Fug or Fab: Ashley Tisdale


I like this:

But it’s also kind of like what would happen if you had to design formal drapes for an Orange Julius.

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  1. PeggyO

    I like the shape and drape of it very much. The colors are awful, and awful on her. What to do?

  2. TonyG

    Never liked Orange Julius. Don’t like the dress. Droopy, shapeless, too big, and too many pleats. Ewww to the max.

  3. Phoebe Walker

    The color of the dress is fine, the color of her skin is the problem.

    There’s at least one Orange Julius in Indianapolis, and a Dairy Queen / Orange Julius combo just opened up near me. YUM!

  4. Maja

    Delicious! The shoes are hideous though. Not only with that dress but generally in life.

  5. snuffy

    I think it would be nice in light pink and crimson.

  6. angela

    I like the dress burtvoted bland because her skin + dress is one in the same color.

  7. Lina

    I like the idea of this quite a lot, but there’s something lacking in the execution.

  8. Sherri

    I’m now really thirsty and I don’t think there is an Orange Julius left in this state.

    Not crazed with the colors — they don’t flatter her and require a much darker skintone — but the shape and style work on her more or less. Could maybe use a little tweaking, but it isn’t awful or even sad.

  9. Lynne

    @angela, yes. The orange dress is highlighting her orange skin.

    Also, I like The Tis better as a brunette.

  10. Stefanie

    The word “Droopy” comes to mind when I look at this.

  11. noodlestein

    NOT crazy about the colors at all – to modify something Josie Pye said, when she wears orange, she just looks orange all over!! I do love the cut of this dress, though; I think it would have been great in a sky/cobalt blue combination.

  12. jess

    I chose “Delicious” but only because if this was on, say, Emma Stone, I’d say delicious. But the fact that its Ashley Tisdale completely turns me off it. She seems like the typical head-bopping, tequila-downing LA Bitch, and most of what she wears looks trashy and generic to me.

  13. The Other Molly

    Orange and maroon?
    Agh, my eyes!
    And where did she get those dirty shoes?

  14. Lookingglass

    This would be so delicious if it didn’t wash her out. It’s a diluted deliciousness. I wish she would go back to her Hellcats brunette – so much sassier!

  15. sarah

    The fabric looks like chiffon curtains from “Ma Smithy’s Country Cafe” just off I-80, two miles past the World’s Largest Ear of Corn. And the blousyness of the top makes her look like she has lovehandles right underneath her boobs. Also, I pity the hairless cat who gave it’s live for those shoes.

    Don’t get me started on the colors. What is wrong with you, 60% of GFY readers?

  16. Gabby

    I can remember visting my grandparents in LA when I was 16 and deperatley searching out Orange Julius, convinced it would be the most refreshing drink in the world.
    I was wrong. It TOTALLY sucked.
    I like the dress though. She looks cute in it. And it matches her leg tan :)

  17. G

    I might like the dress if I wasn’t distracted by that horrible uncombed, dirty, shaggy, dark-rooted mess on her head.

  18. Andrew S.

    Just coming to inform everyone that Orange Julius was still in business as of 2008

  19. What's The New Black

    Urgh, her tan. The color of her dress is almost the same as the color of her skin, don’t like it..

  20. The Other Molly

    Thank you Sarah!
    I was wondering what was VERY wrong with the 60% who voted this delicious.
    This is a contender for Fug Madness 2012, and people are voting it delicious?
    I’m scared.

  21. witjunkie

    I found an Orange Julius a couple years ago and was so excited, but like everything else in this world, they’ve jacked it up and it wasn’t as good as it used to be.

  22. amys

    Shoes very sad.

  23. NDW

    i feel like i could put this outfit together myself at target. so, blah.

    orange julius is both still in business and still delicious!

  24. Claire L

    It’s like someone put her in the wash cycle with the dress and it bled all over her….

  25. Miranda

    What’s with the watch? Just curious.

  26. megan

    Love the shoes & the watch! dress not so much

  27. NYCGirl

    I think I’d like it if the under-layer was a different color.

  28. Teresa

    Everything from the neck down looks good.

  29. S

    Please go back to being a brunette, Ashley!

  30. Lime

    Those shoes hurt my feelings. The rest is pretty good! And yes, Orange Julius is still around!

  31. Sophie

    Matching your outfit to your skin tone (especially if fake) = HUGE fashion mistake, in my book. Ahem, Princess Beatrice, I’m talking to you too about that Valentino number for your Cousin Will’s wedding.
    And why do none of these people own a hairbrush? I can hear my mother in that question, and I’m forced to admit she was right, dammit.

  32. TaraMisu

    Too orange, dress & skin. The shoes are fugly.

  33. J

    Why does everyone on this site hate booties so much? I don’t get it…

    The dress is meh.

  34. Sandra

    @J—It isn’t so much hating booties as it is hating OPEN-TOED booties. They have no reason to exist.

  35. vandalfan

    Gee, I don’t think it’s all that bad, maybe a bit droopy in the bodice is all.

  36. KateS

    If she went back to brunette and changed into gold sandals, this would be pretty. As it is, she is a peroxide-tainted orange juice.

  37. Sajorina

    Death to toe open booties!!!

  38. Tracy Warner

    One should not wear orange when one paints her skin orange. Just saying.

  39. Aly Zhang

    Her legs are very lean! Very straight too…mine go in and then out at the knees.

  40. AK

    It’s not awful, but it does look like it’s from Forever 21 in terms of quality — like it’s meh, cheapo, jersey fabric of some sort