Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston


She’s never looked more tan, that’s for sure:

I think this dress is suede? And it’s kind of cute in the way that everything I feel like I already wore once when I was younger is kind of cute to me; legitimately cute in the way that is was originally, but also cute because it reminds me of a time when everyone had tiny backpacks and my face was not so dependent on the miracles of Retin-A. Nostalgicute.

Should we applaud her for wearing a sort-of color? Should we just give up expecting anything really INTERESTING from her? I’m starting to ease into the last one, like a hot bath. It IS Friday, after all. What do you think?

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  1. valueofaloonie

    The fact that her shoes are the exact colour of her skin is kind of freaking me out.

    • Beth

      I can’t believe I didn’t notice the shoes until I read your comment, and now it’s ALL I CAN SEE.

  2. Christa

    I think it is a tad too short and the drop waist is kind of cutesy. I know she is not old, but she is in her forties and a some point you just look like mutton dressed as lamb, you know what I mean?

    • mary lou bethune

      Yes, I know what you mean. She is cute as ever but I wish she ‘d hurry up and marry that handsome Justin. I think she would have a more serious of intent and maybe would stop dressing too young.

    •  Wendy

      That’s what I came here to say. There comes a point when, no matter how good your legs are, skirts that short just look a little desperate.

      • Leeann

        Are you kidding?! No matter what you think about the dress, shoes, whatever, there is no whiff of mutton there. She looks great for her age or anyone else’s.

        • witjunkie

          I agree. I think some women can pull it off longer than others, and she’s one of them.

        • Tiffany

          I agree. She looks great. I could understand the complaints if it was skin tight or low cut up top. I think the length of it balances the coverage elsewhere.

          I think it looks great just as it is.

  3. Kristen from MA

    Should we applaud her for wearing a sort-of color? NO

    Should we just give up expecting anything really INTERESTING from her? YES

  4. Hannah

    I want it for myself, and I’m under 25. Except my skin only comes in either Parchment or Boiled Lobster and my legs are maybe not quite as bangin’ as hers, so it might just look sad on me.

    • Helen

      Would it drive you nuts to put on leg makeup? It does wonders for me (I swear it makes my knees less knobby), and I don’t find that it’s difficult, it’s just like applying moisturizer is all. Makes for a lot more confidence in shorter skirts!

      • ErinE

        and I am a HUGE fan of the spray tan! I like the aviva brand. I get winters glow which is the palest option and makes me feel golden and glowing without looking fake! i’m obsessed!

        • ErinE

          I feel the need to add I only do it for special occasions – I’m not Kardashian-level obsessed!

        • Tiffany

          Do you get it done professionally? I looked into that brand and it seems like their website is geared towards people that would have “customers”.

      • witjunkie

        OK but does it smear/come off? I’m always worried I’ll wear it and leave a smudge on someone’s couch. I’m a self-tanner to get me over that white legs/first warm weather hump until I get tan but I’ve never tried the leg makeup. I scared.

        • Tiffany

          I have used Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in the lightest color. It sprays on and I smear it around. It is just like airbrush make-up…except that it is nearly waterproof. I can get two days use because it doesn’t even come off in the shower (unless I scrub really hard with my mesh scrubby thing). I like more than sunless tanners, because I feel they fade in an ununiform way because of how skin sheds, it can be blotchier in some places. I feel like Airbrush Legs stays on until I want to take it off, and when I do, it comes off uniformly.

          • Sajorina

            I’m pale and have been told by my dermatologist to avoid the sun, which I always do! Plus, I bruise like a peach, so I’ve used Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (over concealer for the bruises) and it really works! If you’re afraid of it coming off and staining your clothes, etc., you can apply translucent loose powder over it! I don’t do self-tanners, though!

            • Guerra

              Make up on your legs is the best! Especially at night!!! And I would believe 99% of celebrities you see do it as well, only the models are freaks of nature.

  5. Bernzadrine

    I read something earlier today about her morphing in to J K Rowling, and it’s totally true, fan-fic alert (of some sorts)

  6. Helen

    This would be darling on Hailee Steinfeld or Elle Fanning.

    With better shoes.

  7. El

    I love the dress. But the invisible shoes need to go. It just looks like she’s walking around on her toes.

  8. Carrick

    If I looked like Jennifer, I wouldn’t want a dress detracting from ME either.

    Of course, since I’m a dude, if I looked like Jennifer, I would have other problems. Or opportunities, depending on how you look at it.

  9. Karen G

    Like the dress, wish she were wearing some kind of long necklace with it. And wish her hair weren’t ombre.

    • Edith

      Is it ombre, or is it just a trick of the light and the color of the dress? Mighty distracting either way.

