Okay, I know we already sort of dealt with ol’ Rupert here earlier in the Harry Potter photocall coverage, but then this happened:

I mean, it’s just a dude in jeans, somebody’s varsity team jacket, a loud t-shirt, and mismatched Converse (which may or may not be some kind of Stars and Stripes themed pair). Whatever. But I just wish he didn’t always look like he’d only woken up because housekeeping couldn’t stand the smell from his room and broke in and peeled him off the floor next to the toilet. If that IS what happened, then yay for housekeeping, because that bathroom floor must have been pretty gross. But if it isn’t, then I wish just once the kid would turn himself out nicely and make me think, “Aw, that Ron Weasley is going to be all right,” and not, “Aw, that Ron Weasley is going to pass out again in his ice-cream truck.”

And another thing, kiddo: Maybe your left eye wouldn’t be so bloodshot if it weren’t being violated with stabby incessantness by your bangs. Buying a seat on the Chord Overstreet hair bandwagon may have been, in light of recent events, a misalculation.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]