I can’t tell if I would’ve liked this even without the mullet.

Because, problematically, it’s not like the top part is all that flattering; if it weren’t that awesome shade of Electric Jamba Juice, it wouldn’t have much to recommend it. I do love the pink backing on the orange fabric, though; can’t we have a do-over on this and give it a more graceful design? Something with a more swirly, flowing skirt that’s a more graceful take on the shorter front a more flowy skirt, instead of one that just hangs there like it’s depressed about its recent divorce from the other segment of skirt and feels it should be getting more alimony.

Fix it, fug it, or fab it?

  • Fix it (58%, 2,241 Votes)
  • Fug it (28%, 1,076 Votes)
  • Fab it (14%, 548 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,865

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