Critics’ Choice Awards Unfug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence


Well, look, we do love color, but it’s not like a dramatic black dress doesn’t have its place in the world. And I really like elements of this one. In fact, I might like the entirety of this one; I can’t decide.

On almost anyone else in the world ever, that draping around the hips would be Pear City, but somehow on her it’s just pretty and decorative. It’s not abusing her midsection the way it would to 99 percent of the world’s hips-having population. I like the funky belt on it, and I don’t entirely hate the train, either, because I think its flowy line draws the eye out, and thus helps keep the aforementioned groin details from looking constrictive. But let’s get nitpicky: What about that futuristic-looking neckpiece? Would the dress be better without it, and/or is it a touch too much? Do we think the frill under the belt is cute, or a rib mustache? Should we clip the train or keep it? Would you remove the drapery and just have it flow sleekly south from the belt?

In other words: I think I like this; I just can’t decide whether or not there are things that could make me like it better. However, for once, I would leave it in exactly this color — if you’re going to do that with your pelvis, its shot at looking the most subtle is in black.

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  1. stacie

    Clip the train and its fab. Don’t love the hair either.

    • Sandra

      Yes. It currently looks like she recently escaped from Shelob’s web.

    • Trent

      I like the train in theory, and can see Helen Mirren rocking it, but it’s too old for Jen here. Otherwise, she looks great.

  2. Gigi

    I just don’t like or get the boob window. I like her, however.

  3. TonyG

    She looks so different here and I’m loving it. Great smile to boot! She’s kind of oozing happiness. I say well done!

  4. Valentina

    My problem is the leather? top part, I’m not sure if it’s the shape or the material but it just doesn’t go with the rest of the dress. Everything else looks perfect to me.

    • witjunkie

      I agree – I usually hate the cleavage windows, but I could have lived with this if it hadn’t been made out of Olsonboye pleather.

      • buttercup

        Yup. Lose the leather panel. It makes the dress look like it’s trying too hard to be a Rooney Mara cast-off.

  5. fritanga

    It’s a little too old for her. She’s very young; she should celebrate this while she can, wear color, show off her banging body and leave this sort of dress to, well, Naomi Watts (who also has a banging body but, let’s face it, is more mature).

    If she has to wear black, it should be a short, interesting dress, not something her well-preserved mother would wear.

  6. Anna

    I would remove the rib-moustache

  7. Pouncer

    I dislike the cut-out, but the rest of it is pretty nifty. And she’s gorgeous, no matter what she wears.

    • Pouncer

      Further thought: ditch the shoulder cover entirely, go with wide straps up from the bodice, and the dress would be an update on Sargent’s notorious Madame X, and thus completely fabulous.

  8. Liz

    I think if you remove the hip drapery and the train it is more age appropriate. I like the leather top piece, the belt, and the frill under the belt.

  9. Susan

    I don’t know where too start. There’s just too much going on that you really can’t decide what the focal point is meant to be.

  10. ChristieLea

    Change nothing!…but then, I am a sucker for cutouts and illusion netting *sheepish* so the rest of you: carry on.

  11. Allison

    I’m struck by her hair and make up – stunning! Every picture I see of her from the CCA, her eyes are popping out in a way I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if it’s the make up or the hair colour that brings out the eyes (or both), but I badly want to try to copy it with my blue eyes.

  12. Marph

    Ditch the waist mustache, change out the collarbone plate for spaghetti straps, and voila…perfect! And Pouncer is right – with a few changes it could be a very cool Madame X update, minus the arsenic-induced pallor. A win for everybody.

  13. Cat

    I like this, a lot. So much better than what she wore to the People’s Choice Awards. In any case, if I were to make a few modifications I would get rid of the train and make the boob window smaller–or get rid of the futuristic neckpiece all together and either give it straps or a higher bustline to make it strapless.

  14. Stefanie

    I love it. I love her.

    Honestly though, she has become a Reese for me. I love her so much that I have a hard time being objective with the things she wears.

