I really like Happy Endings – although I do think that, of everyone in the ensemble, Eliza Coupe most needs to take a breath between line readings (it’s not that she’s not funny; it’s that she’s somehow started delivering her lines at RAPID rapid-fire, when everyone else is still plain old rapid-fire, and it makes me wheeze, and I’m worried that by next season’s premiere she will be literally incomprehensible. That being said, I’d like to take this parenthetical to note that whoever was doing Casey Wilson’s makeup last season was KILLING IT because she looked amaz. Okay, I’m done now. Also: I love you, Damon Wayans and I HAVE NEVER SAID THAT ABOUT A WAYANS BEFORE. EVER).

And this is why I wish one of her castmates could have pulled her aside and noted that this outfit kind of makes her look like she’s really REALLY late for Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show. Just, please, everyone: don’t let her impale her junk on a tightrope tonight, okay? That’s the least you can do as friends, right? Right. I’m glad we all agree here.

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