Fug or Fab: Ginnifer Goodwin


Someone needs to talk to Ginnifer Goodwin. My theory is that some dumb yahoo once told her that her face looks bad or fat or bad and fat when she smiles, and that is why she is always making these ridiculous serious faces in photos, despite being (on talk shows), TOTALLY BUBBLY and an adorable delight. Never listen to those dumb yahoos, girls.

What about her dress?

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  1. val.

    I love that dress. I really hate her hair, though.

    • Billie

      I agree, I think this hair does her absolutely no favors. The person who told her not to smile should’ve instead told her to grow it out.

      • Tara

        Agree – some people suit pixie cuts but GinGood is not one of them. Although she’s by no means overweight, her face is way too round and the short hair just emphasises that and makes it look chubby.

      • megs283

        Her hair pains me. She is SO CUTE – but not with that hair.

  2. xtine

    i really wish the dress wasn’t fraying. other than that i like it, though i really wish she’d grow her hair back out

    • Ines

      me too, i hate the fraying look, it ruins the dress.

      • qwertygirl

        YES. It’s FRAYED. It looks…half done. Like the seamstress got called away and couldn’t finish the hems on all the ruffles.

    • Cranky Old Batt

      The fraying ruins it for me.
      Not a fan of the hair cut either. On her, it looks too boyish in a bad way..

  3. Jen

    The dress looks like it’s rough silk or something, which is why it has those rough edges…?

    I used to think she was adorable, but with every passing photo where she’s posing like self a nonsmiling A-hole, my affection fades. (Can you tell? I sound so mean to someone I don’t know. But this is what her frowning has done to me!!)

  4. AM

    What color is the dress. I’ve seen pictures where it looked white and others sort of dishwatear gray. If it’s closer to white, then I like it.

    • Catwoman

      THANK YOU AM! I am totally in agreeance (is that a word?) with you about the colour. It just looks dirty to me!

  5. K

    I like the dress…which translates to “love it!” in the poll. But also, I love that it is from H&M and cost $299. According to People.com anyway. And why would they lie?

  6. jjdaddyo

    1- she is trying to look like a serious ahhk-tress.

  7. sydney

    I love it! And why is everyone hating on her pixie cut? I think it’s adorable.

    • Annie S.

      Ditto! I love a short pixie, and she has the perfect hair for it.

      • Kara

        Me too. I find her pixie cut so refreshing amidst a sea of the same-old-same-old long, lank weaves. I adored Hayden Pannetierre’s short haircut too.

    • Kristen from MA

      Agreed – love it. It doesn’t work on everyone (read: VHudg), but she looks cute.

  8. Abby

    I love that dress. I wish she would smile in photos. I actually like her haircut–I love it when someone can pull off short hair like that. She is so ridiculously adorable I can’t help myself.

  9. Liz

    I’m sick of seeing raw edges on nice dresses, but otherwise love this dress. And love it on her. Her boyfriend is seriously cute – you should pay more attention to him. I love when tv couples become real life couples!

  10. Ann

    My like for her sort of faded thought when I discovered that male part of TV couple had/has a WIFE. Not very Prince Charming.

    • Neil

      He and the wife, Lara Pulver (from True Blood/Sherlock) apparently broke up last Fall, and he and Ginnifer were supposedly just friends and only got together after that. I mean, maybe they’re lying and were already together while he was married, but I guess we’ll never know for sure.

  11. Shiitake

    I like the porportions and fit of the dress, not the shredded execution. As far as her attitude, she’s not that good of an actress.

  12. Eliza Bennett

    The hair with the absorbed a-hole face makes me think “What. Madam, you are no Mia Wasikowska. Stop it.” Either the super cute hair or the serious face, Miss Ginny. Not both.

  13. Neil

    Love the dress, and like the short hair too. Like Carey Mulligan, I think that look suits her. The boyfriend looks so much hotter there than in Once Upon A Time, in which I always feel he looks a little bland. What is it about black tie? It just makes guys exponentially hotter!

  14. Sara B.

    I could let the smiling slide if she’d grow out her hair again. I just don’t like her with this uber short hair.

  15. Talley

    I like the hair. She’s cute enough to carry it off. The dress in the photos you chose looks barely ok (what color is it anyway? white would be fine, but some of those shots look pretty close to dishwater). However, in the photo I saw of it on the Washington Post web site this morning, it was one swan head away from a Bjork homage (sp?).

