Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence


The other day, Fug Friend Marissa pointed out to me that the Hollywood Reporter had two stories atop one another. One was about how Jennifer Lawrence was negotiating a huge payday for something; the one directly underneath was that Lohan was considering joining the cast of Scary Movie 5: Straight to DVD. Poor Lilo.  A few difference choices in Choose Your Own Adventure: Lohan Family Christmas and this could have been her. Let’s look at J. Law and keep a good thought for her continued good decision making, shall we?

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  1. Megan

    The dress is great but her hair! Those little bangs, parted in the middle? Not a good look.

    • Lauren

      The hair is just terrible.

      • Jasmine

        Her bangs make me really, really sad. A little side braid or an effing bobby pin is your BEST FRIEND when growing them out.

        Her ass looks just… outstanding in that dress. She has the kind of body I would sell my teeth for.

        • birdgal

          The hair is what ruins it for me too.

        • Abby

          Oh goodness…her butt. It’s fantastic. I mean, I have a pretty decent butt. Not outstanding, but not bad either, and I appreciate it for what it is.

          But that butt? SO FLIPPING GOOD. Makes me want to do more whatever-it-is-she-does to make my butt better.

      • esther

        agree 100%

    • Cynthia W

      That’s exactly what I thought – what is up with the hair? Why does Jennifer Lawrence suddenly have terrible hair? And, yes, too much boob for lunch.

      • Miranda

        I recall her having terrible hair a lot during Hunger Games promotion as well. I don’t know what the deal is there, but girl, FIRE YOUR HAIR PEOPLE.

  2. PeggyO

    Really close. The cut on the dress is good, but the cleavage would look better if it were tucked away a little. Not too much boob, but poorly deployed boob.

  3. Lynne

    Yeah, PeggyO, I agree. The top really doesn’t fit her that well and she’s getting more spillage than necessary.

    I also came here to post about the hair. When, o fashion gods, are we going to move past the unstyled hair trend? It’s hideous. There’s nothing wrong with arriving at a luncheon with a proper blow out. I can’t stop brushing imaginary hair out of my eyes right now.

    • vandalfan

      Lynn speaks for me, and many. You can get volume in your hair without the “stuck my head out of the limo window” look.

  4. Kit

    I agree wholeheartedly. Too much bewb.

    • mary lou bethune

      Yes, I think that it is, indeed, tacky. But she can do anything I guess since she has the best role for a woman ever coming up— Serena , the evil wife of nice man (Bradley Cooper) ….

  5. qwertygirl

    I think it’s too much boob for before 4 p.m. (but I tend to the conservative on the subject of Boob Exposure). Also, why is it that half of Hollywood’s shoes don’t fit? Those things are at least half a size too big for her. Are their feet that tiny? Do shoe stores in LA only stock 3 pairs of size 7s and everyone else has to suck it up and make do with what’s left over? Do they all have blister fetishes? I am confused.

    • Christian

      I don’t get that either! They’re just black pointy shoes, I don’t see how there could be some shortage of them in her size. I don’t like this look at all – shoes don’t fit, too much boob for lunch (that’s a weird phrase), and pretty much nobody can pull off snakeskin. Snakeskin + boob just reminds me of strippers.

  6. Emma

    Not a fan of snakeskin prints, and the cleavage is too much, especially when she’s embracing much-older directors (btw, Spielberg looks like he’s trying to peel her arms off himself: “please don’t squish against me in that outfit, Jennifer… there are photographers everywhere…”)

    • pantsonfire

      Co-signed! My thoughts exactly. Don’t really like snakeskin at all, ever, under any circumstances (actually, that fits in my broader category of NO ANIMAL PRINTS, which is an unpopular position, I know), so the dress wasn’t making friends with me right off the bat. And I think the cleavage is inappropriate, notwithstanding that the girl has beautiful breasts. They really are great. I am in complete agreement re the effect of the older gentleman hug, though this looks like Spielberg is being held hostage by her boobs against his will.

      I echo the comments re the bangs. It’s all I’ve been able to notice about her in the last few weeks. She wears them like that everywhere, for every occasion, and it’s the worst.

  7. Eliza Bennett

    Yep. Too much boob. I think I’d like the design idea if I weren’t fearing a nipslip and trying to comb her hair with my mind.

  8. linda

    Others share your shoe curiosity (http://theshoegirl.blogspot.com/2011/05/why-so-big.html). However, a friend who is a stylist (but not for the stars in H-wood) said that his guess is the red carpet time and the hours of standing after that makes a bigger shoe a better choice for Celebs, because feet tend to swell — foot flesh spilling over the sides of a shoe that fit fine in the limo is not a good look. This is especially true for those with wide feet, as those Jimmy Choos generally don’t come in a D width and every bit of extra space will help.

    • qwertygirl

      I guess that makes sense. But I hope their feet swell up before the blisters rub. Either that or I hope they have a lot of moleskin in their clutches. Hey, maybe that’s what the Queen carries in hers–moleskin (and scissors to cut it) to put on blisters when she’s being whisked from one venue to another.

  9. TaraMisu

    I think this is fine…. maybe less boob but eh… The hair on the other hand, good lord! Fix those bangs, ugh.

  10. kindakute

    The dress is great on her but not for that event. Her make up is caked on. The bangs are the worst I’ve seen on anyone in a long time. Her hair looks stringy and droopy, it’s actually depressing. A cool up do would have been fabulous.

  11. Stefanie

    Okay my other post got eaten?

    Anyway I said something regarding her boobs looking fantastic and I’d have mine out and proud if they looked like that too.

    And then I said something about her hair looking like it got rained on.

  12. Karen

    Yeah, first thing I thought was, Ouch, those shoes look painful – and too big.

