CK Fug

The other night, Kate Moss when to a Kerastase event with the Kerastase artistic director, as she’s the new face — or, er, head, I guess — of the haircare brand:

Oh my god, you two. The concept of “When You See Something, Say Something” should apply to your friends’ wardrobes, as well.  You look like the bootlegging villains in a Boris & Natasha reboot.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Katharine

    Artistic Director’s wrinkly bagginess is hilarious for some reason. Specially the tucked in, see-through shirt.

    That dress Kate is wearing must be uncomfortable. Wool woven can be so itchy, even when it’s lined. But her hair does look really nice. I’m very fond of Kerastase products; they do work very well, particularly on processed hair.

  2. Leelee

    Leather! Lace! Fur! See-through panels! Unzipped boots! POUTING!
    Did Kanye dress them for this event?

  3. Anj

    Her hair usually looks dirty and flat on a daily basis so I can’t understand why she’d be picked for a haircare line. Honestly, I can’t understand why she’s relevant anymore.

    • Helen

      I don’t get it either. Hair is not Moss’s strong point.

      OTOH, if Beyoncé can advertise hair products with a wig, and she does, why not, really?

    • Fiona

      She’s relevant because she’s AMAZING! Look at that face!

  4. Nanny

    Good grief those knees! I know we are supposed to look at fashion and not dog a girl for physical imperfections, but she is a supermodel after all! Yeek!

  5. rowynn

    She looks okay, I guess, considering that she’s wearing a fur coat over either her best slip or her nightgown, but that guy looks so sleazy and tacky that he’s actually making me annoyed. The tucked-in sheer shirt and leather pants were bad enough, but just in case someone didn’t get the message that he’s an enormous tool, he added those stupid-looking boots. God.

  6. Eliza Bennett

    Jack Sparrow’s emo cousin is cracking me UP. Bless.

    • Eliza Bennett

      I just realized why his shirt is so funny to me: It looks like he’s wearing a see-through leotard. A wrinkly see-through leotard. Oh, lawd.

    • witjunkie

      I know!! Usually when I see something terrible I’m like AAK! or gaaahhh… But this time I’m just sitting here giggling. It’s just so…earnest and redonkadonk at the same time.

  7. maryse

    ugh. she looks kind of used up. and that she might be a little stinky. plus her hair is not going to sell me an kerastase products.

    as for the artistic director, i had to click on the original photo and look at him close-up to realize that he did not in fact have half of a mustache.

    • fumble

      Wow…I did not notice that. Bless you for pointing it out. What with the sheer shirt, the ill fitting pants and the ridiculous boots, I missed looking at his face. What a treasure to behold!

  8. greatwhitenorthchick

    Though I don’t wear fur, I like the look of her coat; nice length, nice colour. The rest of her looks thrown together. As for him….leather pants fall into the same category as sweats…just not the best idea for guys (especially when there appears to be a problem with the zipper).

  9. Claire

    Remember when sheer leg panels were the worst? Clearly that was until the day the sheer man-belly panel showed up in town. Plus the pattern on the top of the shirt looks like elaborately sculpted chest hair. Not a good look, dude.

  10. CakesOnAPlane

    “You look like the bootlegging villains in a Boris & Natasha reboot.”

    Spot on. And also, that movie should be a thing.

  11. Rayna

    For an event ABOUT hair care styling products, would you think the person who is supposed to promote said products would have more vavavavoom HAIR???

    • Jamie

      I agree – this strikes me as a really weird choice. I never think of Kate Moss as having great hair. Great cheekbones, yes. But not great hair.

      Also, seeing ripped sixpack abs on a man who otherwise looks twelve seconds from death is… unsettling.

  12. McLisa

    This is cocaine fashion. And hello, what’s going on with his fly?

    • theotherjennifer

      McLisa, I unfortunately had to zoom in to see if it was open – (the horror!) it’s actually a button fly but he’s got it not closed all the way. Also, the belt has about 20% of the leather left on it, looks like my dog chewed it.

  13. tigers4us

    Was an ANIMAL KILLED for that hideous coat? Does she know she forgot to put on a dress over her slip? None of this look is good.

  14. tigers4us

    And don’t get me started on Boris…

  15. Diane

    Now I will never try this product, even if it is free.

  16. Trace

    Is the Artistic Director wearing a thong pulled up really high or is that just the way his shirt is wrinkling.

    As for Kate, hey she’s 37 or 38, has lived life to it’s fullest, makes no apologies for who she is or for her lifestyle and I think she still looks pretty good!

  17. Katie Lynn

    I can’t help but wonder if the artistic director has a Hitler ‘stache. In the small photo it looks as though he does, and I’m too scared to look at the full-sized. Hitler ‘stache is never a good life decision!

