Fug or Fab: Claire Danes


I cherish this picture of Claire Danes with CBS’s Bob Schieffer.

I always dug Bob — he seems fun in interviews, and he currently moonlights as a songwriter/occasional singer for a band called Honky Tonk Confidential,which could only be more delightful if it turns out he also plays the jug for them. And here, there is something terribly charming about him hiking up his pants to flaunt his purple hosiery for Claire. It’s almost like we caught him here mid-jig. Man, if he jigs and jugs, all he’d need to do is jog, drive a Jag, and wear jeg(ging)s, and he’d be all out of vowels to buy. (Note to Bob: Skip the last one. It’s not worth it. Save your E for something better.]

Anyway, let’s take a look at whether Claire’s offering here is as jiggy.

It seems to fit her waist, but I can’t get over that the bodice looks like somebody failed Neckties 101. Or Remedial Turbans. Or Advanced Halter Top Sciences.

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  1. Jill

    It’s odd enough that the 2 sides of the neckline are different but then what the hell is that scrap hanging off the left side? It makes no sense. Otherwise, it’s a pretty dress that fits her well.

    • Francesca

      It’s kind of like the designer dress equivalent to a train of toilet paper stuck in your panties. Very distracting.

  2. Bevvie Hedstrom

    I completely approve.

    • Alle C. Hall

      I love how the neck schemata sequeys into the side gathering (rucheding?). To wear it would drive me nuts all evening, but she looks old-school glamorous.

      The cut is too tight through the hips, but the cut of the bosom makes her look as if she has one! Yay for Claire.

  3. AMS

    I was about to take the opposite position – I think it looks cheap and is ill-fitting (tight and oddly bunchy around the hips). She can do so much better.

    • Chasmosaur

      Ditto. Better fabric and a touch looser to make it fitted but not tight. The extra flap of fabric isn’t really necessary, but I otherwise like the asymmetrical halter neckline.

      Close, but not quite.

  4. Sonya

    I am kind of digging that dress, I think I would wear it to get married.

  5. Daffodil

    Bob Schieffer for the win! Perfect color choice for a journalist who covers politics.

  6. TaraMisu

    Uck, no…. she really can do much better.

    Bob is adorable, love the purple haze. Errr hose.

  7. Carol

    I don’t think it’s a matter of failing Advanced Halter Top Sciences, but clearly, some remedial work should be done in Introduction to Halter Top Sciences.

  8. Journalist

    It’s god-awful in the picture but it honestly looked much better in person! Shiny satin just never photographs well…but her hair and makeup were flawless.

    • kmalkovsky

      And if you look, the first picture is a better view of it (less cheap, more flowy).

  9. Drie

    Remedial turbans…bwahahahahaha! I’m trying so hard to not laugh at my desk right now!

  10. Dazie

    In the first pic it looks like she’s missing some important body parts. I can see in the 2nd though, that not so much skin is exposed, so that’s good.

    I think it would have been better not so shiny, and not white. Maybe an icy blue if she still wanted to go for the light look, but I always gravitate toward jewel tones personally.

  11. Amy

    That neckline… Perhaps it was good on paper, but it’s an utter failure in execution.

    Is the fabric a bit wrinkled?

  12. qwertygirl

    A wrinkly nightgown gone wrong. Go back to bed and try again tomorrow, Claire. And from her facial expression, she’s doing her best to carry off what she knows isn’t working. That look says, “I’m wearing THIS–you wanna make somethin’ of it?” Actually, I do. It’s bad.

  13. D

    I want to really like it, but the top just seems…limp. So I’m going with ‘It’s fine’.

  14. Gigi

    Bob has gotten really conservative on Face the Nation over the past several years, so I’m glad to see that he can rock a purple sock, and plays in a honky tonk band. Maybe Cowtown never really left him, even if he left it – good! Claire looks great except for the bodice wrap/necktie thinggie.

  15. Cranky Old Batt

    The top of her dress looks like an accident or it didn’t get quite finished. I disagree about the waistline, it looks like it is fighting to cover her and losing. Just a tiny bit more ease would have been grand.