  16. jen

    I’m guessing you mean facE not facT?

  17. Beth

    I wish her dress would have been a different color. I wouldn’t have minded the unfinished edges if it had been some bright cheery color. As is, it looks like it may have been white and finished, but was dragged behind the car on the way there.

  18. maryanne

    She is so adorable ,and I didn’t know her Prince Charming is the real life boyfriend??
    Go figure? They tend to dress her in Peter Pan collars and cutesy pie outfits on the show.
    That being said, they do look nice on her and fit the character.
    I HOPE THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, in real life too! : )
    also love the fabric and texture of the dress, raw silk??

  19. Lynne

    I don’t mind the short hair. It’s not my favorite but I think she can carry it. The dress is cute without being cutesy. Appropriate for the occasion and it suits her.

    Now. Who sold her that godawful tube of lipstick? That should never happen again.

  20. Amanda

    The dress is fine, the belt is weird. Love her clutch. Her hair is fine, too. It’s not like she looks horrible with it.

    The problem is the attitude she gives off. I haven’t seen any interviews with her, just pictures and she hasn’t won me over as a likable person with the way she comes off in photos. Makes me want to skip anything she might be in. I have seen a couple of movies of hers and she seems to play sweet girl-next-door types and I never buy it because she looks so grumpy all the time in real life. So, either she’s not that great of an actress or her real life persona is going to cause problems. See also; Katherine Heigl (although she at least smiles in photos).

    • Cranky Old Batt

      Ditto on the ‘tude.

      I used to think she was pretty much a cute little goddess but after trying to watch her show (which is horrible) and looking at these pictures where she looks like she is trying way too hard to be haughty, I am over her.

  21. Audrey

    I think the dress is a dishwater color because it’s made of “organic” cotton, according to People.com. Which immediately makes me like it less, because organic is really a silly fad with perceived health benefits and absolutely no proof to back it up. Yet people continue to believe in it because people like Ginnifer Goodwin, who is obviously not well-versed in agriculture, continue to promote it. k I’m off my soapbox now

    • Annie S.

      Brava! [Applauds.]

    • Claire L1

      <—totally believes in organic….. and whether it be food or t-shirts I work really hard to follow it because I give a Stewart Little's Behind….I don't care what movie star does it or doesn't…except now that I know Ginnifer Goodwin does…I like her better than I did three minutes ago.
      That's my soap box.

    • Annie E

      Cotton farming uses LOTS of pesticides. Organic cotton farming does not.

  22. D

    I like that it’s an H&M eco-friendly dress, but objectively I’m really not loving the bottom half. I think she’s starting to get used to normalizing her hair though which I appreciate. Also I think it’s adorable that her co-star fell so hard for her so quickly. I feel like she deserves that…obviously purely unfounded since I don’t know her, but someone needed to fall in love with all that bubbly. And yes, she needs to show it more on the carpet!

  23. elle

    It’s ok if celebs don’t smile. Our fake smiles freak out the rest of the world.

  24. BrownEyedBetty

    I would love the dress more if it were a slightly different color or should I say a definite color like dove grey OR a nice white – not grey/white. Also swapping out the belt for something that looks a little less ’1980s office’ and more ’2012 evening’. The pixie haircut on her is OK, but just needs tweaking in how it frames her face. And yes, a smile would help. Throwing her head back like that is also … odd …and not the best angle on her features. I can’t completely ding this since it’s far and away better than anything she’s worn in quite some time. I think the ruffles are charming.

  25. Lina

    Love the hair. All the rest of the pics I’ve seen of her at this even show her with a normal facial expression; I have no idea what was up with this moment — maybe she was still getting her game face on? I’m conflicted about the dress but I love that it’s sort of affordable for regular people.

  26. Stefanie

    Why isnt the dress sky blue? Or a really great purple? Dangit.

    Sometimes when I over think what I’m going to look like in a picture (usually when the person taking the picture doesn’t know how to work the camera, MOM) I stretch my neck out to try and avoid a double chin. Ultimately I end up having an up the nose shot taken. It’s never good on me and it doesn’t work on Ginny.

  27. tigers4us

    Very pretty, but please clip the loose threads. Details, details…

  28. Jenna

    It looks like a stack of dirty coffee filters. And the top part is doing nothing for her. I love her hair and makeup, though I prefer the slightly longer pixie cut she wears on the show. It makes her look just a little softer.

