Well, look, we do love color, but it’s not like a dramatic black dress doesn’t have its place in the world. And I really like elements of this one. In fact, I might like the entirety of this one; I can’t decide.

On almost anyone else in the world ever, that draping around the hips would be Pear City, but somehow on her it’s just pretty and decorative. It’s not abusing her midsection the way it would to 99 percent of the world’s hips-having population. I like the funky belt on it, and I don’t entirely hate the train, either, because I think its flowy line draws the eye out, and thus helps keep the aforementioned groin details from looking constrictive. But let’s get nitpicky: What about that futuristic-looking neckpiece? Would the dress be better without it, and/or is it a touch too much? Do we think the frill under the belt is cute, or a rib mustache? Should we clip the train or keep it? Would you remove the drapery and just have it flow sleekly south from the belt?

In other words: I think I like this; I just can’t decide whether or not there are things that could make me like it better. However, for once, I would leave it in exactly this color — if you’re going to do that with your pelvis, its shot at looking the most subtle is in black.


  • Love it as-is (54%, 3,740 Votes)
  • I have modifications (36%, 2,512 Votes)
  • Just toss it out and start over, Jennifer (10%, 672 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,924

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