Critics’ Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Amy Adams

This one is all about the angles for me.

From here, I love it — the color of the skirt is great, the slit is high enough to be sexy but not so high that it’s pubic, and I thought the top might have some interesting asymmetry going for it. But then I finally found a photo of Amy facing forward, and now I can’t decide:

Suddenly, the waist detail looks less graceful than like a diner waitress’s apron that’s riding up on her, and it cuts her across a part of her anatomy that ladies seldom like widened. And the top isn’t asymmetrical; it’s just baggy. I guess if she’d just insisted on standing around all night with her head swiveled forward and her body turned 90 degrees away from everybody, it would be a rousing success. But also, a prescription for a neck brace.

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Comments (23):

  1. Sarah

    I like it! Although the top is a bit big, no?

  2. Stefanie

    I dont love it but I like it well enough to call it a win. Amy’s hair on the other hand? GIMMIE!

    • Bottle Ginger

      I have Amy’s hair, my hair is almost identical in color , length, and texture. I just wanted to brag.


      Does anyone else think a necklace or even a statement bracelet might have helped? Her upper body is so light and her lower body so dark, maybe a touch of the dark blue on her upper body would have brought the look into balance.

  3. Hannah

    What happened to your amazing super-detailed zoom-able photos? The only ones I could find were of Lea Michele!

  4. Bubba

    Looks like a craft project.

  5. Willow

    We need to talk about how she is essentially dressed as Cyrus Manley – the male love interest – in Marge Simpson’s romantic novel “The Harpooned Heart”

  6. Rayna

    Again, SHE is great, but the dress, not so much.

    Parts are good, and color is fine, but it doesn’t add up.

  7. MissTee

    I think instead of that weird apron thing, that the ruffly business should’ve just been part of the skirt…like, it should’ve been a wrap skirt with the ruffly stuff down the slit, kind of like it is, but instead of the lighter blue on the inside, it should’ve been on the outside. I don’t think I explained that well. Am I making sense? I’ve been unintentionally huffing glue gun fumes.

  8. cc

    I like it. Its very “Bar Wench”-y.

  9. Ellelake

    dated, tragic, snobbish – I’m a serious actress, see, I show up in a white top and blue bottom, including cummerbund so don’t go confusing me with fluff.

  10. mara

    I don’t like this because it looks like something from a romance novel cover with heaving bosoms and a pirate ship. It’s just slightly costumey, leaning too far towards 19th century tavern wench .

    • Katharine

      Your description made me laugh, so I think I’m veering more towards Enchanted than Doubt now – it does have a homespun flavour, as if rustled up by Giselle’s willing minions (or a pirate’s wench).

  11. witjunkie

    I love blue and cream so I like it. The skirt does look wonky from the front – it looks like it fell out of the waistband and she just stuffed it back in.

  12. cdd

    i think i would have gone with cruel intentions 2 over slaughter rule. just sayin…

  13. seaglet

    I will never like Isla Fisher for sniffingly having called Amy “big”.

  14. Helen

    Trashy! I’d expect to see this on some reality-show “personality.”

    I never thought I’d see something so Hey, look at my boobs! Every bit of them! on Adams.

  15. Cati Brenes

    too much ruffles!!!!!!!!, or the dress or the hair….

  16. Emma

    I just think it’s a mess. It’s ill-fitting and too loose on top, it’s asymmetrical in a way that I don’t think it’s meant to be, and the split in the skirt sort of gapes in a way that surely wasn’t intentional. The frill at the top of the skirt is superfluous. She could have done this look (draped white bodice, full navy skirt) in a way that looked totally amazing, but this is a miss.

  17. Sajorina

    I like it because it’s interesting and different, but I wish the top was skintight! She looks BEAUTIFUL!

  18. forex

    Fuck you all Forex bustards