You know how sometimes confident body language can carry a questionable dress, while hesitant body language will sink your sartorial battleship?

Poor Amanda sunk herself.  It’s not just the slightly sad stare into the middle distance — a technique I assume she perfected on As the World Turns — but also that hesitant, unsure little ankle (in a really great shoe. At the very least, her feet should feel confident). If she’d popped up on this red carpet and worked it like Anne Hathaway in her very best proto-Rooney Mara gear, I would have put this one up to a vote.  Instead, I keep expecting her to burst into an embarrassed little laugh and announce that her real outfit is in the limo and she’ll be right back and did we really think she was going to wear the off-spring of a figure skating costume and a lampshade hahahahahahahahah she would never do that okay see you later gotta go maybe Hugh Jackman can rescue this, too.

[Photo: Getty]