Fug or Fab: Emma Watson (With Guest Appearances By Other Potterites)

In advance of the junkets for Harry Potter 7 Part Two, Not To Be Confused With Part Eight, Which Does Not Exist, Emma Watson has dyed her hair from its sandy-brown hue to this rich dark shade. I love it on her. She looks even MORE like Ally Sheedy to me, from back when she was kind of awesome, before Short Circuit. Wait, who am I kidding? Her umbrella of awesome totally includes Number Five being alive. Anyway: This is going to be a very bittersweet press tour, especially because who knows what Emma will do acting-wise after this, or ANY of these people really, so enjoy it while you can. Not that I think Emma Watson will fade into the sunset. Not with that face, nor with her penchant for frilly mini-dresses. There will always be room in Hollywood for a pretty girl who’s not afraid to go leggy. Or Legsly, for that matter. But does this one work on her? View and vote, lovers. Whoops, I went all J.Lo for a minute there. Excuse me while I slip into a catsuit.

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  1. Laura

    The comments about Neville Longbottom just totally made my day!!! So funny!

  2. Linda

    OMG – the tapping Neville’s ass comment just made me snort out loud. He is so good looking.

  3. tkangaroo

    Can we talk more about Neville? Wow.

  4. Cat

    The dress is meh, but damn, Neville… he is so good looking!

  5. Jenny

    Neville is really Matthew Lewis. According to Wikipedia “For his role as Neville Longbottom, Lewis wears yellow and crooked false teeth, two-sizes-too-big shoes and has plastic bits placed behind his ears in order to make them stick out more. This is done to give the character a more clownish look.”
    Of course that must be true!

  6. Deborah Stultz

    More cowbell! And more Neville!!!

  7. Susan

    I voted for Love It, but i really just like it. It’s OK. Not great, not the worst thing ever. I do love her hair however.

  8. Jen

    I think the dress would look perfect on her WITHOUT the extra black floufy things up top. If the top were simpler, it’d be great.

  9. ak

    I agree with Susan: the dress seems fine–nothing spectacular, but everyone else is pretty dressed down. Neville, on the other hand, looks like a young Clive Owen with less alpha and more zoom.

  10. Jasmine

    I agree about the less frou-frou on the shoulders. Remove the tiny black shoulder-afros and it would be divine.

    Why is Matthew Lewis super hot, but my favourite ginge is so GREASY? COME ON RUPERT. WE KNOW YOU HAVE IT IN YOU.

  11. Alice

    I’m so much more concerned with Rupert Grint’s outfit than I am with Emma’s. It looks like he’s wearing his dad’s clothes, they’re 2 sizes too big. You’re not actually Ron, honey, you don’t have to wear Charlie’s hand me downs anymore. Or if you really want to, you can take his jacket to a tailor.

  12. Julie

    NEVILLE! Whoo ha!

    And I love Emma’s hair. I would like the dress if it didn’t have the layering on the bottom.

  13. la-karenina

    Oh Rupert, please fire your hairdresser, you used to be hot!
    On the other hand, Neville is one good looking gentleman.

  14. Adriana

    I just realized how much I’m going to miss the press junket coverage from these movies. Time truly flies. Love Emma’s new hair hue and the dress is fine and fun enough.

  15. anne p.

    Miss Watson just as cute as she can be (locks of whatever color/length and that sweet little kitten face), but . . . .

    About that dress: why would a person choose to wear something that you can only stand up straight in? You can barely sit decently in one of these shorties … you can’t lean over, even a few degrees … and you can’t reach for something or hug someone without risk of major exposure.

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but I couldn’t relax – having to be so preoccupied with Being Careful! (or am I doin it rong?)

    P.S. I wish I still knew zero about Mr. Fiennes’s private life . . . (dammit!).

  16. Becci

    Seems strange she is in cocktail attire, when everyone else looks like they are just out for a day shopping! Certainly shows who the star is in the crowd, but would have liked her to do it in a more subtle way. She looks great though as usual.

