I cherish this picture of Claire Danes with CBS’s Bob Schieffer.

I always dug Bob — he seems fun in interviews, and he currently moonlights as a songwriter/occasional singer for a band called Honky Tonk Confidential,which could only be more delightful if it turns out he also plays the jug for them. And here, there is something terribly charming about him hiking up his pants to flaunt his purple hosiery for Claire. It’s almost like we caught him here mid-jig. Man, if he jigs and jugs, all he’d need to do is jog, drive a Jag, and wear jeg(ging)s, and he’d be all out of vowels to buy. (Note to Bob: Skip the last one. It’s not worth it. Save your E for something better.]

Anyway, let’s take a look at whether Claire’s offering here is as jiggy.

It seems to fit her waist, but I can’t get over that the bodice looks like somebody failed Neckties 101. Or Remedial Turbans. Or Advanced Halter Top Sciences.

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