DGA Awards: Assorted Fugs and Fabs

This feels like the show where everyone takes a break, because the BAFTAs and the Oscars are on the horizon and nobody wants to blow their stash.

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  1. Montréalaise

    Jennifer Garner’s dress – love the shape, the color, and the intricate detailing on the bodice, but what’s with all the wrinkles on the skirt?

  2. pinkcheese

    I am [ridiculously] old, and I want to carry matching dog purses. Get on that, Target!!

    And, yes: she is an absolute doll.

    • Sandra

      Yeah, me too. I love that she looks to be happy and having fun.

    • Jen

      They already sell them, at JCPenney though. My 5 year old begged for the orange sequined one to carry to her Daddy Daughter Dance this week!

      • Claire1

        Oh to be young enough to have “a thing” and have it be cute..
        My tween is all about casts…. cat stocking hat, oversized cat sweater, cat shoes…. and she rocks it…
        people would be moving away from me in the grocery store line.

  3. Helen

    I liked all the dresses, but holy makeup issues, Batman!

    If Janssen could’ve spread around some of that clownishly excess color to Hunt and Wright, and they had visible lips, that might’ve helped matters…

    Well, Garner’s face looked great, anyway. And Bigelow.

    Best: Wallis. Easily.

  4. nicole

    when I saw Famke, my first impression was “damn that Bethany housewife is everywhere lately.” that is not a compliment to Famke’s makeup at all.

  5. Stefanie

    Q.Wallis is freaking adorable. She’s a doll and I seriously hope puppy purses come into style. I can see mine already: lumped up as a pillow, perfect for sneaking in naps. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  6. mary lou bethune

    Quvenshaw asked her mother for triplet dog purses for the awards. And she carries them well. So much poise and adorableness…

    If you all can say that Lena Dunham needs a bra, I am saying that Helen Hunt needs a bra. She is so pretty and she looked fab at the other thing but this is droopy. Maybe they are all tired ?
    I love how Jennifer is out with her girls looking normal (except that she is beautiful no matter what she wears) and then shows up with that hair and a lovely dress ( and Ben on her arm). She has a charmed life. Love her!

  7. McLisa

    I don’t know, but the DGAs always seem to me to be more of a cocktail dress affair. I could be wrong. Maybe because they aren’t televised?

    I loved Jennifer Garner’s dress and it fits her so well. I actually liked Helen Hunt’s, too. And Bigelow? She’s just freaking awesome.

  8. CJG

    I think Jennifer Garner looks amazing. Her dress is gorgeous and fits beautifully. She looks lovely and classy and ladylike, and I think it is appropriately not too flashy since she is technically the +1 here. Also have to say that with so many other actresses touching up their faces for awards season (ew!), it is refreshing to see a naturally beautiful face.

    And to Heather: Double Ditto about Ms. Bigelow! She totally rocks!

    • Jane

      I was going to post a comment on how great Jennifer Garner looks but you just said everything I was going to say,only better! Agreed, she looks totally divine, and they seem to have such a lovely family life together.

  9. Heather H

    Jennifer’s dress is great (would be better with a bit more of a tan), and those black shiny looks are hard to look at…


  10. scone

    What… was Carly from GH doing at the DGAs? Not an insult, but I am a little confused.

  11. 503lottie

    Famke Jansen is deliciously nasty in ‘Hansel & Gretel’ but her hair (as well as her blush) looks a little stressed here. She and Laura (and maybe Heather) should read the ‘Curly Girl’ handbook and be gentle with their wavy hair!

    I love Jen G’s cocktail attire. So sophisticated.

  12. Tracey

    What the h*ll happened to Famky Jansen? I’m sorry, that looks nothing like her.
    I love Jennifer’s dress. That is all.

  13. anonymoose

    Garner looks superb!

  14. Esme

    Bigelow might be cool, but what’s with that cheesy pantsuit?

  15. witjunkie

    Hey, that’s Cassie from Guiding Light! I loved her. So sweet. So damaged.

    I liked Berenice’s dress too. And Jennifer looks perfect.

  16. gryt

    I adore Quvenzhane Wallis and her dog purses!!

  17. deb

    Quvenzhane talked to Ellen last week about her signature dog purses.

  18. Mia

    I loved Jennifer Garner’s dress, and Kathryn Bigelow is FABULOUS. But OMG, I thought Famke was Bethenny Frankel. Not. Good.

  19. Vandalfan

    Not only does Garner look like she’s at a luncheon, she could be ANYBODY at that luncheon, any of dozens of well-to-do-ladies. She’s interchangeable with ordinary.

  20. Lis

    Ms Bigelow and Liz Hurley look very alike.

  21. SoLe

    Garner: for the love of God, STOP WEARING WHITE !