Here’s what didn’t happen: Pastel pants on Lavon, ANY JUSTIN HARTLEY AT ALL. Here’s what DID: George went into crazy cheerful mode after breaking up with Lemon, up to and including: dancing with strangers, eating ice cream, buying a motorcycle, singing karaoke in New Orleans and then making out with Zoe and suggesting they get a hotel room and then realizing that he’s actually really bummed about Lemon, and then tears and recriminations. Hot Neighbor Wade blah blah blah time to grow up yadda yadda buy my own bar blah.  Lemon: blah blah blah George cry cry cry wedding yadda yadda yadda lipstick.  Everyone: more scenery-chewing facial expressions than usual. On to the ensembles! With bonus Tim Matheson in a truly hilarious costume.