      She is not too old to wear this, at all; the problem is that it’s shapeless and boring and generally blah. She’ s in a rut. It’s a lovely rut, but a rut nonetheless. And honestly, why is she still going places and being photographed? What has she been in in the past 3 years? She’s never been that great, other than as Rachel, and I really would’ve thought she’d either have fallen off the radar or joined a morning show by now….

  10. Lola

    Again with the loose-waisted frock? I’m going with the pregnancy excuse. As for the argument that she is too old to wear this, I do think it is a little too cutesy. It’s not the length of the skirt that she has aged out of, it’s the drop-waist, babydoll style. Also, I vote for her to get the Karlie Kloss bob, or some kind of dramatic cut. This same-old haircut is so boring.

    • Billie

      I thought pregnancy as well. When was the last time she wore something fitted in public? I also think her face looks a teensy bit fuller than usual.

      • Jenn

        I was just thinking the same thing – she sure isn’t bothered that she’s giving the impression she’s pregnant.

  11. michelle

    All I want to say is “nostalgicute” is an awesome word and now I must find some way to use it in a sentence of my own : )

  12.  Carolina Girl

    Does she have those same shoes in every color of the rainbow??

    • Edith

      No, only in the shades from taupe to mahogany, so that she can match them to her spray tan perfectly.

  13. maryse

    i really want to like that dress. but i don’t.

  14. The City Dweller

    Oh look! The tips of her hair match her roots! Twinsies!

  15. Maria L.

    She just bores me to death.

  16. ringthing

    I submit that the dress looks like it’s made of mouse hide.

  17. Jennifer Wangler

    I LOVE IT!

  18. Claire1http://gofugy

    She is so pretty and always looks so “eh”.
    Did she cut a deal with the universe and say “OK, you give me this face, I’ll keep the body looking great and in order to make it seem a little fair, I’ll wear the most boring clothing ever”

  19. Mongerel

    Explain please. I’m actually asking — with curiosity, not snark, for the reasons you like this look?

  20. Alayne

    I think with different shoes and jewelry, it would look a lot better. And I’m sorry but since this is an event for hair care products, shouldn’t her hair look better??? Not really a great advertisement for Living Proof.

  21. Sajorina

    Hair & makeup look good! Dress is cute & I want it! Shoes are dull, but jewelry is nice! So, I say FAB! Sadly, I’m still dependent on the miracles of Retin-A!

  22. Courtney

    All I care about are tiny backpacks! Yay for tiny backpacks!

  23. Guerra

    She looks totally cute, love the dress & shoes! She’s just not a fashion girl, she does the best with the most simple pieces she can.

  24. cphnina

    Come on, she looks great! But would it kill her to get a colored mani-pedi once in a while? Shocking pink or orange would look good with her tan and the grey dress (which I really like, BTW).

  25. deee

    If she is preggers, she gets a pass. If not – it’s a total snooze. Like most of her photos, her face, hair and legs are spectacular. Her dress? Not hideous, not great, just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  26.  Janice

    Jennifer looks the way she always looks, which is fine. She has found things that suit her, and doesn’t aspire to anything more.

    So I ask, out of all the samey samey same same same, THIS dress attracted any attention? Grey is not a “sort of colour”.

  27. Emma

    It looks like that “microsuede” ugly couches are upholstered with.

  28. anonymoose

    Ombre hair must die.
    I like the color of the dress, but…I wish it had shape and style other than “sack”.
    Invisible shoes are yuck.

  29. Claire1http://gofugy

    You know…. if you aren’t wearing eyeglasses ( and you need them) she kind of looks like Kathy Lee Gifford in the thumbnail version of this picture.
    I think she needs to darken her hair just a smidgen to avoid that.

  30. Liz

    I really like her but really hate the dress. The color does nothing for her, she has a killer body and this still makes her look shapeless, the material totally looks like upholstery fabric like someone else said, it’s too short, not for her age, but for the style of dress itself. It just looks wrong. And she really needs to tone down the fake tanning a bit. She’s too A-list to be that orange.

    • Liz

      Also, some people (like myself) wear the same hair cut for years because their faces are funny looking and that one length/cut is the only one that really works. But I don’t think Jen is one of those people. She could pull off a cute chin length bob. Maybe she’s afraid of ending up with The Rachel again.

  31. Marcia Siemer Simonetta

    I kind of like the shoes, but when you blow it up you find out that she’s wearing a toe ring. About 10 years ago, toe rings were _all the rage_ and I thought I might like to wear a toe ring. Then we went to Naples, FL, and met my husband’s dad’s cousin, who was 70 years old and sporting a toe ring. So, I say, you should not wear toe rings if you are Jennifer Aniston. Or me.

    Anyhoo, I love love love that there is a big Fug Nation discussion on the pros and cons of leg makeup going on up there.