Fashion Week Fugs and Fabs: Hailee Steinfeld

Let’s face it: Hailee could’ve worn trash bags the whole time, and getting to hold a gold medal would still put this one in the win column. Emotionally, anyway.

[Photos: Splash, WENN, Getty]

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  1. Emma

    I like tea-length dresses. I think they are elegant and nostalgic. I also want to keep frequenting this website, so I hope fans of all different hem-lengths can just get along. Can’t we all just get along? Group hug. Come on, group hug.

    • Kate

      I think she might have been referring to the fact that the hem of the underlay stopped about a foot before the sheer overlay. Which, to me, always looks unneccessary and/or sloppy.

      But yeah, I am also in support of tea length, when properly executed :)

      • GFY Heather

        That IS what I was referring to. I think tea length can be great when executed properly, but it was the disparity between under and overskirt that I was complaining about.

        • anny

          To be fair, all fashion looks good when properly executed. It’s just that properly executing certain fashions requires a can of lighter fluid, a book of matches and a shallow grave, preferably at midnight.

        • Emma

          Oh, okay. I was pretty sure you were going to say it needed to be knee-length.

  2. bambi_beth

    I just stopped by to say:

  3. Sweetsinger

    When does this girl have time for school?

  4. TaraMisu

    LOVE #8!! The rest…. blech.

  5. qwertygirl

    I read #4 as shorts. Unfortunate shiny shorts with a Rorschach patter. Is Rorschach the new thing? Because if it is, I’m going to have to learn how to spell it, and that will be a chore. It would be easier if the fashion industry just abandoned the concept of the Rorschach pattern now. Right now.

    • Kristan

      Yup, I’m pretty sure they’re shorts too. You can see the creases in the middle (if you don’t mind feeling weird for looking in that general area…).

      Despite some of these not working perfectly, I applaud her for looking generally well put together, healthy, and not skanky! I don’t even hate the dress that the orphans would supposedly reject.

  6. Mair Mair

    The fact that she strikes out occasionally just makes me love her even more. A 15 y.o. getting it right every single time would be disheartening for us mere mortals.

  7. Stefanie

    She is too cute but Im not sure on the majority of these. Girl needs to learn to say Thanks but No Thanks.

    Also, Im getting a little bit of a Khloe Kardashian vibe in the last one. I think it might be the hair.

  8. Carolina Girl

    With the exception of the Marc Jacobs (WTF?) and the green dress, I think she looks pretty cute. She’s a 15-year old who gets to dress up in free designer clothes and go to grown up functions that most actual grown ups don’t get to go to. She’s experimenting with different looks and, for the most part, looks pretty darn good in most of it.

  9. lindsay

    i really like the shirt dress, and the blue one would be cute as a mini. the sparkles are just off the charts awesome. i feel like her face/hair are KILLING IT in the orphan annie dress, which is just such a waste.

    also, you don’t need leather pants. just get cute dark cords and call it a day.

  10. pidget

    I think her stylist hates her, or is meanly jealous of her talent and youthful prettiness. No other explanation for so much ick while there must be so much to choose from. She escaped with two good choices near the end, though.

    (Note that the makeup artist and hairstylist are doing a fantastic job, however! Polished but not stiff and overdone.)

  11. jean

    She’s 15 so I get she’s all over the place in terms of style. But she goes bonus points for pretty hair, good skin, appropriate make-up (if only I had such a handle on make-up at 15! That purple eye shadow phase might have NEVER happened). I only like the first dress and the sparkly dress, but I do like that she’s fully covered, she seems very comfortable in everything (no matter how hideous), and I like that she wears shoes a typical 15 year old would wear–in short comfortable shoes, not four inch heels. I know she could wear them and I know 15 year old girls who love sky-high heels, but I guess I’m a shoe prude. I think super high heels should be saved for prom and/or turning 18.

  12. Tamburlaine

    The Marc Jacobs dress could have been nice if not executed with that terrible array of fabrics; I love her shoes in slide #3; and I love the sparkly number on her. That said, she generally looks so well put-together that I don’t even mind the other outfits!

  13. Cheeseandwhine

    I’m pretty sure the outfit in 7 is from the Kirna Zabete collection from Target, which is totally awesome.

  14. Soujin

    Are the sparkles an Erin Featherstone? Her stuff seems targeted to girls Hailee’s age, and a lot of them are really cute and age-appropriate.

  15. Vandalfan

    Now I know who I will allow my 18 year old son to date. She’s just cute as a button, and carries off haute coture with such aplomb. Even in the questionable ones, she’s such a trooper.

  16. mepe

    Love the Marc Jacobs and that little clutch she’s carrying with the sparkly dress is amazing!! I’m glad she generally looks really cute and put together – keep it up Hailee!!