Fug or Fab: Chloe Sevigny


I get what she’s going for here:

The problem is that I think I hate it.  I don’t mind these parts on their own — the dress is very cute, and the boots are cool (I am neutral on the bag) — but there’s “toughening up your girliest dress” and then there’s “my feet fell into a 90s wormhole and now I can’t stop singing Sixpence None the Richer,” and if we could all avoid the latter, it’d be for the best.

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  1. The Very Simon G

    Here’s the thing… I LOVE the dress, I just HATE her (and those boots). I think that’s what you meant???

  2. Ruth

    I can see that dress on much younger actresses, personally. I think it’s too twee for Chloe.

    • Lindy

      Yes, WAY too twee for a woman almost 40. She’s 37, not 17 and she’s also not half as cool as she seems to think.

      • LIlibet

        I was going to say I didn’t think it was age appropriate and at that age she should know better.

    • miriam

      She is too old to wear this. And the pattern on the dress is vomit-inducing. If it was longer it would be a grandma dress.

  3. pantsonfire

    So, others might disagree, but for some reason I feel like the dress doesn’t fit her all that well. It’s maybe a hair tight in the bodice and the waist seems a smidge above her natural waist. Now, I know this seems like nitpicking, but I think the overall effect is to enhance the Sevigny Awkward Factor. On the plus side, I think I might really like the print, though not really loving the silhouette in any case (skirt’s too froufy). On the negative side, the dress just doesn’t seem to fit with her aesthetic, and the attempt to add Sevigny commentary to it (with the boots and bag) just makes me scrunch up my nose.

    I dislike the bag and I HATE the shoes. I would have preferred lace-up combat-style boots if she was set on going for this look, rather than these quasi-Mod monstrosities. Modstrosities, if you will.

  4. ceecee

    The dress is cute and would look good on someone ten years younger and six inches shorter. I’m so done with the combat boots with sundress look. But the killer is the limp and lifeless hair.

  5. Aphy

    I HATE her hair. I don’t understand why she insists on it. It looks greasy. The bag is blah, the dress would be cute if it fit and she was twelve. Those boots are horrid. They look like fake and cheap leather boots from wal-mart. Maybe a leather jacket and better boots would have helped, I don’t know.

  6. Chasmosaur

    As a girl who wore boots with girly dresses in the 90′s? She simply isn’t doing it right. She’s supposed to be a fashionista, she should know better. (Then again, you look at her clothes line for Opening Ceremony, and you have to wonder how she got the title.)

    The dress is too entirely too twee with too wide of a skirt, and she doesn’t have something up top that’s dark to connect to the boots. (i.e. – if you wore dark boots with a dress this light, you threw a blazer or sweater on over it.) Black doesn’t always go with everything when it comes to shoes, Sev.

    I’m wondering if her feet were killing her from the day before and she just swapped out the boots, hoping people would dismiss it as “fashion”.

  7. thereset

    I want to take her entire shoe wardrobe and burn it.

  8. AM

    Dress, okay. Boots, I would wear with pants or some sort of “winter” fabric and tights. Together, no.

  9. Sajorina

    Really, Sev?! A cute, flowery, summery dress that fits you perfectly and you look great in with a purse & shoes from the deepest realm of Hell? You get a FUG on mixing & matching! LOVE the dress, though… Give it to meeeeeee!

  10. Victoria

    I think she needs to comb her hair, is what I think.

  11. Sandra

    The skirt is too puffy for the length of it. Either make it a slimmer cut or make it longer. Then give it to one of the Fanning sisters. Or maybe Elizabeth Olsen.

  12. PegMN

    I would lengthen the dress to just above the knee and switch out the horrid boots for a cute strappy sandal. Then it would be love.

  13. Sue

    Will someone PLEASE tell me Why She’s A Thing?!??!?

  14. Olivia

    On anyone else, it would look like they were trying too hard, but on her, it works!

  15. Bella

    Her hair is a mess. The boots & bag are beyond wrong with this dress. But the dress is cute, although it’s too short. All a little length and some summery sandals, some cute bracelets and do something with that headsuit.

