Fugger: Tilda Swinton

Well Played, Swinton

How do the kids put it these days?

"A Bigger Splash" - BAFTA Screening and Q&A

Oh, right: #GOALS.

Also, possibly, #OurVampireLeader, but that’s fine too. Anything to get the deets on that lipstick.

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Swintonly-Played, Swinton

In case you are wondering what SWINTON wore last night:

AnOther Magazine x Dior Present The VIP Premiere Of "A Bigger Splash"

The answer is: a blazer of tinsel, iridescent disco shoes, black sequined pants, a pirate’s shirt, and the royal order of her home planet of Swintonia. Basically what you’d imagined, right? Right.

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Venice Film Festival: Fugs and Fines About Town

This is mostly people looking jaunty — or attempting to — as they prepare to get on and off of boats. Althouhg there is a treat at the end.

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Fug or Fine: Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann

This just seems too banal for Our Lady of the Sartorial Thunder.

Tilda Swinton venice film festival

I mean, I see where it’s going, but I would NEVER have taken that route. It’s as if Google Maps is telling me another way that would shave half an hour off my time, but she INSISTS on avoiding all the freeways and won’t do anything that requires her to use a left-turn lane and so she’ll get there how she gets there.

Luckily for her…

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Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the Trainwreck Premiere

In which Marisa Tomei plays the role of SWINTON, SWINTON plays the role of a more lowercase swinton, and Andy Cohen plays the role of Justin Timberlake.

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Fug and Yay and GOOP and SWINTON: Celebs at Valentino

Gwyneth rarely pops by one of these things anymore. But in a week where we’ve learned Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin allegedly are moving in together – and mere blocks from G’s apartment, also rumored to be at Mama Goop’s control-freaky behest — it doesn’t surprise me that she suddenly turned up in public on a luxe red carpet to be like, “Yes, remember me? Your Lady of Ageless Health? STILL GOT IT.” But if you’re going to haul ass across the ocean for a big fashion show, and your ex is moving in with a 24-year old who is also America’s Sweetheart, YOU BRING THE BIG GUNS. And Gwynnie only packed a tiny novelty water pistol that goes on her keychain.

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Fugs and Fabs: Everyone at the Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

You guys, this means that SWINTON and K Stew have met. I feel like this could lead only to good things.

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