Fug or Fab: Amy Adams


I am REALLY BAD at identifying designers based on the clothes, but I took one look at that bodice and the draping and said, “Hello, Vivienne Westwood,” and I was right.

For an American Hustle party, I think it’s funny that she picked a dress that’s doing to her boobs the exact OPPOSITE of what all her costumes did (hoisting and fluffing versus flowing free). That part isn’t a bad look for her, and the color is certainly eye-grabbing in the vein of what she’s done this year after switching stylists.  But my beef is the stuff below the waist:

It looks like she glued up the hem herself, the shoes are a punt, and why is her abdomen blowing a raspberry at us? I don’t care for pelvic tomfoolery. And certainly not one that evokes a pathetically fallen souffle, because desserts that don’t live up to their potential are the saddest clowns of all.

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  1. Gine

    I love everything from her neck to her waist, and that’s it. Hate the hair, the makeup is blah (although obviously her face is always gorgeous), and while Westwood is truly great at corsetry, I wish she’d cool it with the pointless, baggy draping.

    •  Anna

      That hair! It’s just way too severe, both for Amy herself and for that particular dress. I understand the desire to balance out the constructed bodice with some soft draping, but this just looks, as the slideshow pointed out, deflated, as if it were meant to be something fluffy but fell somehow. I really kinda prefer the AH sexy look on Amy, for my part.

      • Bottle Ginger

        Ugly dress overall, and the dress clashes horribly with her hair! I have the same hair, and that color is a no-no. Better to go with warmer, mellow pinks, or violets.

        As for the hair, she really needs to touch up the color before the Oscars. That’s the problem with dying your hair red, the dye fades so quickly that you have all these pull-it-back-and-hope-nobody-notices-the-fading days.

  2.  giggleswick

    I was with you at “pelvic tomfoolery!”

  3. Pouncer

    Her hair is way too severe for her face, and that dress just doesn’t work. Oh, Amy. You can look better than this!

  4. Kristabelle

    Not a fan of the color, her hair, or that hem. WHY is that hem happening? WHY?

  5. Nan

    Her hair is glorious, why would a stylist cheat us on a hairdo? So wrong.

  6. swellcatt

    Sometimes Vivienne Westwood is almost “modern saloon girl chic” and this one I feel like is if she was about to get up on the bar in the Wild West and sing a little ditty for the coke pokes and prospectors and she had to pin it up to get up on the bar.

    Also, I feel for her because she looks EXHAUSTED. If her hair were down I think it would help brighten things.

  7. Jules

    I hate everything about this, except the color, which happens to be the exact color of the draperies I just bought for my study.

  8. Margaret

    I need something in between, so I can feel appropriately ambivalent at 9:30 in the am.

  9.  SaraK

    Wait, does “YES!” mean I don’t like it? Or is that “Hell no, I won’t go?” Because I don’t like it , and I don’t want to accidentally click the wrong one and encourage her into more raspberry-blowing weirdly-hiked-up floofy monstrosities. Amy deserves better.

  10.  KarenG958

    She’s so lovely. But this look is not.

  11.  ohsohappy

    You are right. The bodice is lovely. The rest is not.

  12.  Rowynn

    Here she is again in that mid-calf hemline, and this time it’s a goofy one, too. It’s like a smorgasbord of unflattering hemline lengths. Love the color, though.
    I do agree, with her gorgeous hair, she should have had more of a style, and she could have used more interesting shoes, too. I like her so MUCH, it just hurts to see her not looking as awesome as she should.

  13.  Elle

    Didn’t Christina Hendricks wear this dress to some premiere a year-ish or two ago? As I recall it didn’t work then either.

  14. nmlhats

    I don’t like that color on her.

  15. Sandra

    This hardly looks “designed” at all; more like Ms. Adams rolled around in a bolt of fabric and they stitched her into the resulting wrinkles.

  16.  HelenBackAgain

    Dress: Great from the waist up, everything I hate passionately about deconstruction from the waist down.

    Adams: Terrible hairstyle and makeup.

    Other notes: Needed real statement jewelry to balance that dramatically gorgeous neckline and color, and bring the eye to her face.

