Critics’ Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Marion Cotillard


I feel like this is the amazing version of the dress Victoria Justice wore to the Met Ball:

Parenthetically, there is something so weird and off-putting about seeing these gorgeous and intricate gowns plonked in front of an ad for SkinnyGirl Cocktails. First of all, most proper awards shows do not have corporate sponsors on their step-and-repeat. Like, can you imagine THE 83RD ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS SPONSORED BY NAIR? Second, say what you will about SkinnyGirl (it’s hilarious; it made Bethenny Frankel very rich; it’s not as terrible tasting as you might think; it is insane to pay $15 for a drink you can make yourself at home; name-checking skinniness as an aspirational concept with regards to booze is somewhat bizarre, etc etc etc), it does not really feel like a high-end, status-y brand. Which, like, neither are Doritos and I love them. But I am worried that the Critics’ Choice is running out of money, is what I am saying.

Right. Marion. When I first saw this — six hundred years ago before I fell into that SkinnyGirl hole — I kind of wasn’t feeling it. But now I think I might love it. The back is part of what sold me:

In case you are wondering, I do this hate/love quick change with everything, all the time. You guys, I’m the worst.

But the dress?

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  1. Jasmine

    The shoes murder it. I hate them with this dress. But the dress itself I love and would totally wear around all the time.

    • Kris M

      Yup. I’m usually not bothered by nude shoes as much as most of Fug Nation, but I really do feel like this was a missed opportunity for some colourful footware. Or even black would be better than this.

  2. Sandra

    Dress: 10, Shoes: 3

  3. TonyG

    I think it needs fewer flowers up top, but I otherwise like it.

  4. Maisie

    WHY THOSE SHOES?! (Sorry for shouting.) A black or silver shoe would have been so much better.

  5. marie

    option d: the shoes sink the whole outfit!

  6. Nickydooley

    The shoes and the bag are both terrible. Those accessories belong with a navy pencil skirt suit, not a party dress. Black or silver or even red shoes (picking up the roses in the dress) would have been so much better. So close.

  7. Mary

    ugh. this is a ‘go home and start over’, for me. especially the hair and shoes, but even the dress is a big no. … possibly if i could zoom in i’d like it better, but the click-through / see original isn’t working right now.

    on the other hand, I actually liked the Victoria Justice dress so … that could be a problem?

    • Vandalfan

      I’m with you. The skirt is OK, but the bodice looks too small and too flowery.

  8. Leah

    I don’t think its comes anywhere close even without the shoes. She looks like a Christmas decoration and her hair is eating her face. I must admit that she bugs me to death, though. SHE RUINED BATMAN.

  9. lindsay

    i want to cut her feet off. otherwise, j’adore.

  10. Erin

    She’s wearing too many moods. The bag says “let’s go to lunch.” The dress should be at a senior prom from 1982. The shoes need denim. Her face is the only thing remotely appropriate at a red carpet event, and that’s because she can take that face anywhere!

  11. glee

    She needs to borrow shoes from Chloe Grace’s collection.

  12. Halo

    I love this look, except for the terrible bag. The shoes are great–this is how you do a nude shoe! I know I’m in the minority on them, but I love them. The dress is simply gorgeous.

  13. Karen G

    I vote None of the Above. It’s certainly not boring, but it’s neither the worst, nor amazing as is.

    First – No to the hair. It looks like a weird beret.
    Second – No to the shoes & bag. They’re both great with something else, but not that dress.
    Third – The neckline or the armhole are not right. I can’t decide which. I think maybe it’s the armholes, and they need to go in more. These look too tight on her arms, which is ridiculous, because her arms are fine.

  14. Kit

    and this is like, the first time in … two years (!) that I’ve been on board with the nude heel. They’re awesome with this dress.

  15. Amanda

    The shoes and the hair are terrible. The dress is very very pretty.

  16. Kristen

    I heart the dress, but dislike the shoes with it. She is lovely.

  17. Diane from Boston

    I think this was the “couture” dress that Joshua was trying to make last night on Project Runway. Except that this is the correct version. That was the wrong one.

  18. bambi_beth

    Of all the dresses to wear with your favorite colored shoe you ever had but never get to wear–this dress has ALL the colors. You could pick whichever one you liked best! Not studded flesh-toned suede! You simply cannot like studded flesh-toned suede the best!

  19. Lisa

    I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I absolutely love the shoes! Not hugely crazy about the dress, though.

  20. Chrissy

    I just don’t like this. She’s pretty but the dress sort of looks like vomit to me. Maybe it’s better up close? I like the booties, but not with this dress at all.

  21. gretch

    the bag – with the shoes – ruins it for me more than just the shoes alone.

  22. Elizabeth

    This is from the same collection as the dress here on Kristen Stewart?

  23. SKGD

    Love the dress! I would wear it around the house just for fun it’s so gorgeous (and because I have no social life that requires a dress like this). But ugh, ditch those shoes and that purse! I understand that the dress is very busy and the focal point of the outfit so you may want the accessories to fade into the background but the shoes and purse are so glaringly bland that they stand out instead of fading.

  24. Christopher Volkerts

    those shoes are awful with that dress! She could literally have worn ANY color of shoe with that dress and instead chose hideous shoes that don’t appear to fit. boo.

  25. Helen

    This is way, way, way too much going on for me.

    And the shoes make things worse.

  26. Ladyblahblah

    I’m pretty sure this is one of the dresses from the old It’s A Small World ride at Disney World.

  27. Cati Brenes

    the dress on her is perfect, the only little issue are the shoes, but i like them, for a lunch!

  28. Emma

    Wow, I don’t like the dress. Love Marion Cotillard, and I think she actually looks stunning here DESPITE the dress, but the combination of black lace, nude lining and brightly coloured embroidery is just too Versace for me.

  29. Lily1214

    The dress looks like a board game to me.

  30. jean

    Dear Marion, I want your hair stylist’s number. That is one flattering bun. That is the perfect bun, really. Sigh.

  31. Sajorina

    LOVE!!!!!!!! I wish this dress was mine! I love it so much! COVET! She looks AMAZING in it! I don’t like the clutch or the shoes with it, but hair & makeup are FLAWLESS! FAB!

  32. Shannon

    Dress: 6
    Hair: 3 (from the front)
    Hair: 7 (from the back)
    Shoes and bag: -1,000

  33. Celeste

    Love the dress AND the shoes–needs better hair.

  34. Lizzie

    If this dress were a skirt and a top, I would not put them together. The texture on both top and bottom cancel each other out — too much detail on the top to got with such a full skirt. Shoes are gorgeous but not for this outfit: color and style are out of place with the dress.The bare back and hairdo work together very well. She is gorgous and an amazing actor.

  35. Gretchen

    I like the skirt but hate the bodice. Up close it looks like her skin has been charred, and her boobies have been squished into a realy weird shape from al the heavy, lumpy texture plonked over them.
    I would have paired a vivid matte red shoe with this, and a belt or sash to cover the awful waistline strip of flesh coloured ick. It makes it look like the weight of the skirt is causing it to pull away from the bottom of the bodice and stretching the seam

  36. Sarah

    Wow, an 87% approval rating. I think that’s the best I’ve ever seen on one of your polls and deservedly so. Not sure the hair matches the dress is my only reservation (though in isolation, it too is lovely) but gold star for adventurousness, fashion forward and fabulousness.

  37. house mouse

    I’m voting yes even though I hate the shoes and clutch.

  38. jordan

    remove the roll overs for ‘get the look’ it’s extremely annoying