    • Cranky Old Batt

      Best. Description. Ever.

      I have been tying to sort it out and the closest I came was something the cat did to the toilet paper roll, but you nailed it.

  29. Conchobara

    I’ve always wondered if she doesn’t do that weird posing thing because she used to be a bit awkward and (a teeny bit) heavier, way back in the day, when she was a teenager on the TV show Ed. (Dear God, I loved Ed)

    • AMS

      She was on Ed?! I LOVED Ed – now I have to hie myself over to the Internet to find pictures. . . Oh, right, the dress – I’m surprised everyone’s hung up on her hair and the color of the silk, when what really bugs me about this dress is the bodice. There’s something just slightly awkward about it, like it could have used one more shaping seam or dart so it followed her body more exactly. I would also prefer a sparkly evening belt to the heavy black one, and that someone had tidied up the edges of the raw silk. I think she looks adorable, and that probably not many others could have pulled off this dress!

  30. Liz985

    I do think she is one pretty girl and give her props for the pixie – although lately it is looking a tad too severe. The dress – eh. I know she tries with the fashion but would love to see her maybe try not so hard.

  31. Katharine

    Her hair is fantastic! I really like that she’s gone even shorter.

    The dress is… okay. I’m really not crazy about jewel necks and that particular style of sleeve; they don’t look that great on anybody as far as I can see. The idea of the skirt appeals to me, but there’s a bit much of it, so that it looks like a toilet tissue doll. (Not the kind that sits over the tissue, but the kind that little kids make out of tissue, gathered into little layery skirts.)

  32. Claire L1

    I would like the dress better if it were an actual color….and maybe shorter. The raw edges seem a little too casual for such a long skirt…however, I really do like the design.

  33. Melissa

    Love it, but oh, oh, the facial expression. Damn near fugs the whole thing up. GINNIFER.

  34. Dina

    To be fair, I did see a cute photo of her smiling from this event. I hope the link works: http://media.talkingpointsmemo.com/slideshow/white-house-correspondents-dinner-2012/1-264120

  35. schroob

    Perhaps she’s trying to smize?… in which case we can be glad there’s no booty tooch….

  36. Michelle

    I think this dress does nothing for her figure, and the skirt is so high-waisted that she looks … wrong. Just wrong. Which is a bummer, because I love her. And YES, Ginnifer, you’re gorgeous when you smile!

  37. Karen

    The dress is nice but not on her. HATE that haircut, and stop with the stone face already.

  38. Jodi

    We have a bigger emergency. The documentary about the Queen is not available anywhere on the net that I can find, not on the link from Lainey that you gave in Fugs and Pieces last Friday, nor anywhere else.

    You control the internet, fix this!

  39. Mikki

    I really enjoy watching her in Once Upon a Time – and they have her in long princess hair in the FairyTale Land bits, which makes quite a difference. Josh Dallas looks pretty hot in his Prince Charming duds too!

    As far as her dress here, it’s not too tight, or displaying too much cleavage…so it’s all good!

  40. Sajorina

    LOVE IT! I love the dress & the rest of her look, really! And, I love her & her co-star, who looks so elegant and handsome! FAB!!!

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  42. The Fugger

    I’m gonna dissent.

    If anything isn’t making that work, it’s the Leave It To Beaver cut. A more conventional pixie would work better, I think.

    Yes, Slide 1 is a total runway pose, but for that dress that’s FINE.

  43. Mahastee

    Love the hair, love the dress (it is just creamy enough to be clear of beige territory) and I find her red carpet faces amusing. I love that she bucks the trends of princess hair and wildly expensive gowns.

    Would also have loved a giant necklace with this, but you can’t have everything.

  44. Sasha

    The dress looks like it was recycled from everyone’s used Swiffers. Blah.

  45. Other Emily

    I don’t love the dress, but I do like that she’s doing something a little more down-to-earth and real-peopleish. And I really like her hair. I think it’s very cute on her.

  46. Tory

    Wait, what? Is nobody from GFY watching Once Upon A Time? Because the cracked-out outfits on that show are definitely worth a look… The Blue Fairy jellyfish dress? Ruby’s crazy streetwalker/diner waitress duds? All the insane things they plaster Lana Parilla into as the Evil Queen in Fairytale land?


    • Mel Duff

      CANNOT stop looking at the Blue Fairy’s boobs. Not in a good way. They’re like tractor beams.

