Fab and Fabber: The Recent Shenanigans of Prince Harry


It seemed like a good idea to kick off Friday with Prince Harry.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. anna s.

    It is ALWAYS a good idea to kick of Fridays with our dear Prince Hal (and some bacon and a couple Bloody Marys).

  2. Dazie

    Wow- he really is a redhead. Sometimes it just looks like he has light brown hair, but this? SHAZAM!

  3. Helen

    Boy, he looks more like his mother every year, doesn’t he! And he seems to be good with kids. And, going by this suit, could teach them (along with his sometimes rather dowdy brother) a thing or two about good tailoring. C’mon, Harry, find a nice girl who can deal with your weird sense of humor!

    Aside, hilariously, one of the BUZZWORTHY stories above as I type is titled “Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Scare.” Um, guys? Little late… so to speak…

    • Dyanna

      Those stories are always weirdly out of date. Also, I’m glad to be rid of the (obviously photoshopped) picture of Snooki and her boyfriend, but I wish it hadn’t been replaced by the Biebs.

  4. A.

    I’m a few years younger than Harry and 10 years ago I thought Wills was the cuter one, but Harry looks more like his mother every year and Wills, unfortunately, looks more like Charles (no offense Charles). Don’t get me wrong, Wills is still quite restful on the eye, but Harry wins the Handsomest Royal, hands down.

  5. MKKS

    I love him. I want there to be a word for Harry-specific shenanigans. She-harr-igans or something.

  6. Rowynn

    Was anyone really that scandalized by the nude Vegas frolic? I mean, isn’t that what you DO in Vegas? Get crazy and do things you’d never do anywhere else? OK, I guess if you’re a prince, you should make sure no one takes pix of you pantsless, but really…. it wasn’t so bad. I thought it was deliciously hilarious, personally. If I was rich, and young, and attractive, I would do the same or worse, I’m sure.

    • Sandra

      Exactly. An unmarried 28-year-old Army officer in Las Vegas with his pals is almost constitutionally required to do silly sh!t that is in bad taste but not illegal or harmful to any of the participants.

      Also, Harry and the kiddies? Swoooooon! The Heir(ess) to the House of Windsor is gonna have the best time with Uncle Haz.

    • julyol1972

      Don’t you get the feeling that if his Mom was alive she would have smacked him upside the head for those shenanigans? I could almost see her throwing Royal decorum to the wind and giving him a good old-fashioned talking to. For some reason, Harry more than William makes me miss his Mom – Harry seems so mischievous I think he needs/needed her guidance more.

    • Claire1http://gofugy

      My thought was “yeah?So? No laws were broken, heck they didn’t even break a vase”…..and…. well, it’s HARRY! Why was anyone even surprised?
      FTR, I think his Mom would have totally understood. While she always maintained such dignity….I think she would have completely understood his need to cut loose.
      But I agree….I think Harry still needs Mom…which is why I think he seems to adore Kate so much….she shares so much of Dianna’s grace.

  7. Sajorina

    Awwwwww, I think it’s so cute that he’s continuing his mother’s legacy for such an important cause (my boyfriend has cerebral palsy, so I know)! Plus, how adorable is he with children?! He’s going to be the funnest uncle ever!

  8. Crispy Phoenix

    Excellent way to kick off a Friday! Cheers!

    PS: I got misty-eyed at seeing the framed pic of Princess Diana.

    • deee

      Me too! I got a little verklempt thinking about how proud she would be. Darn hormones.

      • Popcouver

        We have a beautiful exhibit in Edmonton right now about Diana’s life (and including a bunch of her clothes and her wedding dress!). The section about her death was truely moving and tragic. Still makes me cry.

      • TonyG

        Me three!

  9. Nancy

    I think he’s cute, but if he were my son I would tell him to stop embarrassing himself in public, ala Vegas. No, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but he is in a position in which he needs some decorum. Not to me an old fogie, like William seems to be, but to have a little better judgement sometimes. He’s not 19 anymore.

    • goldfish

      And yet, I’m not sure Charles has got much ground to stand on, regarding such an edict.

      (The royalty thing makes me use words like ‘edict.’ Sorry).

