Eliza Fuglittle

Dear strenuously quirky UK recording artist Eliza Doolittle:

You never, ever want to wear a satin jumpsuit that can be described as, “Kind of like that Elizabeth Hurley safety-pin dress, only uglier and less tasteful.”



P.S. Please never again make me wonder if “buttock wrangler” is an actual position on your managerial team.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Sandra

    Can we get a deal on bulk purchase of eye bleach? YUUUUUUUUCK!

    • Orange Clouds

      Exactly, I have seen a lot of fug on this site but that is one of these outfits that just take the cake. A bondage session gone wrong anyone?

      • Orange Clouds

        Also who are these tacky people who design these sort of things??

        • Art Eclectic

          The same people who design “clothing” for Frederik’s of Hollywood….

        • Jules

          It makes me wonder if she designed it herself.
          It reminds me of the (junior) prom dress I made… 20 years ago

    • Ellyn

      While there have been many other equally fugly outfits posted here, my first thought when seeing this one was, “I wonder what you would do if you had to go to the bathroom?” Because really, a zipper alone does not seem like it would suffice. Just …. NO!

  2. maryse

    i think that when you post something like this, you need to include at the end a picture of alexander skarsgard.

  3. Akit

    See, if it was two ‘slashes’ shorter, and not in that god awful shiny crappy material, I think it could be workable, but not like this. No.

    The shoes look interesting though.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes, I like the shoes. They’d be cute with a bright summer dress or skirt.

    •  Vandalfan

      I was also thinking “with one less slash…”.

      it’s been a long day.

  4. Christine

    Why did Kim Kardashian not wear this in the earlier stages of pregnancy? It would have been MAGICAL! And it seems to be at her taste level.

  5. goldfish

    But if I decided to hang out my shingle as a super-villian, you can know that that would be my go-to outfit. Except for the shoes, which, while ugly, are not villainous enough.

  6. Trace

    Random Fact of the day: Eliza’s mother was Eponine in the original production of Les Mis.

  7. MelissaW

    Swear to god – I thought that was Minnie Driver for a second and almost hyperventilated

    • steph527

      Me too……..I thought maybe Minnie in character as she is usually tasteful.

  8. Beth C.

    I do kind of like how the cutouts look on the sleeves. Too bad they didn’t just stop there.

  9. Kate

    At least the shoes are fun?

  10. Rowynn

    I feel like the designer didn’t really commit. Those cut-outs should have gone all the way to the ankle.
    Love the shoes!

  11. Jane

    The outfit is hideous and the picture is tagged “ELIZA DUSHKU”

  12. Chris P

    No, see, this is totally an “unfug it up” for me.

    All it needs is for a couple fewer slashes (or a couple of more slashes), the pants part to be changed into a skirt, perhaps a different fabric, maybe an entirely different dress altogether…

  13. Elle

    OK, now that’s just silly!

  14. Dazie

    Somebody else wore shoes like that recently. Then too, they were the only redeeming thing about the outfit.


  15. Mongerel

    “strenuously quirky”

    Love that phrase. It really captures the spirit of the thing while being completely benign – like “bless your heart!”

  16. erin b

    My five-year-old says: Mom, she’s not wearing any undies! She must be so embarrassed!

  17. Mikki

    All I can think about is how difficult it would be to deal with that ‘outfit’ when in the ladies room! And then having to adjust it all back into place afterwards…or does one just not drink anything all night to avoid such situations?

  18. lola

    One Jester hat with bells needed to really carry this off properly.

  19. Lin3

    Three words: Elaine at Barney’s. Only WORSE: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l3df2kdXQN1qbyeqno1_500.png

  20. fritanga

    I think she looks like a refugee from a Prince video circa 1984.

  21. Lily1214

    Someone told her she looked good in this.

  22. alessia

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