Fug and Fab the Bags and Baubles: Globes Weekend

Because it’s about damn time I give you a post entirely devoid of toenail closeups.

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  1. Hannah

    quite frankly, if Heidi Klum HAD cut out nipple holes, I am pretty sure it would have been a Regina George moment and everyone would start doing that on the red carpet.

  2. Mouse

    …Zooey’s thumbnail appears to have a cute little tuxedo polish motif going on! :) I covet a lot of that jewellery and would happily take it off their hands (pry it from their hands if necessary….)

  3. Chasmosaur

    *sigh* Please stop dissing The Baccarin’s hair, please. As I mentioned on the other post, this is what thick curly hair does when you grow it out from the super-short cut she’s had for the last couple of years. That the 80′s wanted to be taken more seriously than the 70′s but couldn’t give up on big, feathered hair is not her fault.

    My guess is she was having a Catastrophically Big Hair Day, where your hair does whatever the hell it wants to do. On CBHD’s, you either go with it, use enough product that your hair looks shellacked, or put it under a hat. Going with it usually works best. At least she didn’t wear a crap wig (see Deschanel, Zooey) or bad extensions (see Dasher, Erica). She owned her curls – easy to do with those cheekbones, but still…

    Oh yeah – her earrings were cool. They deserved a better dress.

    • erin

      Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • vandalfan

        Exactly. I’m a straight, long hair parted in the middle 70′s girl (plenty of headbands in my time) and I ask what is WRONG with a pretty, tousled curled 80′s hairstyle? This looks terrific.

        I love to see the extra-close details of some of these gowns again, also.

    • CJ

      Ditto on Miss Monica’s hair. I think she looked absolutely gorgeous…and I actually liked the dress too!

  4. JanetP

    I looove all the bracelets! Chunky and jewelly and gorgeous. Want.

  5. Sajorina

    I honestly liked everything featured in this slideshow, especially Amy Poehler’s awesome ring & Zooey Deschanel’s cute nailpolish! COVET!!!

  6. Sandra

    Shiny! And green! And Shiny!

    I am very happy.

  7. leah

    It should come as no surprise that Heidi Klum has really beautiful hands. I’m going to go moisturize…

    • Dazie

      I was just coming to post about her hands. Her fingers are sooooo long! That’s how she can wear those huge rings. On stubby-fingered mere mortals it would look like Vienna sausages sticking out of jewels.

  8. A.J.

    I was actually wondering, “I wonder what they could possibly fit into those tiny bags” when you posed that question in the very next slide! LOL.

  9. Mikki

    I so want that purse of Jessica Alba’s..but I agree, the price would send me into cardiac arrest I’m sure. Love all the chunky bracelets too!

  10. Jane

    I’ve been wondering what happened to necklaces at formal events. Yes, Heidi Klum was wearing one (and I think the dress was supposed to be a nondescript background for the necklace) but I’m pretty sure you could could all the necklaces I saw on Sunday and not run out of fingers.

  11. S

    I have Tiffani Thiesen’s bag! In purple! It’s Rafe and it DOES look like a giant gemstone only more mother-of-pearl than it is appearing there.

    Also, a request – for these longish click-to-pictures, I’d love it if you could add a way to skip ahead to a certain number. I got interrupted with 3 pictures to go, which was very annoying, and had to quick click through the previous 22 to get back where I finished.

  12. Jen in Brooklyn

    My sweet baby girl saw this and said she looks like a cross between Ariel and Ursula.

  13. CleaK

    Thanks for Octavia’s earring pictures! The certified gem geek (with a fancy diploma and everything) loves these jewelry shots. Thanks!

  14. daisy

    I just wanted to note that the orange on SWINTON’s bracelet is the perfect balance/counter point to that beautiful periwinkle.

  15. Alexandra Nilsson

    Jessica Alba’s Valentino bag is available for “only” $699 on Ebay (search for Rockstud Clutch). Retail prize is $1145. I don’t really need to pay my bills this month, do I?