      • Cranky Old Batt

        You mean the blue fairy pole dancer with her tiny weeny Lucite hooker heels and breast implanted flotation devices?

      • Tory

        My husband walked into the room during the Blue Fairy on the beach scenes with Gepetto, and said, “Holy cow, how big are her boobs?” When someone’s saying that about a person who’s been artificially shrunken to fairy-size…

    • Conchobara

      The jellyfish dress! That’s what I call it, too!

  47. hfree

    I really like the dress and you are right that she is totally adorable when she smiles. But, I got really distracted when I realized that these pictures were taken at the Newseum, where I used to work! I mean, of course the WH Corespondent’s Dinner after party would there, it only makes sense.

  48. SharonCville

    You guys really are missing out on OUAT– the outfits and stories are seriously fun and seriously cracked out! That said, I’m with the majority of the commenters in that I would like to see this dress in a color. Or just a different dress. The ruffles are a bit much for me, especially for a WDC event. It makes the dress seem a little twee. I do wish Ms. Goodwin would hire herself a GOOD stylist, and not one who apparently hates her.

  49. Crystal

    I think it should be celebrated that a celebrity wore a responsibly-made, reasonably-priced dress at such a high-profile event. However, I don’t want that to cloud my fab or fug judgement. Ceteris paribus, I am unmmoved.

  50. Kate

    I think Ginnifer’s hair and make-up is very pretty, and she is a doll-faced sweet girl. I don’t like what the dress does to her breasts though, nor the unfinished look of the ruffles, which are a little too plentiful for my taste.

    Totally aside from that, I didn’t know that Little Miss Sweetness and Light had a tattoo. Interesting.

  51. Cranky Old Batt

    I have to agree about OUAT deserves the Fug Girls Special handed to them on a dirty plate.

    There are some seriously, seriously out there and highly questionable costume choices on the show. Like Spirit Halloween Store 1986, bad.

    It may be worth it to check out for that alone.

    (With the sound off so you can’t hear the cheesy dialog delivered so poorly it is like they are doing playhouse theater for people who have had they good taste surgically removed along with two-thirds of their intelligence.)

  52. Victoria

    She used to date that Chris idiot who dated Katie Holmes for a long time pre-Cruise, and he was on record as saying he only dates “9′s or 10′s” IIRC. So if she dated a shallow prick like that, she’s probably got some self-esteem issues.

  53. carm

    I love the dress from afar, but what is with the raggedy edges? Is the fabric unraveling? Terrible.

  54. mollimagee

    Didn’t she date Chris Klein? Isn’t he on record as saying how he would call out his “ladies” if they put on a lb or two, because he won’t date a girl who doesn’t fit the mold? Maybe the damage hasn’t been undone yet
    Culprit identified…
    exceprt from Elle magazine:
    ELLE: Are you cool with it if a woman you like gains a few pounds?
    CK: I’m not tolerant of that at all.
    ELLE: So do you tell them to lose weight?
    CK: When a woman isn’t feeling good about herself and you combine that with her period, eventually she’ll ask you if you like her body. You have to say no.
    ELLE: Don’t you think they’re just looking for you to say, “You look beautiful to me, honey.”
    CK: If they do, it’s placating. I don’t placate.

    that said,
    she’s so pretty, congenial, and I wish she looked happier on the RC regularly.
    the dress is very pretty on her!

    • Sajorina

      Now I know why Katie Holmes broke off their engagement and dumped his ass!

  55. Rubee

    I’ve always liked the pixie on her, since it gives her naturally chubby face a little bit of edge – my personal story. Why I find really unflattering here is the bodice, which makes her boobs disappear and make her shoulders look man-square. The final result? A young boy in drag.

  56. Anabelle10021

    Hate the dress, it eats her up, I didnt like it on the model, either. GG deserves better…

    Onto other news: JESSICA – go see Thor and Once Upon a Time. ESPECIALLY Thor. It is delicious!

  57. Kristen

    I saw this dress at H&M in NYC this past weekend and it’s awful in person. My friend and I even said “Who would pay $300 for a frayed dress?” Well, apparently everyone will now that Ginnifer has stepped out in it. Still a very ugly dress and the color of dishwater.

  58. gigi

    love it, love her, love the hair, love the fraying….. love love love — it’s a study of subtle contrasts & it is gorgeous!!