Fug Money

You know how every year, people complain that stores begin celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier, to the point where eventually they’re playing “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” over the loudspeakers in Target in September?

That’s how I’m beginning to feel about Katie Holmes’s campaign for Fug Madness 2013. Slow your roll, sister — we ‘ve got MONTHS ahead of us for you to go out in belted jammie onesies and open-toed booties and a sweater you stole from your grandpa (though in fairness, I’m totally wearing a grandpa sweater right  now. And actual jammies. But I work from home, leave me alone).

PS: Carry on, Suri. You’re as cute as ever.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    Dude in the back is like, “My god. That ish is CRAY.”

  2. Donna

    I cannot wait to see this on Suri’s Burn Book!

  3. that girl

    You know, this would be a cute outfit as a springy dress, minus the open-toed booties, because I still don’t get the point of those. When in your life do you need all of your foot to be covered except the smallest, most cold-susceptible part?

  4. Stefanie

    Anyone else feel like Suri is embarrassed to be seen with her?

  5. Jerika Coleman

    Other than the shoes, which just don’t go, I like it.

  6. vandalfan

    Clown jumpsuit complete with kitten-bow collar. All she needs is a round red foam nose, she’s got the big silly shoes on already. I’m sure Suri would be humiliated to be seen with her, except Mom has not bother to comb her baby’s hair and it’s all in her face.

  7. Julia

    My opinion of Mr. and Mrs. Cruise as parents just soared with the appearance of Suri’s horrid ratty purple blankie! Keeping it real, there.

    • Eli

      I’m guessing they don’t have a choice in the matter. Suri looks like she’d cut a bitch who takes her blanket.

  8. Girlin

    Why does such a beautiful woman insist on dressing so badly?? The open-toed booties are a travesty. The apron-pattern-like jumpsuit? Horrid. Plus I have an old cardie like that too…it can look nice when casually worn with a white top and skinny jeans…with this – it only heightens the fug! =(

  9. Sajorina

    I really like this, except for the booties… I would’ve worn this with flats like Suri’s! God, that little girl is cute! I think Katie looks pretty and like a busy mom on the go! It’s endearing!

  10. TaraMisu

    Uhhhh no…. maybe as a dress minus that sweater. And those shoes are horrible.

    Suri is adorable!

  11. Charlotte

    Okay, so I actually seem to be finding myself falling in love with Katie Holmes. She’s so geeky and unpretentious and totally clueless. Now I have a massive sad face that she is married into the Cruise Cult.

  12. cc


  13. Shiitake

    The jumpsuits are coming…and they’re coming for you!

  14. Mo

    Would someone please tell Katie’s handlers that they’ve overmedicated her again? Thanks a bunch.

  15. Ruth

    I loathe open toed booties. They look terrible on everyone. Also, poor KH, with all of her money and her husband’s money, needs to get a copy of “What Not To Wear” from the bargain bin by Trinny and Susannah. Heck, she can even hire them to go through her closet! She does not know how to dress to either accentuate her good parts and downplay her not so great parts. Chapter One is all about avoiding flowered jumpsuits, BTW.

  16. CJ

    Saw a picture of her the other day and she looked soooo good. Hair down, a plain sweater, normal looking jeans and boots. It’s what she has always looked best in and my bet is that it was her “uniform” in high school, what she feels most comfortable in, and what she would naturally gravitate toward if she weren’t famous. It’s when she tries to be “fashionable” that she utterly fails.

  17. Joan Louise

    Trying to think when she last wore cute shoes. Her taste in booties is AWFUL. if I had money and time and never had to walk further than to the helipad, you can be sure I’d be wearing the cutest shoes ALL THE TIME.

  18. Infoqueen

    She clearly needs to hire Suri as her stylist.

  19. Mrs Nesbitt

    Doesn’t she have ANY reflective surfaces in her home?

  20. jean

    Only a confident woman would even attempt this outfit. Or pregnant?????

  21. jean

    And check out the casually dapper man behind them! Smirking. And maybe taking a cellphone picture.

  22. CranAppleSnapple

    When will it hit home for Katie that Suri actually hates her and is trying to bring down the regime from the inside? This looks like those movies Lace and Lace 2 and Lace Infinity, where the toxic evil vengeful resentful spawn wants to just destroy everybody.
    Am I remembering that right?

  23. katie

    It looks like she woke up and wanted something new to wear, so she pulled a Maria Von Trapp and made this out of Suri’s Laura Ashley sheets.

  24. Christian

    At least her kid is walking.

  25. rizzle
    • Mel

      OMG…the first pic in this link is HILARIOUS in its awkwardness and bad angle! Dare I say it, her arms and hands look a bit like the aliens’ in her husband’s flick War of the Worlds!

      It has to be said: even money cannot buy style. She turns up so frequently in outfits that are just awful on her (and would be on a lot of people), and either she ignores her stylist and does her own thing, or, as I suspect, because she’s a ‘designer’, she thinks she doesn’t need anyone to style her. Honey, most of us would LOVE a stylist! Please either listen to them or get yourself one!

  26. Lilibet

    Katie Holmes’s outfit ticks all the current fashion boxes – the PJs, the nude cardie, the open-toed boots – and it looks boring.

    Suri, on the other hand, has accessorised perfectly with a security blanket and soft toy. Wins every time.

  27. Joanne

    I blame Stella McCartney for the jumpsuits – nobody looks good in them.
    Although maybe its some subtle revenge against all those models/celebs that Stel’s obliged to rub shoulders with….everyone looks just as good as she does ……maniac laugh….

  28. Krusticle

    Yep, Jessica, that’s my work-at-home wardrobe I’m wearing right now: cotton tank with grandpa sweater over it, stretchy elastic-band black pants, white footies, with greasy-by-tomorrow-hair piled on top of my head with a scrunchy. It’s a glamorous life.