CMA Awards Fug or Fab: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill


TIM: We are so coordinated!


TIM: That wasn’t a joke, babe. Just an observation. We look like two formal salutes to the black and white cookie.

FAITH: Jerry Seinfeld once said that he loved the black and white cookie because it was two races of flavor living side by side in harmony, and a wonderful thing. LOOK TO THE COOKIE, TIM. LOOK TO THE COOKIE.

TIM: And then he and Elaine fought a woman over a babka. I don’t know if Seinfeld is a good sartorial inspiration. Although I do agree with George that we really should all drape ourselves in velvet.


TIM: You are acting so weird tonight.

FAITH: The truth is, I’m uncomfortable in this.

TIM: Why? You look comfortable! It’s fetching.

FAITH: I am just more accustomed to wriggling around in pleather football pants.

TIM: You can put those on when we get home.

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Comments (29):

  1. Stefanie

    Those arm poofs look like an after thought. Like a Project Runway “Ooops I ran out of fabric” afterthought.

    She has braces!? If she needed braces then I need headgear. (And my dentist wont put them on me. Ive asked.)

  2. Kara

    I think it looks dowdy.

  3. Jen from cincy

    I like it, but it sort of looks like she put a formal dress on over a baggy t-shirt. Still, she looks nice.

  4. AM

    I like her dress a lot. It looks a bit retro 1930s, but I like that. I think a fancy pin/brooch would add some interest. I wish he didn’t always have to wear the darn hat! Her pants in the football videos, don’t so much.

  5. WhooflPomp

    It’s bAbka…. and now I want a slice

  6. Anita

    It’s a formal jumper.

  7. Katie

    I can’t with the skinny trousers, but she looks decent. As someone who endured braces as a teen though, I am amazed that she is smiling with her lips open. I still haven’t unlearned “smiling with my lips closed so no one sees my disgusting braces” and it’s been almost 20 years.

    I would also like a slice of babka.

  8. steen

    Is his cowboy hat made of leather?? If so, then no sir, I do not like this at. all.

  9. Katharine

    She looks like a primary school teacher who hasn’t revised her wardrobe since the 1990s, and has Casual Jumpers for the teaching day. This of course is the Formal Jumper.

  10. sarah

    I’m actually a fan of the skinny trousers, provided they don’t make a man look lollipop-ish.

    What’s with her braces??

  11. MeMo

    She is cute with braces, but I’m wondering why she didn’t opt for the clear ones? I know they are expensive, but my sister had them and my parents were in no way rich.

    I like her dress and I too wish Tim would go without the hat for once!

    • Kara

      I had the clear ones too. You can also get ones that go behind your teeth – I knew someone in college who had regular ones on her bottom teeth and behind-the-teeth ones on top. I wonder why Hill went the traditional route? Certainly the cost wouldn’t be a factor.

  12. maryse

    both of them look really thin. especially about the face. there comes a time when you get a little older when you’ve got to pick your ass or pick your face. PICK YOUR FACE PEOPLE! also, i’m so sick of of the cowboy hat and country music male singers.

  13. sarah

    the only ones who wear cowboy hats these days are the bald ones…
    Like body v face. Country men pick toupee v cowboy hat. It’s a thing. Really.

  14. Linda Brinkley Noble

    Her dress looks like something I could make (& that is NOT good), she needs to lose about 6″ off her hair, & if he lost the hat, his look would improve 100%

  15. Bella

    I just want to know why both of them are so skinny? They didn’t use to look this way.

    • Maria

      There’s been rumors both do coke. I was shocked. I never really believed it, they seemed normal, but maybe it is true. Not a good look. I agree with the pick your face. Faith was always skinny I thought before but her face looks skeletony and her dress could be so much better. She looks uncomfortable but I will give her a pass on that! It looks like a bad shot and girl is wearing the brace. But, she could pick so many beautiful dresses. Just hope both are ok…
      See Martina McBride, she is a gorg 40+ skinny lady but her face/head doesn’t look deprived and deformed/lollipop from being thin, IMO that is when you know you are too thin!

  16. Carrie

    Tim McGraw looks like a totally different person here.

  17. Helen

    I like, except for his hat. It’s the wrong scale, or something? I’m not sure, I just feel certain I’ve seen him in hats that looked better on him.

  18. Andrew S.

    She look so ridiculously bad that I don’t have WORDS for it. You are FAITH HILL. FAITH HILL! Country ROYALTY. And you show up to the CMAs looking like THIS?!

  19. witjunkie

    I kind of like(d) the dress because I had a short version and wore it to a company party in 1992. It wasn’t a keeper.

  20. Kit

    she looks cracked out and the dress is boring…

  21. marykate

    His hat looks like an origami elephant’s ear dyed black.

  22. Anna

    I’ve been waiting for you to comment on her new NFL outfit. Did I miss it?

  23. Mary Urech Stallings

    I like him so much better without the hat. And her.

  24. Pamb

    I miss the “Breathe” era Faith, the one who broke out of country and discovered high fashion. She had some great looks, even chopping her hair into a platinum bob (I didn’t like it, but appreciated the gutsy move). She must have gotten country backlash after that album’s success (and the failure of ‘Stepford Wives’) however, and quickly disappeared for a while. When she returned it was with a decidedly more country look and album.

    Her hair color is terrible and the gown looks like a bridesmaid’s dress from the 90′s. Tim wears the traditional ‘dressed up country award show’ look, nothing special.

  25. ErinE

    I just couldn’t get over how much she is clearly the inspiration for Rayna James in Nashville! they look alike!

  26. lurktastic

    I want you to know that my homecoming dress in 1994 looked exactly like this. Exactly.

  27. Lily1214

    Faith’s too thin in this photo. I like her better on Sunday Night Football. Or is it Monday Night? I forget which.