  16. The Fugger

    Not only is it fug (or, since it’s Sefugny we’re talking about here, füg), she’s doing it wrong. If you’re going to wear boots with a sundress, they HAVE to be Doc Martens. (Or combat boots otherwise.)

    The boots would be fine with jeans. Or in three months. The dress is fine for now, but with sandals or something. Her eyes bother me, although her hair is less terrifying than I last remember – I know that’s kind of how she looks, but she seriously looks like she hasn’t slept since Big Love ended.

  17. pantsonfire

    It just occurred to me that maybe she was going for an Italian vibe here. Isn’t the print vaguely Italian? And, though I am totally shoe-ignorant, don’t those short boots seem sort of Italian in feel? She may have been trying to evoke “Hey, hop on my Vespa.” None of that, mind you, makes this OK at all. I’m just sort of trying to get into her head. Like an FBI profiler of serial fashion killers.

  18. jjdaddyo

    Hey! Did you know that Sixpence None the Richer released a new album last week? Get your 90s freak on!

  19. witjunkie

    Bless her – she’s a long drink of amazon, and as much as we want to believe we can wear whatever we want, the truth is, it’s better to dress the body you have. This is a very good example of not doing that.

  20. Jacq

    I say this as a woman who is the same age is her: she’s 20 years too old for that dress. She looks ridiculous.

  21. Darren Tate

    She never gets it right. Ever. She needs to stop fancying herself a fashion icon and get herself a proper stylist. Girl can’t do it on her own.

  22. Melissa

    I’ll take 90s wormhole over what she usually wears.

    Except now I think she’s messing with me and “90s wormhole” is in fact secret fashion forward in the cool kids parallel universe and even liking it means I just don’t get it. You’re a mean girl, Sev.

  23. Mahastee

    I know we aren’t supposed to say such things, but the more I see her, the more I want to slap her.

    And besides, my friends and I looked WAY better than this when we wore dresses with boots in the 90s.

  24. understateddiva

    take me 90s wormhole! I wanna go to Lilith fair in boots with two different color laces.

  25. Elle

    Chloe Sevigny is a very talented actress, talented enough, in fact, to make us forget that she is unattractive. So why why why does she dress to make us remember how unaattractive she actually is.

  26. Art Eclectic

    I’d like the dress more if it had a dropped waist. It looks too “little girl” as is and makes Chloe look like her torso is 12 inches long.

  27. Kit

    Now I have an ear worm. Thanks. ;)

  28. Rubee

    She definitely looks too old for the girlie dress+ stupid boots combo. I know she’s a great actress but sadly it doesn’t translate into an equally great fashion sense. Blame it on fashion magazines’ editors who for some reason have been praising her ‘style’ for years.

  29. ML

    Dear God, please don’t let 1993 alterna-girl “fashion” be coming back into style. Just… no.

  30. Christian

    Try as I might, I can’t hate the dress itself. The hair, makeup, shoes and bag on the other hand – very easy to hate hate HATE. Especially that bag, it looks like one of those “free gifts” you get by signing up for something. Since we’re going all 90′s alt, I’m assuming she signed up for AOL.

  31. Suzie

    Someone else I think said it, but it’s just not her. Although I like the dress, I think since it’s not her (and for someone much younger), it is a fail.

  32. Dodgey Sam

    Does it ever make you sad that while some humans are out there creating moving works of art or making major advancements in science, engineering and medicine, others have nothing better to do then to sit in front of a computer hating on what people more successful, interesting, wealthy, then themselves are wearing?

    • Franziska

      No. Because I don’t do it 24/7. I too have a job that I’m proud of and that I love and there is nothing wrong with spending some time people watching. I’d rather do it in person than online, but you’ve got to admit that doing it via GFY is as good as sitting in a cafe or at the airport watching people go by.

  33. Ruby

    I actually kinda love this outfit. I think on someone more demure and effeminate, like Ashley Bell or even Fugsten Stewart, this could really work. The problem is Chloe here. Try as she may, she always looks like a man in a dress.

  34. Franziska

    I don’t think Chloe’s the type for a dress like that. It’s too girly for her. I would love to see Chloe in more Swintonian clothes. I think she would look cool in them.

  35. Ms. A.

    It’s all fugly. Go away Chloe. You are not an icon, fashion or otherwise.