    • Jenz

      Totally agree and thank you HelenBackAgain for reaching into my mind and knowing what words were needed. I can’t even do that. :D

  17. Big Noise

    Is she wearing hose, or is that just a weird reflection? Oh, and I agree with most everything you all said. The color is great, the rest is a roomful of no.

  18. jenelope

    Bleah. Shoes of least resistance. I am so sick of nude pumps.

    • Jennifer

      I no longer think of these shoes as a ‘punt.’ A punt is an attempt at pushing back your opponent. These are more like if the punter grabbed the ball and just set it down. In dog speak they just roll over and wet themselves as soon as they enter the dog park.

      So over them I can’t remember ever being under them…

  19.  filmcricket

    I HATE those Westwood hems with a fiery passion. I don’t know why she insists on doing them – they look good on exactly one person, Helena Bonham Carter, and that’s only because they fit in with her “Victorian streetwalker coming apart at the seams” aesthetic. Just hem the damn dress.

    Anyway. Not my favourite colour for Amy and her hair is awful (if I had my way she’d never pull it back again, it’s so pretty). Her cleavage is amazing and her skin is to die for, so congrats on your genes, Ms. Adams.

  20. Alicia

    I like VW, but I wish she’d stop with the dresses that look like they are tucked into your knickers.

    Also – I wish she’d gone with the American Hustle curls.

  21. Heidi the Hick

    “I don’t care for pelvic tomfoolery. ”

    “…because desserts that don’t live up to their potential are the saddest clowns of all.”

    Heather, you are on fire today!!! And now I’m even more excited about the Oscar coverage!!

  22. Lisa

    I dislike everything about this look. I need to look at something great to clear this out of my mind.

  23. Claire

    Pelvic tom foolery. I die Heather.

  24.  Chris P

    A lot of it is angle – the first picture is a MUCH better angle for that dress, and the draping looks more planned than like pelvic tomfoolery.

    The hem is inexcusable, though. As are the nude shoes (yes, it makes her legs look longer, BUT…). But I actually like the dress as a whole. I know, I’m probably blind.

  25. jewel241

    I have to say I love the color. Hair is severe but so is the line of the dress. I think part of her hem is tucked into her knee high.

  26.  Karen

    Love the color but not on her, the draping is wonky, hate the shoes, hate the hair. Guess that’s a “she’s done much better.”

  27. Crash1212

    Along with your comments – I will try to work “pelvic tomfoolery” into every conversation henceforth – her hair is horrible. Was her mother mad at her? That’s the only time my pony tales got that tight.

  28. Eli

    Eh, I don’t even like the top. The hair and neckline make her shoulders look wayy broad, like a linebacker’s, which is something I have never thought in reference to the wee Amy Adams. And the bottom and middle of the dress look like it got caught in her panty hose.

  29. val.

    I can’t even get past the face and hair to even look at the dress. Did she overdo it with the bronzer or what? And that hair makes her look tired (which okay maybe she is) and old (which she is not). No dress would look good with it.

  30. Courtkney

    I just wish they’d… Idk darkened her eyebrows or something just slightly? The color looks great on her, which is hard for us pasty girls with bright colors, but the makeup and the shoes make her look washed out.

  31. KHS

    I strongly dislike everything about this. The dress is ugly – both in color and cut. I hate her shoes. And her hair looks terrible that way. Start over. Completely. (Please! The Oscars are this weekend!)

  32. D

    Her hair has been MUCH TOO SEVERE recently. It fights her classic girl-next-door beauty — and it looks like it must be giving her headaches.

    Time for a change, Amy.

  33. BoomBoomLaRoo

    Interesting. In a recent LATimes article she shit on her wardrobe, specifically the crochet swimsuit she wore in American Hustle by suggesting that IRL she is so very demure, dot dot dot.

    Oh, okay, Amy.
    Nice rack.

  34. Sunny
  35. juanita

    OK – somebody has to say it – Vivienne Westwood makes TRULY HIDEOUS dresses. All that Elizabethan stuff around the bosom and the references to Rococo shepherdesses etc etc just don’t translate into looking good in an evening dress!