And now I have the theme stuck in my head.

  18. Sandra

    My ’70′s pop-culture reference is Fantasy Island. She’s just been cast as Mr. Roarke’s new secretary.

  19. Anna

    I’d rather a more narrow legged cigarette pant style of trouser, these look a bit dated. The jacket is awesome though, and I kind of like the hair.

  20.  Louise

    Maybe I have the flu and it’s impairing my reason, but I love this, minus the pants that seriously need hemming.

  21. Victoria

    I need multiple shirtless pictures of Cary Agos in order to make a sound determination.

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