    Dude’s purple socks ROCK!

  16. TonyG

    Even though it’s not godawful, I chose that one, because it certainly is not great, and it’s definitely not fine either. The neck and chest drapery needs to go and this would be okay.

  17. Lina

    Terrible except for the ruching at the waist. She looks like she’s going to split a seam if she sits down.

  18. The Fugger

    This was probably better in concept than in execution. If it were more constructed, then I’d be totally on board with this – as it stands, it looks like the gravitational field from Rosario Dawson’s chest tore her neckline apart.

  19. Sabina

    I actually love it a whole lot. I think the neckline is interesting and it’s all pretty glamorous.

  20. Softwear

    Is satin now our antidote to LACE LACE NUDE UNDERLAY LACE? I don’t approve – satin is usually unbearably ugly. Love the dress in the first shot. Hate it in the second. So it’s probably a “good idea, poor execution” situation.

  21. mepe

    too white, too satin, too ugly. now make her sit with lilo

  22. Chicklet

    Team Bob. (Does Kitson have the t-shirts already, or do I need to open a CafePress store?)

  23. Lynn

    Is that VPL I see on Ms. Danes?

    (P.S. I love Bob.)

  24. Shiitake

    I love Bob Schieffer, and he looks wonderful in his tuxedo.

  25. maryanne

    SATIN IS NO ONES FRIEND!!! shows every bump, roll, and line, wrinkled mess….ugh

  26. Jolene

    A propos of nothing in particular, I read a book once about a race of creatures from the planet Godawful. They were known as Gawfs.

  27. Caroleena Stantonova

    The hangy thing looks to be part of the dress, as in attached to it. I like it. And it nearly detracts attention from how tightly the dress fits across her hips. Too tightly IMHO.

  28. tigers4us

    What do Hollywood people have to do with White House Correspondents??

  29. Girlin

    I feel this photo is Claire attempting to look poised after some action in a lift/small confined space in the white house (I’m sure Bill C could give her some pointers)…dishevelled looking dress where the halter appears to have come apart and there has been a quick bit of needlework done on it but ..it still looks wrong. It’s fine..not her finest hour..

  30. marykate

    I think her hair is too blonde. It ages her as well as washes out her face making the red lips look too distracting. I like her hair color much better when it is in the red tones. Both she and Lindsey look much better when they rock the reddish hair colors..

  31. Katharine

    The dress resembles Courtney Love’s Versace at the 1997 Academy Awards – but that was a better fitting, more glamorous showing. Still looks pretty good – probably much more so in person.

  32. vandalfan

    Team Purple Socks.

  33. Valeria

    I will never understand why ladies (and/or their stylists) would choose a dress or have a dress tailored so that the fit at their upper thighs causes the sort of pleating evident on this dress. The fit at Ms. Danes’ waistline is so pretty and so flattering — it makes her look so slim, (which I bet she is.) And then, the fit is tight enough at the widest part of her thighs that it causes the fabric to wrinkle & pleat which is not at all flattering. Sigh.

    • RobynC

      I once stood directly behind her in line for the bathrooms at MOMA and she is tinier than you can imagine. Little bitty tiny!

      I like the fit at the waist. I hate the fit at the neckline. She is not busty but this makes her look like she has no bosom at all because if a gown is cut that low you should see some cleavage and it seems a tad too tight across the hips. Just not great overall. I like the concept but some bits just aren’t where they should be.

  34. Sajorina

    I think it’s great! She can handle the craziness on the top of the dress because she has a smaller chest, a small waist & fabulous bigger hips! I love her hair, makeup & accessories! And, the 1st picture is a delight! FAB!

  35. gryt

    The color really does nothing for her. Imagine that thing in a jewel tone green instead? Whole other animal.

  36. Stephanie

    I feel like this actually tells us something about Claire’s anatomy… Shouldnt we actually be seeing a nipple?

  37. Aparatchick

    Bob Schieffer is a national treasure. The purple socks confirm that.

  38. Prisca

    Is this a joke?? At first glance I thought it was Courtney Love!

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