  15. Alyssa

    This dress combines a number of things I don’t normally like (weird trains, boob windows, hip drapery, and is that a peplum-like ruffle I see below the belt?) but somehow I inexplicably, wholeheartedly love it.

  16. Erin

    Like Trent said, Helen Mirren would look fantastic in this. If the frill and the belt were removed.

  17. Minutiae

    I love this, full stop, and she looks fab in it. If I had a fancy to-do to attend, I’d wear something like this if I had a waist. ;)

  18. ceecee

    Dump the belt- otherwise it’s looks great on her.

  19. Betsy

    She looks absolutely gorgeous, but it would be so much better without the neck piece. It makes it too much. Just go strapless and it’s simple, elegant,and gorg!

  20. Chrissy

    I like it except that the top piece looks like leather. If it matched the rest of the dress, it would be great.


    I think it’s great, except for the tail…curtain.

  22. Claire1

    1. Keep the drape, lose the cape and the belt.

    2. Keep the cape, lose the drape and the belt

    3. Keep the belt, lose the cape and the drape.

    4. Keep belt and the cape, lose the drape and the cut out

    5. Keep the belt and the drape and lose the cape and cut it shorter.

    6. lose the cut out and the belt and keep the rest.

    I like ALL of it…just not all of it together.

  23. BethC

    Each individual element on its own? Excellent.

    The totality? Not loving it. It is wearing her, which is quite a feat for her AND the dress.

    I love how absolutely Real she seems in almost all of her interviews, but she doesn’t always have the best judgment on her clothes for the red carpet.

  24. Helen

    Love. Wouldn’t change a thing.

  25. Bottle Ginger

    Either the top or the bottom should be plain.

    If you’re going to wear an elaborate neckline, wear a sleek, smooth skirt to draw the eye to the elaborate neckline. If you’re going to have all sorts of elaborate draping around the hips, it should have a simple strapless top. Don’t do both at the same time!

    I think she should have worn the hip draping and the train with a simple, strapless top. She’s got such a stunning figure that she can afford to add things to the hips that the rest of us cannot, and a bust like hers needs absolutely no decoration.

  26. G

    The only thing I would change: Either the window OR the belt, not both.

  27. Emma

    I hate boob-windows. This is just too old and dour for someone so young and pretty.

  28. jean

    I didn’t even recognize her and I just saw Silver Linings Playbook. I think that’s a good thing. She isn’t stuck with a certain style. I miss her bangs a bit. I think she rocked them more than most actresses. The dress is just okay, but her body looks good in it, so it’s at least flattering?

  29. Sajorina

    I love it as is! Her body is RIDICULOUSLY BANGIN’ and looks good in pretty much everything! But, the dress would also look great as a strapless, with just simple spaghetti straps, without the train, with fabric where there’s a cutout, or without the belt… However I imagine it looking, it looks FABULOUS in my mind! Hair, makeup, jewelry, nailpolish, belt & clutch are awesome! I say FAB!

  30. M

    Actually, I work in fashion and that kind of draping can be quite flattering on pear shapes if they are skinny pears, it smooths the lumps and bumps in a strange but effective way…I think she looks stunning, but perhaps the boob window could do with a little adjustment.

  31. Celeste

    Funny, I hate the belt.

  32. Emma

    The shape and sheen of the neckpiece and belt make this a bit too Batgirl for me. I’d lose both or change their materials. A self-fabric belt, or a ropey jeweled or plain metallic one matching the clutch, would be better. Ditto a same-fabric neckpiece, almost any form of strap, or simply that bodice, strapless. But Jen herself, as always, is gorgeous.

  33. house mouse

    I can’t tell if it’s a good dress or if she’s just elevating a bad dress through sheer charisma. But I’ll take it anyway.

  34. Ine

    I really really hate the illusion netting in the boob window. It makes her chest look grey, and it’s not even necessary. The rest of it is fine, I think, even the leather because it makes her look taller than spaghetti straps would.

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