Well, well. The supposed favorites are gone, leaving a No. 3 seed as the highest-ranked member of our Final Four. Also, interestingly, each game is a first name/last name versus a mono-moniker. I am not sure I know where y’all are going to go with this — you’ve surprised me with several of your picks this year already — but one thing I know for sure: This year’s “One Fugging Moment” montage is going to be SOLID.

The bracket claimed again that we’d spread out the games across Thursday and Friday, but we’re going to do them both Thursday instead, so that we can leave polls open a bit longer in advance of Monday’s final game and really give people a chance to vote the hell out of it. On whom will you be voting? VOILA:



Vanessa showed Kourtney Kardashian who’s boss, dominating her the way K.Kard has steamrolled people the rest of the way: A full 67 percent of you thought Hudge’s fug was stronger, and voted her into the Final Four. She’ll face up against the unbelievably tough Ke$ha, who bounced Nicki Minaj by snagging 53 percent of the vote. Ke$ha hasn’t had a contest that wasn’t a squeaker; conversely, Vanessa hasn’t beaten anyone with less than 63 percent so far (their full roads to the Final Four are after the jump, with the updated bracket).



Robyn laid waste to another top seed, this time getting rid of Fergie by a narrow margin with 54 percent of the vote. She’ll take her platform boots to Lohantown next, after LiLo conquered Ashanti’s vagina sling with 61 percent of the vote — impressive, considering I just used the words “vagina sling.”

HOW THEY GOT HERE: Road to the Final Four

Vanessa Hudgens Ke$ha Lindsay Lohan Robyn
Round 1 d. (14) Lucy Hale, 93% d. (3) Boobs Legsly, 57% d. (11) Cee Lo, 78% d. (6) Kat Graham, 76%
Round 2 d. (11) Tyra Banks, 73% d. (11) Erin Wasson, 52% d. (14) Stella McCartney, 62% d. (3) Christina Hendricks, 67%
Sweet 16 d. (2) Rooney Mara, 85% d. (2) Jessie J, 54% d. (2) Lady Gagga, 66% D. (2) Rihanna, 63%
Elite 8 d. (16) Kourtney Kard, 67% d. (1) Nicki Minaj, 53% d. (4) Ashanti, 61% d. (4) Fergie, 54%


And here is your updated bracket: