Fugger: Rashida Jones

Who Fugged It More: Rashida Jones vs. Michelle Dockery

These ladies didn’t wear the same dress from the Prada collection that had faces plastered all over everything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t compare. Michelle’s had the face down on the bottom half of her dress; Rashida’s is more… everywhere:

Dockery wins the hair battle, thanks to Rashida’s apparent feud with grooming products. Neither bodice is particularly appealing to me — both flatten them out, although Rashida’s might be a shade more criminal. Dockery’s looks like the face was concussed by a bag of Skittles; this one looks like the Wizard of Starburst is ripping out her memories and replacing them with an ad for an iPod Shuffle. Dockery’s had shape, but it also sliced her across the chest more; this one looks like a pillow case with cat ears. At least Rashida handily wins the shoe battle — those are awesome — but as for the rest… I might not be able to pick a winner, because that would imply even a modicum of favoritism one way or the other, and that simply won’t do.

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Golden Globes Well Played: Rashida Jones

Between this and Julianna Margulies (and to a lesser extent, Kelly Osbourne), it was a good night for gold accents.

This really works on Rashida — it’s just casual enough to feel like her, but just formal enough that it fits the event. Her bangs are adequately wrangled for perhaps the first time in recorded red carpet history, and the whole affair is so much better than I’m used to from her. So even if Martin Scorsese DOES look like he’s vexed and trying to avert his eyes, I’m on board. Don’t pay any attention to Marty, Rashida. He’s probably still mentally trying to comb another minute’s worth of frames out of Wolf of Wall Street, which would cross any man’s eyes.

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Gotham Independent Film Awards: Fugs and Fabs

December is the time when awards shows crawl out of the woodwork.

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New York Fugshion Week: Celebs of Day Six

We talked to Padma when we saw her at Naeem Khan, and she was very gregarious — going so far as to poke fun at herself for wearing this outfit. We also witnessed some random dude butting in to offer Homeland’s Morgan Saylor some Valentino. I KNOW. We have no idea what happened but we hope it was legit.

The only other shows we wrote up were Badgley Mischka and Vera Wang, the highlight of which was John Legend bouncing both Chrissy Teigen and Petra Nemcova on her knee.

But we did go to Jenny Packham, and are happy to report that Christina Hendricks looked freaking wonderful. Here’s hoping she did some fruitful Emmy shopping.

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New York Fugshion Week: Celebrity Sightings, Day 4

Yes, you’re seeing this right: We were two feet away from Reigning Fug Madness Champion Justin Bieber. Here is how it all went down, and no, I did not get to ask him any illuminating questions about crotches. I did NOT notice that he is TRYING TO GROW A MUSTACHE OH MY GOD IT IS NOT WORKING JUSTIN, and now I feel like I betrayed the people by not discussing that in the post.

– At Tracy Reese, we talked to Meghan Markle about the suits (and other outfits) on Suits;

Rita Ora closed DKNY, and Anthony Kiedis was there looking like refried Ken Paves.

– Rihanna didn’t show up at Zac Posen, but Christina Hendricks did, and what do you know: She looked mostly nice.


Fugs and Fabs: Carolina Herrera Store Opening

What do you get when you mix Kat Graham with the uptown stylings of Carolina Herrera? Apparently, the answer is: Yoko Ono.

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