I am not opposed to Dianna’s funky punky shirt. In a really abstract way it reminds me of the last scene of the movie Annie, in which — SPOILER — Rooster chases Annie up that train track bridge thingy that’s shooting up into the sky like a ladder. I both loved that movie as a kid, and kept wondering why Annie wasn’t more horrified that people could see her white bloomers.

No bloomers here:

But breeches? We might have breeches. Regardless of what’s going on with the top half of the pants, those shoes look terrible with them, but: What is going on with the top half of the pants? Is it just a shadow, or has she run afoul of a pantaloon sorcerer? Let’s see if another angle helps.

Wait, what? Now her right leg is jagged like a kiddie roller-coaster, and I STILL think these monstrous trousers are poofing out in the thigh region. Two things, then, are for sure: If we have to work this hard to figure out if something’s wrong with your pants, then that in itself says something is wrong with your pants; and second, you shouldn’t want your leg-of-human to look like leg-of-mutton.