I love this picture:

“Wait. You DO want me to stand on this piece of duct tape, right? I know, it’s my mark…you don’t? Or you do? I’m so confused.”

I personally must admit to being somewhat confused by those bangs. She always looks CUTE, because she IS cute, but I wonder if someone decided the bangs would make her look younger, or something.  Because they really do:

All of a sudden, she looks like Payson Keeler of Make It Or Break It – who doesn’t have bangs, actually, but Jennifer’s bangs somehow bring out the resemblance between their two pretty faces.  Poor Payson is having a rough time. Her boyfriend broke up with her right at the start of Olympic training camp, allegedly because he’s confused about his bisexuality, but in reality because that actor has a starring role on Revenge now. Although I sincerely wish his break-up letter to her had read, “I can’t be in a relationship with you at the moment because shit has gotten real here in the Hamptons,” it did not.

ANYWAY. I guess being an Olympic-caliber gymnast with boy problems isn’t quite as bad as being The Girl On Fire.

Is this dress?

  • This is On Fire, in the sense that it's a HOT MESS. (10%, 917 Votes)
  • This is cute! Calm down! (50%, 4,489 Votes)
  • Meh. Not terrible. But no where near the best of her looks on this particular junket. (40%, 3,653 Votes)

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