I am lightly torn on this one, friends. In the pro column: I like the loud, swirling pattern, and the funky light pleating gives it unusual texture. Her shoes are great. Hooray for red nails. But the belt is making it blousy in a way that looks more pinchy and accidental than like a choice, and… you know what, I was going to wonder about whether the slightly wide sleeve and rounded shoulder look a bit too dated, but I’ve decided I think it’s fun. She’s not overwhelmed by this, but easily could have been, so even though I’d have done a red lip, I am rather on board. In fact, I’m bullish on Rashida Jones in 2017, based solely on a small sample size of this dress and her Oscars gown. I’m sure I’ll eat those words, but hey, why NOT make sweeping declarations that will almost certainly immediately prove to be off-base? I can handle a word snack. I AM hungry a lot.

[Photo: Getty]