Fug or Fab: Catherine Zeta Jones


Things that go without saying: she’s gorgeous and I love her, and I want her and Michael Douglas to stay married forever and also, perhaps, I wish she had live-tweeted her reactions to Behind the Candelabra, because I suspect it was entertaining.

As for her ensemble:

She doesn’t look BAD in it — does she ever really look THAT BAD? Okay, THIS was terrible, but I mean, like, in general. But she also kind of looks like she’s wearing a bodyshaper with a tablecloth stapled to it. So that’s….probably not ideal?


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  1. Jasmine

    She looks like one of those Collectible Barbies I used to get every Christmas when I was a kid, but the… vixen sexy version. This woman does not age, and I love her. She looks 8 feet tall and glorious. When you look at the dress itself, it’s bizarre, and on anyone else, I would probably think it was nuts. But on CZJ? GLORIOUS.

    • Danielle

      She does not age because she’s continually getting plastic surgery! Granted, it’s great work, but I truly hope she stops before she turns into one of those women with the melting faces…

      • Goldfish

        She does live with someone whose ears are now touching in the back.

        • Danielle

          Exactly my fear for her. Though I will say, Douglas’ work is looking better now that it’s settled in. Fresh from surgery, that was a travesty!

      • Kristen from MA

        She looks especially “refreshed” in this picture.

      • Esme

        Exactly! And I wish she’d quit–she’s reaching the point where I barly recognized her in this photo. It’s not as though she has to keep up with a young husband.

  2. perletwo

    Nice top + horrible skirt(s) = Scrolldown Fug.

    • Jen S. 2.0

      I really want to give it just a touch more credit. She is just so gorgeous that I can’t quite apply the word fug… but I desperately want to rotate that skirt an eighth of a turn to the side and line it.

      Do that, and she is dangerously stunning. But as it currently stands … not quite.

  3. Sandra

    Damn, I thought Demi Moore burned that thing two decades ago.

  4. Jacquilynne

    This would be delightful if only it were a cocktail dress.

  5. claire1

    She looks beautiful. I do NOT like the dress, but if anyone can pull it off, she IS….I would approve if it was an actual skirt and not a curtain.
    I just can’t get over that she doesn’t look like her anymore.
    I mean, she’s gorgeous…but I barely recognize her…and if you didn’t post her name, I’d probably have to stare for a while to figure it out.

  6. Goldfish

    The bottom looks like it is made from christmas wrapping paper you throw in the fire, how it does right before it bursts into flames. What would you call that fabric, I wonder?

  7. annie

    It shocks me to say this, because I didn’t think it was possible, but its really not flattering to her legs.

  8. Dizee

    Not a fan of the window treatment for her (oh-so-enviable) legs. But the whole lacy, romantic, classic shape is very CZJ – which she pulls off better than most.

  9. HelenBackAgain

    Hate the dress.

    Love that whatever was done around her eyes is beginning to wear off, so that at least that part of her face is re-acquiring its lovely and unique Zeta-Jonesness. Now please let her cheeks and jaw also revert to their original and far better selves.

  10. ErinB

    It’s like her bottom half is wearing a fancy Spanish mourning mantilla. CZJ, it’s the loss of your original face we’re mourning, not your legs!

    • HelenBackAgain

      THAT’s what it looks like! A mantilla! I could not think of it. Thank you!

    • Imani

      If GFY hadn’t identified her I wouldn’t have known it was her. Damn.

  11. Eli

    Is the bottom underneath the skirt lace biker shorts?

    Also, I wish she would get more mainstream work. I feel like she is in the same category for me as Annette Bening…actresses of a “certain age” who I really like who do not work nearly enough. I watched some straight to DVD movie on Netflix last weekend with Justin Bartha that was not great but she was good and the ending sort of touched my cold dead heart.

  12. Kocevfashion

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  13. Art Eclectic

    I do love me some CZJ but that is indeed a tablecloth stapled to a body shaper. Also, she needs a bracelet.

  14. Sajorina

    I hate the shoes and wish the skirt was long and not a mullet, but HOT DAMN! She looks freakin’ gorgeous! And I love the corseted top… LOVE!

  15. Elle

    Hostess for Half-off Night at the uptown cantina.

  16. LB

    I didn’t mind it until I scrolled down. I don’t like the Spanish flamenco dancer vibe I’m getting. But she really is very pretty. So that’s good.

  17. Chris P

    I feel like this is what the curtains would look like in a combination funeral home/bordello. On the other hand, it’s CZJ.

    Not going to lie, I would fug this so hard on The Widow Longoria (who I’m certain is shaking her fist at the sky right now cursing CZJ for wearing this before SHE had a chance to), but at worst I’m…fehg (err…between feh and fug) on her. It’s not HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE, and at least it’s lace instead of sheer for a change. The hooves are totally not ideal, though, so there’s that.

  18. joan

    Sorry, but when I first looked at the picture, I thought who looks that much like CZJ? The real question here is “who’s face is she wearing?” cause it’s surely not hers.

    Hate the dress too.

  19. Robin Hudson

    Omg, I though that was Janice Dickenson

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Exactly!!!! I’m heavily into Celebrity Rehab at the moment so JD is on my mind a fair bit.