CMA Awards Well Played, and Fug Carpet: Nicole Kidman (Plus Keith Urban)


KEITH UBRAN: Hey, Nicole.

NICOLE KIDMAN: Hello, Keith.

KEITH: You look….

NICOLE: I know.



KEITH: I mean, your hair looks a little –

NICOLE: Don’t ruin this moment.

KEITH: I was just going to say that it looks like your dry shampoo at the roots didn’t get –


KEITH: Sorry. You do look great.

NICOLE: So do you, actually.

KEITH: These pants aren’t too skinny-legged for me?

NICOLE: I’m just thrilled I can’t see your waxed chest. In public, I mean, baby. In public. And you also looked nice the night before.

KEITH: Maybe we shouldn’t talk about that.

NICOLE: Why not?

KEITH: Because you look like you just burst out of a pizza.

NICOLE: Good call.

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Comments (41):

  1. Evalyn

    How do we get this guy to buy his clothes in the Men’s department? And not in the Herman’s Hermits section?

  2. Pink Coat

    I like Nicole’s second dress! Also, Keith should stop buying ‘skinny’ formal pants.

  3. Geemee

    I like the skinny pants, you guys! Especially the gray suit (the legs do bag a little at the ankle, but I love that fabric). And that first dress on Nicole is fantastic. The second one, not so much.

  4. Kit

    First dress is awesome – & I like Keith’s skinny pants. :)

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I’m confused–why is this tagged crotchtacular?

    • Jessica

      Because I made a mistake and hit “crotchtacular” and not “dialogue.”

      • Ellen

        I think if Keith moves his jacket slightly in that grey suit it might also be “crotchtacular”!

      • yeahandalso

        “Because I made a mistake and it “crotchtacular” and not “dialogue”” is my new favorite sentence and I think it accurately describes the problems of shows like the new Charlie’s Angels

  6. Jasmine

    I love the pizza dress! It both reminds me of pizza and makes me never want to eat pizza again– a winning combination

  7. Jill

    Her hair does look….not so good.

    On another site someone’s comment on Nic’s second dress said she looked like a deck of cards and now that’s all I can see.

    • vandalfan

      And another wag said it was the pattern from Granddad’s boxer shorts. I say, those are bowling shoes under there.

      I’d like to see the first one on someone else, because my intense dislike of Her Plasticity keeps me from judging it correctly. He’s fine, for a cowboy singer.

  8. Lindy

    That second dress is Stella McCartney, which explains why it’s fug.

    She never makes anything cute.

  9. Alli

    I disagree. The first is certainly a pretty dress, but it doesn’t stand out to me amongst the many similar metallic-strapless-sheath gowns (though I will say that beading is probably amazing in person). The second is interesting enough to be memorable but still lovely — and what’s more, I think it suits her in a way that the somewhat generic-looking first dress does not.

    • Billie

      I agree, I love the second dress. She always seems to try quirky looks but they never seem to suit her. This looks good on her and I love the turquoise earrings with it.

  10. colleen

    I adore the pizza dress! It’s so fun and cool. The first dress is incredibly boring. She looks like a cheap statue.

  11. missdove

    Keith in that gray suit looks like a more feminine Ellen deGeneres.

  12. elle

    I think that in the first pic — in which she looks gorgeous! — that’s just a little bit of grey showing near her roots. It’s so sad that 40-something women in the public eye can’t be allowed to show their age naturally. Grey hair can be so chic!

  13. Chasmosaur

    I, too, like the pizza dress. Not on everyone, but it’s just a little bit different. She can work the one-armed thing better than KStew did with the white textured one.

    As for her hair – considering the gray shows up in both pictures, are we not sure that just isn’t gray hair? My husband is a redhead, and his grays look like that.

  14. TonyG

    I love pizza dress. I just could not stop staring at it. It is funky and mesmerizing (funkerizing?…eh, perhaps not so good a word smashup, but the dress is oddly delicious).

  15. Heironyms.

    Agree with elle and Chasmosaur: that’s definitely gray growing out–several inches of it. Good for her! My estimation of Nicole Kidman just went up. Now if only she’d kick the botox and lip fillers, too. Her face is so much lovelier without all that stuff.

