Fugs or Fabs: Alyssa Milano


Well, you can’t say Alyssa Milano isn’t taking fashion risks now that she’s hosting Project Runway All Stars. When we watched the regular Runway finale the other night, seeing her sitting there in her fancy-dress PE uniform made me jump and shiver all over again. This is not that bad. Nothing is that bad. (I feel fairly safe in welcoming her to Fug Madness.) But it’s also busier than Ryan Seacrest, and sadly, I think only a woman with about six more inches of height could pull that off without looking devoured by it. In other words, they may have given it to the wrong Runway host.

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  1.  llism

    She looks fine in #4, but #2 is ATROCIOUS. She has a lovely figure, but she looks like a linebacker in drag in that thing: No shape, no waist, WIDE shoulders, just . . . ack.

    • Donna

      Love the purple skirt outfit on her, it’s sassy and cute. I don’t even mind the olives attached to her ankles that much. But that yellow outfit is perfectly described above by llism.

    • Ruth

      Not to mention the color on her. Dark mustard is very difficult to pull off. She does not have the coloring for it.

  2. Kate

    I don’t think the majority of these outfits have done her any favours.

  3. TaraMisu

    Her taste in shoes is horrible.

    None of these will set the world on fire…. The first is too busy, the second is just plain fugly, third & fourth are meh.

  4. martinipie

    The hair color is just wrong for her and doesn’t help any of these already-struggling outfits. You are a brunette, Alyssa! Do not resist!

  5. strah

    I’m so accustomed to thinking of her with darker hair that I keep wondering if that’s why none of the outfits look quite right to my eye. I think I might like the yellow dress, if there was more contrast with her skin/hair.

  6. sunfastrose

    Nothing to do with fashion, but I think she has the best smile. Very self-deprecating with just the right hint of smug.

  7. Jenz

    I like #4… but wtf in 1, 2 and 3? On #3, it doesn’t even look like her. For #1, is it me or does her body disappear when you look at the shot and all you see is her disembodied head floating there…? On #2, llism mentioned she looked like a linebacker in drag and now that that description is there, I can’t un-see it. Plus, that neckline is not doing her girls any justice…

  8. Rowynn

    Never thought I’d say I liked a leather garment, but I do like that purple skirt. And even though for some inexplicable reason Alyssa Milano irritates me a lot, I have to commend her for not wearing boring shoes. How’s that for backhanded compliments?

  9. Jenny V

    OMG, that mustard colored outfit could be an entire episode of “What Not to Wear”.

    The sleeves made her arms look big, the loose fabric in the middle made her waist look big and lumpy, the color totally washed her complexion out and the whole thing made her look at least two sizes bigger than she probably is. Just terrible.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I didn’t hate it nearly as much as you did, but I upvoted this just for being a hilariously comprehensive slam! Well played.

  10. nobody much

    foot olives – hahahahaha
    I think she’s just too petite for these clothes? they’re definitely wearing her, instead of her wearing them.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I think you’re right. I like the outfits, even with the foot olives. They’re fun! But they’re overwhelming Milano. These all belong on taller people, and a variety of taller people at that. I nominate Blanchett for #1, Rihanna for #2, and Katy Perry for #3.

      Except for the beautifully fitted trench coat in the last shot! That is simple, clean perfection, terrific on Alyssa, and she can wear it with almost anything.

  11. Esme

    FUGS across the board!!

  12. Anita

    Only #4 is passable, if unexceptional, to me. The rest are varying degrees of awful, as is her harsh makeup.

    And really, Hollywood, it’s OK to be a brunette.

    • MaiGirl

      I agree. She is soooooo much prettier as a brunette. I gotta say, when she was announced as host of All Stars, I was very confused. I can understand if it was someone who was known as fashionable, or a great host, but she’s neither, and her clothing line is just feminized sports jerseys and jackets, right? I know that Lifetime has a budget, so they can’t get someone really famous, but this is just a confusing choice–especially after viewing these “greatest hits.”

  13. Mikki

    Well, she’s certainly not afraid of color, is she? I have to be honest, I kind of like those blue booties, or whatever they are, in the second pic but not with that dress. And the coat is nice too!

  14. val.

    No. 2 has to be the most unflattering thing, like, ever. I don’t mind the idea of that outfit but she is just not pulling it off. I have to agree that it does kind of look like a linebacker-in-drag, and Alyssa Milano does NOT look like that!

    I’m also not a fan of the first dress, but the last two outfits I don’t mind.

  15. Mair Mair

    She has a good figure, but appears to have no idea how to dress it. All of these, with the exception of #4, are extremely unflattering on her.

  16. Nan

    Imagine SWINTON in #1. We would die.

  17. Tiffany

    I like the purple skirt, but not the olive shoes. Love the jacket at the end.

    I think the big-busted girls club needs to welcome her into the group and give her our secret: covering up completely from bust to chin sometimes makes the girls look BIGGER. It makes your shoulders look bigger too! Add a scoop neck, a v-neck (even a small one) or even a pendant that will create the v-shape to break up the chest area.

    • Kristabelle

      I was going to post something similar on the Kim K picture. Big boobs and crewnecks and turtlenecks are NOT friends. #1 way to make your bigs look bigger and lower than they are!

  18. greatwhitenorthchick

    Photo #2 – Phyllis Diller for Target.

  19. maryse

    i like most of 2. i do not understand the concept of the open toed bootie. but i live in new england where bootie weather is cold weather. and i really like 4. simple is best on someone petite like her.

  20. TonyG

    In photo #2 (the high-maintenance bird outfit), with those blue bulky high-heeled shoes (and the way she is walking in them) she reminds me of an ice skater who has just gotten off the ice and is trying to walk on the rubberized floor/carpet with her skates on.

    • Ms Poopy Von Pants

      TonyG, thank you for making me LOL at work this morning and almost spit out my coffee. Hysterical.

  21. H.C.

    I’m not sure I can even get behind #4, even if it is the least horrible. That coat/jeans combo isn’t really doing it for me–maybe if the denim was a darker wash?

    • Esme

      I agree; I’m assuming people are praising it in light of the other 3 nightmares, but that coat looks too tight, and it’s definitely not flattering. It makes her look heavy, which she is not.

  22. Katie

    Those craptacular foot olives will haunt my dreams tonight. At least when she fugs it, she goes all out!

  23. Sajorina

    I agree, GFY Heather! The first 3 outfits are too much for her, but the coat & jeans outfit is FINE! Her head looks very pretty in Pic #3!

  24. bilbo

    She looks so unfinished. That first would be fine with a nice updo, but this way it looks like she just was trying it on in the dressing room. The mustard one needs a different neckline/sleeves to work, the skirt (which I think might be blue?) is fine, but again, unfinished because of the poor shoes.

    That coat, I’m embarrassed to say, looks like something I would own. It’s poor quality and also poorly tailored, as you can see by the pulling of the buttons at the front.

  25. Lettucecup

    Reading that the first dress is “busier than Ryan Seacrest” delights me more than I can say. Thank you, Fug Girls!

  26. Jeanette

    Oh I do hate baby-poo-brown – whatever color it is masquerading as…