Rachel Korine is kind of the forgotten Spring Breaker. And I think part of that is because I am not a Harmony Korine fan — in fact, his work creeps me the hell out — and she’s married to him, and so, to bastardize Tina Fey, I just don’t want to go to there.

Also, her dress is a migraine, so there’s that. Ashley Benson is over there in some nightmarish Goth-Chicos getup. And then Selena Gomez is doing the whole pencil skirt/bra thing that’s coming back, and all it’s making me wish is that it were a whole dress and that she hadn’t finished it with tedious shoes. It’s like frosting a cake with milk. Although let’s face it, she’s winning the hell out of this breakup with Justin Bieber, so maybe the rest doesn’t matter.

[Photo: Getty]