For someone who went from Four Episode Arc As Steve’s Girlfriend on 90210 to Two Time Oscar Winner, it seems like Swank’s career pendulum has taken a swing back toward the shit-hole direction. Her IMDb is sad,  you guys. She has NO movies coming out this year, and she hasn’t been in a decent movie since Million Dollar Baby, which was in 2004. That was before this website even EXISTED. I wish Vulture would revisit the Star Market they wrote about her, because I think things have gotten even more dismal for her career since 2010 — it’s hard to bounce back from getting canned by your PR team after you decided to attend the birthday party of a Chechnian warlord, after all. Also dismal:

Ugh. Lady, get a new agent and a new PR agency first, but PLEASE put “New Stylist” on that list somewhere.

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