I am REALLY BAD at identifying designers based on the clothes, but I took one look at that bodice and the draping and said, “Hello, Vivienne Westwood,” and I was right.

For an American Hustle party, I think it’s funny that she picked a dress that’s doing to her boobs the exact OPPOSITE of what all her costumes did (hoisting and fluffing versus flowing free). That part isn’t a bad look for her, and the color is certainly eye-grabbing in the vein of what she’s done this year after switching stylists.  But my beef is the stuff below the waist:

It looks like she glued up the hem herself, the shoes are a punt, and why is her abdomen blowing a raspberry at us? I don’t care for pelvic tomfoolery. And certainly not one that evokes a pathetically fallen souffle, because desserts that don’t live up to their potential are the saddest clowns of all.

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