  13. Lindy

    She looks great, but that is a LOT of boob going on there. It makes me feel embarrassed just to look at her.

    I bet the men enjoyed it, though.

  14. Karen

    Ah, okay, just saw the comment about why the shoes might be too big. Makes sense, I guess, but I’ve got to think there are blisters happening.

  15. Scully

    American Puritanism, never ceases to amaze. Free the boobs!

    The hair though, yikes. Homegirl needs a wash and trim.

  16. McLisa

    The hair is awful. I like the dress. She’s beautiful.

    The boob is necessary. She shares her Golden Globes with the HFPA and maybe they will share a Globe or two with her next February.

  17. CJ

    Not into the hair. I like the dress though and I don’t mind the boobiness of it (she has great boobs. Mine are like, concave haha). She has such a cute figure. She’s not emaciated. She looks really healthy and pretty. I wish the top part FIT a little better though.

  18. Molly

    Also, I hate her bangs like that.

  19. Other Emily

    Well, it IS too much boob for lunch. However, she is so young and very young women are known for their propensity to confuse too much boob with sexy. So I forgive her. God she’s a beautiful girl and her body is absolutely ridiculous. Terrible hair. But if I had her body, I’d probably wear the shit out of it, too.

  20. Caroline

    Lordy, that hair. Girl, I know how tough it is to grow out the bangs, but that is what a side sweep is for!

  21. Trace

    The girl behind her in the Spielberg hug picture looks mortified that J Law would put that much boob against The Spielberg. Actually, he looks kind of alarmed too.

  22. Gail

    I love the photo bomber in the first pic. It’s just a day’s work for her, and she doesn’t care boobs or no boobs, she just wants Jennifer to get into that room already so they can stay on schedule.

    I think the boobs are kind of incongruous with the office-y skirt, which makes it a little uncomfortable. It’s like her top and bottom come from different parts of the country, or have different religions.

    • ML

      SO totally +1 on Photo Bomb Betty. She’s like “Revenge, thy name is TMZ.”

  23. Victoria

    1. She’s pretty.
    2. She has awesome boobs. Is she the new Boobs?
    3. That hair is begging to be washed and styled anew.

  24. Rosa

    I think she looks fabulous–boobs and all. Her hair, notwithstanding, of course.

  25. Evalyn

    But, seriously, whatever happened to Jude Law?

  26. Mia

    Great boobs. Too much boobs. Bad hair.

  27. k

    My issue with the boobs, I think, is that just before I saw this I saw a picture on people.com of her with Bradley Cooper and I just felt like his smarmy sweaty creepy proximity to her breastival was particularly creepy. And, ok, so maybe he doesn’t actually look sweaty and creepy in that particular photo and I’ve started to just think of him in those terms and can’t ever see him any other way. But regardless…just too much boob going on.

  28. marie

    that body is banging, and so normal looking.. i love the fact that she looks like a normal teen, albeit wearing a dress that would cost me a year’s rent and hugging Spielberg..you go J-Law..i just wish that we could get more pictures of her and Nicholas Hoult..they look so cute together, esp those photos posted in Lainety where they were playing basketball..she just seems like a well-rounded, normal girl to me

  29. CJ

    About her hair: I have a feeling she is growing those bangs out, which is REALLY ANNOYING. While I think she could have found a better way to deal with them, I sympathize.

  30. Ryan

    I wish it fit her a little better. she has a killer body and it’s a tad unflattering. also she should have actually done her hair.

  31. KateBD

    I am really less concerned with her outfit, and more concerned with her Dawson Leery bang instead. Bless his continuously breaking heart, but no one should bring back that Dawson hair.

  32. Sajorina

    YES!!! I love it, I want it, I covet all of it! FAB!!!

  33. Claire L1

    Abby! Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30…… so many lunges and squats and side lunges…..and well….. it’s done aces for my ass. I’m twice Jennifer’s age…so my butt will NEVER look like hers….but for a woman who is 40 pounds lighter than she was 2 years ago…. I’m rockin’ a mighty fine walk away.

  34. Helen

    I agree it’s more evening-boob than day-boob, but with that bod and at her age, I say she gets away with it.

    Also agree with assorted remarks about the hair. Not good. Looks like she just decided not to wash or comb it that day, and I prefer a lighter color on her as well.

  35. Leah M

    Steven Spielberg, this is not the way you hug a lovely young woman! This says, “get off – don’t make me hurt you.”

    Although on closer inspection, she is pretty far away from him, wearing heels and he is not tall, so maybe she misjudged the torque and is whispering “dear lord help me up” in his ear.

  36. AM

    I generally don’t criticize hair because well, mine is such a struggle that I don’t want to invoke karma gods or something. If it looks clean and combed I think one’s ahead of the game. Cleavage or the b-words, on the other hand, I have no problem with, and much to much for such a talented and pretty young woman. We want people to see the whole person, not just the chest area.

  37. esther

    honestly i don’t think she looks good at all.

    the only thing that outfit does for her (is it a dress? is it a skirt and top?) is show her breasts, as many have commented. and not necessarily in a flattering way. it just shows them.

    snakesin is gross, no nice colour. those shoes make it look like trashy office wear.

    and her hair looks awful.

    i think this should be a fug.

    is she maybe a little over-rated? to me she just looks like the second coming of Leelee Sobieski.

  38. Fashion Times

    I really enjoy all of your posts.

  39. yeahandalso

    This is Coyote Ugly Business Casual, it is gross. Seriously, picture the top half of that with jeans and a cowboy hat and she’d be serving drinks with Piper Pareabo, Maria Bello, Tyra and Mr. Big’s wife.