    Not loving the earrings, look like a weird extension of her ears/hair…

  17. Chicklet

    From the very first book, Neville has been my favorite character in the Potter universe. VINDICATION IS SWEET, MY FRIENDS.

  18. Chasmosaur

    I’m just talking about the men – the women sort of just speak for themselves here.

    On Ralph:

    The Empire special Harry Potter section has a great picture of Ralph Fiennes. He is definitely still the greater Fiennes brother. http://bit.ly/mTLdmb

    On Matthew Lewis/Neville Longbottom:

    Yes, he turned out surprisingly yummy. Also one of the bigger surprises, the actor who plays Dudley Dursley – Harry Melling – ended up having a rather nice face under the fat. http://tgr.ph/RCwWQ

    On Rupert Grint:

    When RPatz doesn’t wash his hair, it’s marginally acceptable because he’s got so much of it. You, Rupert, do not possess Cedric Diggory’s hair, so please wash up.

    On Tom Felton:

    I just think it’s so weird to see him with such a big sunny smile at these things, after years of the Draco Malfoy Scowl (TM)

  19. Winona (not Ryder)

    *And* Rupert’s left shoe is untied. It’s like the icing on the cake, except the icing is at the bottom, and it’s that icky black icing that will dye your mouth for three days. (Team Ginger!)

    Yep, the Phelps twins are natural brunettes – they had to go red for each movie.

    And yes, Mathew Lewis. YES. Poor kid looked like Pete Townshend in the third film and then suddenly grew into himself. YES, indeed.

  20. Gina

    Neville does look great, but I’m surprised by how much better the twins look with dark hair. Ginger did them no favors.

    Emma’s hair is adorable but agree she’s overdressed. Makes her look like she’s trying too hard in comparison to the nicely casual others — not including Rupert, who looks like he’s been lying in a dumpster for a day or two. Seriously, son – shampoo!

  21. TaraMisu

    Rupert is a mess…. he looks like he rolled out of bed after a night on the tiles.
    I like Emma’s dress. Do I love it? No. I do however love her new hair color, fantastic!

    And who knew Neville was such a hottie!!

  22. Anne

    OMG, Neville… can we get a picture of just him? Yum…

  23. Emily

    Three things:

    1) Emma Watson is definitely WAY over dressed (and I don’t care much for the dress itself either, regardless of appropriateness)

    2) Where in the hell is Harry Potter???

    3) Who cares about Harry Potter when there’s NEVILLE. damn!

  24. Carolina Girl

    Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright are absolutely beautiful. Poor Evanna Lynch, as cute as she is, probably just had a WTH moment when she found out she would be photographed next to Bonnie and Emma and just didn’t bother.

    As for the boys, why is Tom Felton rocking the Euro-Trash look from 1989? The twins are still cute, as is Rupert, but DAYAM! Who knew Neville would turn out so fine??? He may be the best of the bunch.

  25. Wendy

    I’m going to be happy all day thinking about Neville the hot herbology teacher. Who knew he’d turn out to be the good-looking one!
    And seriously Rupert, love, darling boy: find clothing that fits!!!!!
    Oh. Emma. Reminds me of my sister. Always has. Even more with this hair. Thus, I am biased. Adore.

  26. jenelope

    You guys have seen the Neville poster for the movie haven’t you? http://www.movieline.com/2011/05/new-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-character-poster-reveals-neville-longbottom-looks-like-cliv.php He’s hubba-hubba-heroic!

    The dress is okay, but it looks both too similar and inferior to the dress she wore for the part one premiere.

  27. Sonya

    Emma Watson is so cute, she can do no wrong by me. She may be overdressed, but it is better to be overdressed than dressed like a slob – RUPERT GRINT.

