Fug It Or Break It

This outfit is making me nostalgic for the space program.

Why? Because I’m pretty sure the last time anyone wore this, it was to an Apollo launch, all the way back when people said things like “smoking grass” and used the word “groovy” with deepest sincerity.

[Photo: WENN]

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Comments (23):

  1. vandalfan

    But Gumby isn’t supposed to wear a belt.

  2. janey

    I love how she’s got that oh so subtle pant leg pull to make them appear even bigger. I think I wore these at a rave once.

  3. bambi_beth

    Sometimes I like jumpsuits on the rack at the store.
    My grandmother has the old old old pattern to make this.
    The color is awesome.
    If it were a dress, knee length maybe, I think this would be a well-played. Depending on the shoes that I assume are under there somewhere.

  4. amys

    Was she going for the sexy scrubs look?

  5. Willow

    A new height in parody.

  6. jjdaddyo

    What she really needs is a macrame belt and matching purse.

  7. Candy

    I usually try to find at least SOMETHING I like about an outfit but… I just can’t. On second look… nope, still nothing.

  8. Abby

    I really like the color of this, especially on her. And I love the hair and makeup. Her face reminds me of Leighton Meester at that angle.

    The less said about the fact that she’s wearing a jumpsuit, the better.

  9. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    That is the Chargers cheerleader Brian Fantana introduces to Ron Burgundy at the same party they’ve been going to for 12 years, and it is still amazing.

  10. Ann

    I logged on to come in and yell at Blair for doing that to her hair. She is so much better as a brunette.

    But one of the other commenters said this looked like Leighton Meester. …Is this not Leighton Meester? Who is this Mees Bluhr impersonator?

  11. Hermione

    Why does it look like fake suede?

  12. Melisande

    I wish you would fug that show (MIOBI). Just the leotards provide so much material. I’ve gotta say I love Cassie Scerbo, although she appears to have succumbed to that ever-pervasive trend of the disappearing feet on here. The colour suits her great however, and to be frank, in the words of Project Runway “I question her taste level” whenever I see photos of her on the red carpet, so this is actually far from being the worse she’s ever looked.

    Another reason why you should fug that show… The lovely Sasha Beloff!

    • Kat

      I agree with you. She’s a qualified actress (although she always seems to play princesses with slut tendencies), but I, too, question her taste level. Too bad I doubt girlfriend makes enough yet to have a stylist on the reg.

  13. Cat

    Uh, let’s see… what’s good about this? Ah, Cassie Scerbo is pretty and uh, this is a nice color? Other than that, TOTAL FUG.

  14. nobody much

    we didn’t wear that. Not that what we wore was anything better, lol.

  15. AM

    But even in those long off days, people managed to hem their pants! I do think this is a pretty color on her, although I’m not sure who she is.

  16. Softwear

    Oooohhhhh….I thought this was whatsherface from…that show. You know! Where she’s the cute girl that lives across the hall?? Cheescake waitress…You know!

    Yeah, I don’t know who this is if it’s not her. But what she’s wearing is tres bad.

  17. katkin74

    That is nothing more than an aqua sack with a belt and some stitching in the middle, like if you were wearing a long skirt, and pulled the back of your skirt, through your legs, and tucked it into your waistband. In fact, I could get behind that if Solange wore it; this just looks like Pale Gumby.

  18. KG

    I feel that this is more of a partial Gumby costume…only now Gumby’s accessorized with a belt.

  19. Esmelily

    Look at those creases at the bottom of the legs; it looks like she took the hem out and didn’t iron the outfit. Who tells these actresses that this sh~t looks good?!?!? And I thought she was the chick who was on that reality show with whatshername, on The Hills.

  20. Shiitake

    Sharpening my pitchfork.