In advance of the junkets for Harry Potter 7 Part Two, Not To Be Confused With Part Eight, Which Does Not Exist, Emma Watson has dyed her hair from its sandy-brown hue to this rich dark shade. I love it on her. She looks even MORE like Ally Sheedy to me, from back when she was kind of awesome, before Short Circuit. Wait, who am I kidding? Her umbrella of awesome totally includes Number Five being alive. Anyway: This is going to be a very bittersweet press tour, especially because who knows what Emma will do acting-wise after this, or ANY of these people really, so enjoy it while you can. Not that I think Emma Watson will fade into the sunset. Not with that face, nor with her penchant for frilly mini-dresses. There will always be room in Hollywood for a pretty girl who’s not afraid to go leggy. Or Legsly, for that matter. But does this one work on her? View and vote, lovers. Whoops, I went all J.Lo for a minute there. Excuse me while I slip into a catsuit.

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  • Loathe (8%, 658 Votes)
  • Eh. Feels too much like I've seen it before (32%, 2,696 Votes)

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