Dianna Fugron

I am not opposed to Dianna’s funky punky shirt. In a really abstract way it reminds me of the last scene of the movie Annie, in which — SPOILER — Rooster chases Annie up that train track bridge thingy that’s shooting up into the sky like a ladder. I both loved that movie as a kid, and kept wondering why Annie wasn’t more horrified that people could see her white bloomers.

No bloomers here:

But breeches? We might have breeches. Regardless of what’s going on with the top half of the pants, those shoes look terrible with them, but: What is going on with the top half of the pants? Is it just a shadow, or has she run afoul of a pantaloon sorcerer? Let’s see if another angle helps.

Wait, what? Now her right leg is jagged like a kiddie roller-coaster, and I STILL think these monstrous trousers are poofing out in the thigh region. Two things, then, are for sure: If we have to work this hard to figure out if something’s wrong with your pants, then that in itself says something is wrong with your pants; and second, you shouldn’t want your leg-of-human to look like leg-of-mutton.

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Comments (24):

  1. Lynne

    The thing is, I might love those shoes in a different context. Is that wrong?

  2. M.Amanda

    I love you for giving the spoiler warning even though the movie is 30 or 40 years old.

    There is nothing I like about this. Especially, the Taylor Swift-like hair swoop across her left eye makes me want to attack her with a barrette.

  3. bex

    so. pretty. can’t even see fug clothes. blinded by pretty.

  4. candice

    i feel like the only earthly way she could’ve ended up in these is if she were drunk some night and thought, “hm. i wonder what it’s like to have saddlebags? what is life LIKE for slightly-pear-shaped people?? i’m going full Tyra, dammit!” And so, these pants.

  5. Sajorina

    I dig the top and I love the shoes, but WTF is wrong with those pants? Why were they made? Why would anyone wear them? Are the tassels part of the top or the pants? I’m dumbfounded!

  6. I.K.

    TASSELS. They seem to be attached to the top actually.

  7. Ef

    These shoes and top, paired with some skinny jeans, would have made a cute, casual-yet-avant-garde look.

    Those pants, though? Not so much.

    Also, it helps when you’re that pretty.

  8. Mary

    @Lynne: I like the shoes, too! They’ve got a great retro vibe, and I think they’d be great with a great retro dress.

  9. Birdy

    She looks a little like Madonna in these photos

  10. fiatluxury

    the shoes do seem kind of 30s chic to me, though I’m not a fan of gold in general. The breeches, however, are more a Breeches of Good Taste. yuck.

  11. that girl

    I am of the opinion that those shoes would be awesome with practically any other outfit.

  12. marcia

    the first time I read this, I thought you were talking about Annie HALL (just completed the name of the movie on my own, I guess) and was wondering who the hell was Rooster–”are they talking about the lobster?”, why Diane Keaton would have been wearing bloomers, and how could I have forgotten a CHASE SCENE at the end of that movie, because all I remember is people walking around talking.

  13. gav

    Dianna could leave the house dressed in Bai Ling’s cast offs, and I would still be blinded by how pretty and modest she looks.

    I think this is her attempt at ‘edgy’, and it would work better if she wasn’t about as edgy as an easter egg. I don’t totally dislike it though.

  14. The Other Katherine

    Jodhpurs! The horror!

    Come on, lady, you are NOT going riding in those shoes later.

  15. Anne B

    All right STOP.

    … (((sigh))) …

    Hammer Time just doesn’t work with jodhpurs.

  16. Emma

    They’re like something you’d find in one of those designer sample sales where items with obscure European labels that have been gathering dust in a warehouse since 1987 are sold at 90% off.

  17. Lina

    Oh, Dianna, harem pants only work if you’re Kat Graham. And even then, you need a history of wacky fashion sense to pull them off. Which you don’t have. At all.

    I like the top, but it looks incredibly contrived on her, as if she told her stylist that she’s tired of looking like the good girl next door, but isn’t ready to commit to looking like the sex-ass girl next door (Naya Rivera). I wish D would find a look she’s completely comfortable in and WORK THAT. Failing to commit just makes her look wishywashy.

  18. vandalfan

    Pants what?

  19. jen

    Lynne – I love those shoes. Obviously not with THIS particular outfit, but … I’m a sucker for shiny, and t-straps.

  20. miwome

    Her head looks flawless. I like the shirt too, but I’m not sure it belongs on a red carpet–it’s the kind of thing I’d wear out and about on errands (if I could afford the thing) on a day I want to feel Fierce, or maybe to a somewhat casual dinner at a nice restaurant.

    The pants are true evil. They are the Pants of Sauron. They ruin everything.

  21. Bambi Anne Dear

    The shoes are beautiful but the rest is fug.

  22. Amy

    She’s so pretty and has such a classy vibe that I don’t really mind this on her, although I think it would be hideous on just about anyone else. The shoes are pretty and the top is interesting. I don’t like the pants, but I feel like the weirdness of the pants and the weirdness of the top sort of balance each other out. The top would look weirder if you paired it with normal pants.

  23. jesica

    the weirdest part about it is that i woke up w/ “let’s go to the movies annie!” in my head! and then i came to work and read this post – spooky!

  24. Indira

    The top and shoes looks like ‘Oh I got my invite to Riahanna’s AKA RiRi’s dinner party this Friday, what should I wear?! oh yes this would be perfect!’ and I say this in a oh they are cute kinda way… however I am not sure how to convey my feelings on the pants… they are more ‘oh how I wish to be a love interest in The Darjeeling Limited who is lusted after by Adrien Brody’s character and just happens to be a long lost childhood friend who is now staying with Anjelica Huston, their mom’ but that is just the vibe i got from it… I feel like her stylist just can be really on her game or sometimes just has one too many drinks before dressing her…