This one is all about the angles for me.

From here, I love it — the color of the skirt is great, the slit is high enough to be sexy but not so high that it’s pubic, and I thought the top might have some interesting asymmetry going for it. But then I finally found a photo of Amy facing forward, and now I can’t decide:

Suddenly, the waist detail looks less graceful than like a diner waitress’s apron that’s riding up on her, and it cuts her across a part of her anatomy that ladies seldom like widened. And the top isn’t asymmetrical; it’s just baggy. I guess if she’d just insisted on standing around all night with her head swiveled forward and her body turned 90 degrees away from everybody, it would be a rousing success. But also, a prescription for a neck brace.

Tell me how you feel:

  • Enchanted (28%, 1,216 Votes)
  • Doubt (50%, 2,182 Votes)
  • The Slaughter Rule (sigh, this was the closest her resume had to, "I really don't like it") (22%, 952 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,350

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