  28. Connie

    The comment about Tom Felton selling watches from under his jacket made me spit my tea out all over my screen!! Ugh.
    Emma looks cute and her hair is ok I guess but the dress is just ‘generic young actress’ to me. But in any case she is TOTALLY overshadowed by the fug going on RIGHT UNDER HER NOSE!! Rupert!! He looks like his hair has resorted to washing itself in its own oils after being separated with a shower head for too long.
    Neville, on the other hand – HOT DAMN. Who knew?!

  29. CJ

    anne p – you nailed it! “Sweet little kitten” face indeed. I smiled when I read that. I think she is lovely and though the dress isn’t exciting or new, she looks adorable in it.

    Where’s Harry Potter? Daniel Radcliffe is in New York doing 8 shows a week on Broadway!

  30. lesliejeannene

    I’m glad I’m not the only one harboring slightly inappropraite thoughts for Neville.

  31. M Lipson

    Isn’t that “extra guy” playing Bill-Weasley-husband-of-Fleur? The cool one w/ scars?

  32. jamie

    Tom Felton IS Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice:A Retrospective: The True Story: The Shiny Years. He looks RIDICULOUS. Only Don Johnson can pull off Don Johnson.

  33. Jennie-Suz

    Seriously, I’m glad you pointed Neville out, because I did NOT recognize the hottie standing up there as our favorite Almost-Boy-Who-Lived.

    But, I’ve got to say, now that I know it’s him: DAY-UM.

  34. ali

    She’s too cute, and they are all so grown up. Makes me teary…especially as my first born daughter ventures off to her first year of college.

    And yes, my 12 year old son keeps reminding me…this IS NOT HP 8, it’s HP 7, part 2. And he has been trying to ruin it for me every other day since he read the book. “Just let me tell you one thing that happens” is officially my least favorite phrase these days.

  35. Annie E

    I think the dress is hideous, overwhelming, unflattering, and just too much. This post made my cry both with laughter and maybe a little sadness that this whole thing is ending.

  36. Hannah

    but who is the young lady wearing the jean jacket over the floral print dress and can I go with her back in her time machine to 1994?

    Neville = HOTTTTT

  37. vandalfan

    Oh, Ralph, meet me at midnight. Bring Joseph. We’ll make sandwiches. And that’s only because Neville is technically grandson age to me.

    Emma might have borrowed the dress from K Stewart, but Bella would have removed two of the three tiers of hem ruffles before wearing. Still, it’s almost unhygenically short as it is. Ditto on no drop earrings.

  38. Lois

    Check out Neville looking suave and gorgeous at the premiere: http://www.celebuzz.com/photos/harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-2-premiere/harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-2-premiere-4/

    And the guy who plays Dudley hasn’t turned out too badly either: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01495/harry-melling_1495862c.jpg

    As for Emma’s dress, it just feels like a variation on her standard look since she had her hair chopped off: short, lots of details, big shoulders. It’s all right, but a casual day dress would have worked better. Glad to see Evanna Lynch looking cute at last!

  39. Louise

    I think it is time for some Neville Longbottom fan fiction!

  40. Pouncer

    I legit want a Simply Red/Fall Out Boy Hybrid Cover Band to exist in the world.

    NEVILLE!!! Before Deathly Hallows, book edition, was published, a friend and I had this ongoing conversation about how we’d be able to survive the deaths of any of the Trio, but nothing had better happen to Neville. <3

    Emma is such a lovely young lady, even if ruffles might not suit her best.

  41. Tara

    I hate you so much, because your description of Neville forced me to stifle SO MUCH LAUGHTER. I need to stop checking your site at work.

  42. A.J.

    @Louise, I echo that statement!!! Rowr!

    I just had to check to make sure how old he is. It’s legal! So what if he’s 11 years younger than me? Guys chase after girls that much younger all the time and no one says a word! LOL.

  43. Laura E

    Joining in on the Neville love. I have often wondered, was JK always going to make Neville awesome in Deathly Hallows, or did watching Matthew Lewis grow up into this handsome young man inspire that? Because it really worked out beautifully that Matthew wound up looking that good, since Neville is so insanely brave and kickass. (Seriously, there are two scenes I’m dying to see: Ron/Hermione kissing and Neville slicing off Nagini’s head. Harry who?)