    • Katharine

      That’s what I thought too in the closeup, both shots — but what the heck? Is her face-artist touching up around her hairline only? There are no greys or roots showing at her temples, where there certainly should be if there’s that much on her scalp.

      I too like the second dress, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  16. Tara Misu

    I like both dresses…. I think she can carry off the pizza dress, not everyone could.
    What I don’t like is her hair. In both photos it looks horrible.

  17. Tara Misu

    I like both dresses…. I think she can carry off the pizza dress, not everyone could.
    What I don’t like is her hair. In both photos it looks horrible.
    I am also a fan of the skinny pants, keep ‘em coming Keith!

  18. taylor

    I like the pizza dress, too, although now all I can see is PIZZA! But what is up with her hair? It would be interesting if it’s gray that she’s growing out, but to me it looks badly damaged, as though it’s just too tired of being dyed/bleached/etc and has stopped taking any color while also looking slightly…frizzy.

  19. ChristopherD

    Her hair indeed looks awful – thin, tired, colourless, dry.
    The first dress (yawn… so sorry) is okay, the second is great fabric but what the Sam Hill is going on up in chest/shoulder country?

  20. amys

    Totally agree the pizza dress is great fabric, but the design/execution is nuts. Totally doesn’t work for her, and her hair is just lying there like a strange, disembodied limp rag. Doesn’t she have naturally curly hair? I’d bet years of flat ironing are just coming home to roost upon her head. There’s always that cute pixie cut….

  21. Lina

    She rocks the dark metallics so hard. He…really needs a better tailored pants. Nice to see his chestal regions covered, though.

  22. Diana

    I love both dresses on her. I just wish she hadn’t messed up her face, and I wish she’d stop with the extensions. (Are they extensions? Or is it just really fried at the ends??)

  23. jlf5

    How any of you care what she is wearing while standing next to him is beyond me! I”m okay with the skinnier pants, but really – jeans and t-shirt is all we’ll ever need from you!

  24. jean

    Also, I would like to give him props for having shiny blondish hair. His hair looks healthy, not over-processed. And the length is Rocker, but age appropriate. And I love that he doesn’t mind being a bit shorter than her. He sort of owns that too. I don’t love the skinny pants however. They bunch up a bit too much around the shins.

  25. emster

    Oh, they’re still together?

    He pulls off the suit, actually.

  26. jobeth

    Do people pay y’all to make miserable remarks about someone you don’t know? There’s no way in heaven that you look, or are, as nice as Keith and Nicole. You’re poor pathetic souls. Get a life and see one of Keith’s concerts someday; you’ll never worry about his attire after that – he’s smoking hot (and you’re not).

  27. ChaChaHeels

    Hate that red pizza dress but Nicole looks so happy and pretty in it. The turquoise earrings with it are a good choice and they’re flattering despite the yucky outfit. Keith can certainly work a well tailored English suit, but the shoes he puts on with them are just the wrong kind. I think he’d look better with a more streamlined, less clunky shoe with that slim cut. As for the dark strapless, Nicole in her Gaulthier brings another level of glamour to the whole CM scene. She just dresses in another league.

  28. Emma

    I think the second dress is prettier, although (I DO NOT) love the neckline. I like seeing Nicole in colours, like the old days, and I feel like I’ve been seeing her in variations on the shiny monochromatic column for decades.

    Also, yes, Keith Urban’s pants are too skinny.

  29. juanita

    The dress is great BUT what’s with the face FULL of BOTOX? She is deceiving NOBODY!!!

  30. TTBelle

    I think Ellen Degeneres could have pulled off Keith’s CMA look far better.

  31. Ringletwraith

    Why does he always look like he’s going to run off and wash the arm he’s touched her with as soon as the red carpet moment is over?

    Love the pizza dress!

  32. Dee

    What is wrong with people that make these ugly comments. They must lead a horrible life trying to put Keith and Nicole down. Keith and Nicole are PERFECTION !!!!!!