    • anna s.

      Eh, he’s young, unattached, wealthy, and good-looking. He doesn’t seem to do anything that seriously endangers his dual day-jobs (either the one as royal publicity-machine or the one in military service). In the 90s the monarchy came under fire for too much decorum in lieu of seeming like actual people. Between William, Kate, and Harry, they seem to have worked out a modern image that allows for both tradition and appropriate decorum (note: at important events Harry is almost always both present and proper), and for some fun in cases where it doesn’t really hurt anyone. His occasional lapses into ‘playboy prince’ have likely done more good for the perceived accessibility of the monarchy (when balanced against William and Charles’s more upright postures) than harm to the national image. Loosening up the tight stays of the throne is sort of his job description as a modern second son, and I’d say he’s accomplishing that with a pretty even-handed grasp of when he needs to stay decorous and when he can go overboard.

  10. Daffodil

    Caught what appears to be a typo in the first slide. I think you meant to say:
    He lets children punch him WHILE HE’S WEARING GRANDPA SLIPPERS!

  11. ChristieLea

    Yes, mercifully he looks more like his mother…though in Picture #2 he is making a decidedly Windsoresque face. Considering there’s still rumours that he’s not really Charles’ son, it’s probably good that the Windsor peeks out every now and then…

    • Annie S.

      I always found those rumors funny, because in addition to the Spencer ginger-ness, he totally has QEII’s profile. Check out the pic of Harry and his gran at his Sandhurst graduation (the one where they’re smiling cheekily at each other). The resemblance is uncanny.


      • Sabrina

        Hee, oh that pic of him and QEII is priceless. All the other soldiers are trying to be very proper and serious for the Queen’s inspection and Harry and Granny can’t help but grin at each other at the madness of it all. And yes, exact same profile.

        • Claire1http://gofugy

          You ever get the idea that she just slaps his hand and proclaims “OH HARRY, you scamp!” and shoos him away.?
          I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so pleased as that picture that Annie posted.

  12. deee

    Ugh. He’s gives off such a frat star vibe but he looks so cute and charming. Dangerous. Very dangerous.

  13. SPJava

    I think Harry is wonderful. For someone who’s grown up in public ( and I mean from before he was born) he’s done quite nicely. The missteps just show what a normal young man he can be meanwhile going off to fight twice in war zones and being deeply involved in charity work.

    There are some more fun pics out today of Harry along with William & Kate visiting Warner Brothers Studio in the UK.

    Kate looks lovely and the boys are having some good fun.

    • Dazie


      They look like they’re having so much fun.

      • SPJava

        I’m particularly fond of the pic of all of them with their wands. Notice William watching the fun Harry (man has some flair with a wand) seems to be having. Typical big brother. Awww

    • scone

      I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT wait for the Fug commentary on the Harry/Wills/Kate trip to Hogwarts.

  14. Mouse

    I love the pic with the kiddies where it looks like he’s giving them advice. What do we think that might be?

    “Now kids, always remember….”
    “…to check for cellphones BEFORE getting nekkid”

    My favourite pic of him changing the doll’s diaper is when he had the doll face first down on the table. I cringed. lol

  15. Frances

    I love how he just seems to throw himself into whatever activity he’s asked to do.

  16. Lynne

    Anyone know why he’s wearing a poppy on his lapel in April? That’s a November thing. Right?

  17. PB

    It really must be fun to be Prince Harry. He has all of the hair and none of the responsibility.

    • ChristieLea

      *afternoon tea spit-take* Bwa ha ha ha!

      You’d think I’d remember by now never to drink anything when I read GFY. Or its comment section.

  18.  kb

    God, I love him.

  19. Charlotte

    Potentially naked Harry fun is the best sort of fun.

  20. Aubrey

    This was in Nottingham, and I was there! I’m actually standing a bit further along the line in the picture where he’s greeting the children. It was really cool to see him in real life, he really is as cute in person as in pictures.

    Unfortunately, he also seems to be getting a little bald spot like Wills.

    • Helen

      Just one more reason why he should marry Pippa. Papa Middleton has GREAT hair! If the boys have boys, they’d have a shot at inheriting Grandpa’s headful.