  44. witjunkie

    All these characters really make me want to finish the books. I got to 4 I think, at that point that’s all she’d written and I never did go back to them. I’m intrigued all over again.

  45. Mary

    I’ve had mad love for Neville since he got those points for Gryffindor at the end of the first book! He’s my Chosen One. ;)

    But WTF Rupert…. You spent DH Part 1 looking like a homeless drug addict, and now you look like… my ex-boyfriend???? NOT GOOD.

    Also, according to JKR herself, Neville marries Hannah Abbott (whose parents were killed by Death Eaters) and lives above the Leaky Cauldron (where they make lots of babies).
    I added that last part.

  46. Amy

    The dress? Meh. Emma is always adorable, but very hit or miss with her clothing choices. Which is sort of what your early 20s are supposed to be about, right?

    But let’s move on to everyone’s favorite topic: MATTHEW LEWIS. Y’all. I got to meet him a couple of years ago and he is a-freakin-DORable. So funny and charming. The boy has pulled a full-on Jerry O’Connell. Without the hints of douchiness.

  47. kimmy

    lol @ your Neville/McGonagall comments!!!!!

    Emma is a doll! not a huge fan of that dress though, but really i barely notice it b/c she’s so pretty. =/

  48. Shelby

    @Louise you read my mind! I am so in the Neville the dreamboat boat.

  49. Kati Irons

    It’s the shoulder ruffles…they just don’t work..they give it a prom-y feel..and they move it in the opposite direction of elegant.

  50. C-No

    Rupert’s going bald. That’s why he’s got the bangs combed forward and plastered to his head, so they won’t come up and reveal the bald spot.

  51. Liza

    Emma looks darling in anything, because that’s just what she does. I would have liked to see her with more color, especially with her hair darker. I’ve always thought Neville was attractive since Goblet of Fire, but I’m glad that everyone else can see it, too. =)

  52. kayla

    Every single one of them could wear an acid-washed romper and it would be okay with me. I’m going to be heartbroken when the last movie is over….it’s the end of an era!

  53. Another Molly

    Ah Heather! I love the names you included on the 6th slide— I chuckled at the real name/ fictional name mash up. And the mentioning of everyone crushing on the teacher of planty things. The girls look lovely, Neville is hotness, and I wish the usually handsome Tom Felton didn’t look so sleazy.

  54. Anon

    i think the other red head is supposed to be either Bill or Charlie, whichever other weasley they decided to feature in the movie. But where is Percy? Neville is a hottie. As for Emma’s wardrobe choices, this dress is so much better than the one is is wearing to the premiere in Trafalgar square right now.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2012320/Tearful-Emma-Watson-Harry-Potter-stars-emotional-farewell-final-film-premiere.htm

  55. Sajorina

    Well, yeah, I’ve seen that dress before… in the 80s! And, OMG, a Simply Red/Fall Out Boy hybrid cover band? Ahhhhhhh, THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Lindsey

    Emma is adorable in a doll-like sort of way. The dress is ‘ehh’ but she’s so cute that I hardly noticed.

  57. Raye Raye

    I don’t think Fiennes, Gleeson, Rickman, Smith, Coltrane, etc… will have any problem finding work post-Potter. And, if Scorcese mentions your name (Rupert Grint), you can pretty much bet on SOME success. Watson and Radcliffe? Not so sure.

  58. Tracy L

    I love Emma”s hair and makeup. So cute, young fun. I loved Heather’s comment on picture 2–freaking awesome! I like Emma in more fashion-forward clothes and not in tart/figure skater type wear that anyone with a great body can wear.

  59. nichole

    I believe the other redhead is Bill Weasly – aka Domnhall Gleason – aka son of Brendon Gleason, aka – son of Mad-Eye-Moody!

