Please note that I did not watch the CMAs in their complete entirety (although I saw most of it; I missed maybe the first 45 minutes), but it’s always a really good show; there is so little blah blah blah filler and there are always a ton of great performances, and this year was no different. (I also feel like a lot of the nominees this year looked legitimately stressed about possibly winning; have celebrities lost their poker faces over the pandemic?!) We rounded up some highlights here — but if I missed something good, please chime in in the comments!  Spoiler: At least one of these performances looked like a legitimate fire hazard, and I will just be making some stuff up. I’ve also caught a lot of errors in Informative Captions so…..look, this might be a ride, okay? Come on it with me! We’ve got a lot to talk about.

[Photos: Mark Humphrey/AP/Shutterstock, John Russell/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock, Donn Jones/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock, Josh Brasted/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock, Hunter Berry/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock]
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