Fug or Fab: Cat Deeley


I’m indecisive today. But on second looks I’m seeing the coolness in a dress I’d initially written off as a feather duster. Plus, it’s Election Day here, so we might as well make it all voting all the time.

The simple tank (?) under there with a fancy skirt is a nice idea, and the jacket is in that funky mismatch-chic vein — you wouldn’t expect it in this context — but I just cannot decide if the whole equals the sum of its parts, so to speak. The concept? Sure. The execution? I don’t know if it’s that she’s hunching slightly, as if not totally convinced of it all herself, or if it just really isn’t panning out. At least her hair looks great, though. I stare at her and think, “Oh, Blake Lively, if you would just BRUSH more often…”

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  1. Elizabeth

    Business on top, gala on the bottom. It’s like a wardrobe mullet.

  2. vandalfan

    So. Many. Feathers. I just can’t.

    It’s like a sporran grew and grew and took over her entire lower body.

  3. Sajorina

    It’s Election Day here as well, but I’m not registered to vote! However I will exercise my duty as a Fug National and vote for “She CAN”! I like this and think she looks BEAUTIFUL in it! I don’t always love the mini-dresses they put her in on SYTYCD, so this is quite refreshing! FAB!

  4. Helen

    Without the jacket, I love it.

    With… I thank Elizabeth for the “Wardrobe Mullet.”

    • Art Eclectic

      Me, too. Jackets and ballroom skirts should never be worn together.

  5. Elizabeth

    I don’t know, I like it, I think it’s different.
    La Modelesque

  6. Moi

    “Wardrobe Mullet.” Bwahahahahahaha!

    Great jacket. Horrifying skirt.

  7. Amy

    I think it would work if the jacket was shorter & stopped at the skirt’s waistband; this looks too bulky/shoved in.

    • Stephanie

      I also think if the jacket was shorter it would work better. I’d also really like to see the skirt shorter – not necessarily a ton shorter, but at least enough so we could see ankle/shoe. There’s just so much of it, it’s a bit TOO much. Even for Cat, who can basically pull off anything she wears with aplomb.

  8. Nancy

    This shouldn’t work for me, but it sort of does. I’ve got to follow my heart…

  9. lori

    Ooo look, a furry dalek.

  10. Emma

    IT IS a feather duster, with a matching WHITE BLAZER. She looks ridiculous. You’re just excited because it’s election day. I recommend a nap and a cup of tea before making any further decisions.

  11. Katharine

    Style blogger Atlantic-Pacific has been wandering around in an overpriced feather duster skirt lately (as here: http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.ca/2012/08/party.html) and she’s also been playing the contrast game. Her versions are certainly very much not to everyone’s taste either, but I think in a way she does pull it off better than Cat here — simply because there’s less feather.
    (tl;dr) I think this would be really fine and funky if the skirt only came to her knees. I like the idea happening here, but right now she’s a bit too close to looking like a functional Barbie/duster hybrid found on Regretsy.

  12. Rachael

    Conceptually, I like it. However, the blazer portion makes it a fail. It needs to be slightly smaller, I think. More fitted. Just a tad.

  13. Sandra

    Did she not get the memo from Yukon Cornelius? Bumbles are our friends; we do not skin our friends and wear their hides as skirts

  14. foo

    I don’t hate the separates- although proportions are definitely off. It is giving me flashbacks of vacuuming up after my super-shedding rabbits last night. When I emptied the canister, it looked like a dark grey version of that skirt. (achoo)

    On 2nd thought, I want her to keep the skirt and dress her upper body as the rest of Santa’s face.

  15. AKD

    Ginger Rogers, “Cheek to Cheek.” Google it. That is all.

  16. Alexandra

    I love the idea but the proportions are all off. The blazer needs to be shorter.

  17. Sweetsinger

    She’s no Ginger Rogers.