  60. candice

    Neville, shmeville–Ralph is still the source of any naughty thoughts resulting from this slideshow. I am SO glad I resisted the urge to follow up on the earlier comment re: his personal life, because those are facts that will do nothing but make me sad. He doesn’t look particularly old in that photo, but he does look desperately sexy.
    And, i’m pretty sure I saw Emma’s dress in Forever 31 last time I was there–uninspired, but she works it ok, I’d say.

  61. amy t.
  62. Jen

    Years ago I predicted that the older Ralph Fiennes got, the more hewould resemble Odo from Deep Space Nine. I saw him onstage in Oedipus a few years ago and sadly was proved right…

  63. Ann

    I wish Emma’s dress wasn’t gold under the black lace. And you’re right about being overwhelmed by the trim stuff on her shoulders.

    Loved the comments about Neville :)

  64. Jane

    NEVILLE!!!!!!! PHWOAR. I also think Bonnie Wright looks gorgeous. And at least the wonderful Luna Lovegood showed up at the premiere looking hot as.

    BUT NOT AS HOT AS NEVILLE. Holy Hippogriff.

  65. Ciara

    Neville was adorable when the movies started out, but out of all the boys, he’s grown up to be the most genuinely good-looking.

    For Emma, I’m torn, because I’m very “meh” on the dress, but I really do love her hair. I actually like it even better at this length and the color is really perfect on her.

  66. jk

    neville needs to be in a movie playing clive owen’s son.

  67. L

    Hermione, you need to dump Ron and his unwashed bangs and take up with Neville. If you don’t hit that, I WILL.

  68. Bambi Anne Dear

    Rupes, do up your shoes for God’s sake.

  69. Edith

    I don’t care for the dress, OR hate it – but she looks like she’s attending a completely different photocall than the rest of them; they all look so casual, definitely daytime looks, and she’s wearing a flouncy lacy LBD. DAYdress, Emma, DAYdress.

  70. Em

    She’s a little overdressed, and I don’t like the dress to begin with. She did well at the premiere though. Loving the darker hair – it’s so much more natural, and she probably damaged it from all that lightening/bleaching. This is better, hope she keeps it.
    Matt Lewis…uh… grew up well. Agree with Ciara.

  71. d

    I must be the only person in the world who just doesn’t get it. She looks like a little boy. A very sweet little boy with perfect skin and some nice clothes. But ultimately still a little boy. Long hair, short hair, this colour, that colour, great actor, great future – but still just a little boy.

  72. jean

    I feel old! I knew Neville was a dreamboat from a few years ago. And the twins! I’ve always thought they were gorgeous (and they’re heavily featured in one of the films which made me think the director had a crush too). And Bonnie! Can Matthew and Bonnie please go and make a film together? Please! Please!

  73. Rocky

    I’d bang her with that short hair.

  74. Lynnie

    Are we voting on the hair or the dress?

  75. Flora

    Err… isn’t this EXACTLY the same dress she wore to the DH Part 1 premiere, only with some gold-coloured lace stuck to the front? Seriously, I had to check to make sure, and even now I’m not convinced.

    Also: stop smirking and waving and pouting like you are Miley Cyrus.

    Also: It really pisses me off how, even though we have a group photo here featuring some not only stunningly talented but stunningly good-looking people, the only person on the front pages of any of the papers the next day (and the websites, shame on you, GFY), is Emma Bloody Watson. The least talented and least interesting member of the whole cast, imo. (Although obviously not in HER opinion, as she clearly thinks she;s fabulous)

  76. Paula Millers

    she always had a pretty look!

    - Voyance Voyance

  77. Jen

    I have giant hopes that some day, the actor who place Neville Longbottom will meet Prince Harry, someone will take lots of pictures, and you will post them and comment on them. PLEASE!

  78. Jen

    oops — sorry — “plays,” not “place” — I got a little too excited there, I guess.

  79. amalie

    can I please bring up – WHAT EXACTLY WAS THE DRESS CODE?!

  80. Ciara

    I think Luna Lovegood/ Evanna Lynch looked the best.