I think, when you are as thin as Diane Kruger is, you can get away with wearing a dress that essentially draws a curve on your body:

Most of us mortals would probably be like, “Let’s NOT draw attention to what my body is doing right there,” but luckily for Diane, she is Diane Kruger, and thus she may not have any problem areas beyond Girls Who Mob Her Boyfriend and the occasional toe blister. The dress itself is quite funky — I love how the detail on the bodice repeats on the inside of the train, tied together with the piping. It’s a nice spin on the double-length dress style that I otherwise tend not to embrace; at least with this one, I can see a design purpose to it. Kind of like how Rachael Ray’s recipes may be kind of doofy sometimes, but at least her stuff often TASTES good, and isn’t just half-assed plated edibles that are an excuse for a freaky tablescape that looks like a craft store vomited in the dining room, ahem, Sandra Lee. Admittedly I’m not totally sold on the brown tulle lining her cleavage — it looks like the world is casting a shadow on her torso…

But I am distracted by the fact that this poor umbrella wrangler is about to get Disappeared by the mob for RUINING EVERYONE’S VIEW.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]