    • Helen

      Seen bigger, it’s a full moustache but it’s only just growing in, hence the weird shadows. I’ll give him a pass on that… if you get photographed a lot, and he probably does or at least will for this campaign, there’s never a good time to change your facial hair.

      But the rest of his look, and hers, NOBODY GETS A PASS ON THOSE. Ugh!

    • Kimberli House

      Gah! I just wrote exactly the same thing below about the Hitler ‘stache, punctuation and all. Too funny!

  18. Holly Hamilton

    Thank God, for these two, something finally interesting all in one photo.
    The entertainment value alone, from his “shirt” (is it? ) to her knobbly knees (I know it’s not Fat I’m seeing) to the mustachioed lip, to the fur- I though we were all pc on that now- obviously not, to the drugged out gaze (hopefully not- still!), to those boots, what a great picture.

  19. Dazie

    Wow. Walk of Shame Barbie and Ken after a rough night at the S&M dungeon.

  20. lynn baber

    There is not one thing about either of their outfits that is acceptable. I think this is the worst outfit I have ever seen on a man.

  21. JessicaAZ

    I have been using Kerastase for YEARS and I can attest to how fantastic it is on curly hair and how silky it is when I straighten mine out. But, Holy Hell, “Artistic Director” is freaking me out, I really wish I could un-see this!

  22. MollySC

    Does he have half a mustache, or a a hitler-stache? Regardless: NO.
    They look like they went dumpster diving at the Project Runway open auditions.

  23. Kimberli House

    They both look sooo serious and pouty; it’s laughable. Also, is that a shadow or does See-Through Blouseguy have a Hitler ‘stache? As for Kate Moss, she pretty always looks miserable and greasy. I’ve never been impressed.

  24. Roan

    hahaha my kid just asked me if that lady was trying to be the wicked witch…..

  25. deee

    Oh my gosh, he looks like Sacha Baron Cohen playing an artistic director in a fake-umentary.

  26. Jessica Greenman

    she looks lovely, and he doesn’t have to look good

  27. AE

    Is his fly down?

  28. Vandalfan

    She’s addled by drugs, but dear lord, that fellow in the sheer tuxedo shirt, the leather Hammerpants, Doc Martins…


  29. Elaine

    I certainly hope they’re drug-addled…

  30. Laucie

    Artistic Director Guy looks as if he is attempting to showcase a split-level chest, half-hairy, half-shaved.

  31. sema4dogz

    You know, I think those boot are actually PART of the leather pants ……..

    • Sandra

      They’re not, though I regret having looked closely enough to be sure. I have to take my eyeballs to the dry-cleaner now.

  32. jules

    I can’t get by how dull her skin looks. It is shocking. Like she has chain smoked three packets of cigarettes in two hours. Let your skin breathe Kate, it will do you the world of good. I just think they look so trashy and not even glam trashy. Just sad really.

  33. Lily1214

    He really ought to be embarrassed. She looks great, as usual.

  34. Kate

    The coat is appalling and that dress does look uncomfortable, but she seems able to make that type of thing work, mostly. He looks about 10 seconds+ inspiration away from either a striptease or dramatic ice dancing.

  35. Chrissy

    Both “outfits” are awful. Hers is a nightie and yet his is more obscene.

  36. Ellyn

    Please bring this picture back for a Freaky Fug Friday contest–I’m sure it would inspire some awesome entries!

  37. Sajorina

    He looks DISGUSTING and her outfit makes me stabby!

  38. Faye

    LOL at Kate Moss doing ads for Kerastase. Kerastase products actually work wonders (I’m a big user of several of them), but they’re expensive as heck, so L’oreal (who owns them) should pick someone whose hair actually looks good! Kate’s natural hair is awful; she wears extensions (some of them came out at a party), and even then it looks bad. Connie Britton would be a much better choice.

    As for these outfits — are they going to a British fancy-dress party? “Pimps and tarts” theme, perhaps?

  39. Emma

    Sometimes when I look at Kate Moss I think “I’m glad I’m not Kate Moss.”

  40. Kris

    I have never ever found heroin chic attractive, and I find it hard not to judge her based on what I have seen of her and her skills as a mother. She gets a big thumbs down from me on all levels.

  41. sara

    I don’t understand the fascination with this woman. There’s something vaguely reptilian about her and she looks washed and dried up. Ick.

  42. catmandu

    Artistic Director’s see-through blouse is like the formal wear version of those mesh shirts frequently worn in 80s movies and found for sale in the International Male catalog. In fact, AD’s entire outfit might be FROM International Male.

  43. mrbruno

    Good from far, but far from good!

  44. PinkieBling