Katy is promoting the return of the rebooted American Idol, which I guess did well enough with Lionel and her and Not Keith Urban that it’s back for a second season. And she’s doing it with zealous commitment to monochrome. This, with the exception of the shoes, is a head-to-toe Sally LaPointe look; she swapped the designer’s chosen strappy sandals for pumps, but made sure to coordinate them as lovingly as the rest of this is. Much like how the other day she looked like a Housewives cast member, here she is in costume as an incredibly rich, bored socialite who agreed to become a genie in exchange for an Upper East Side penthouse.

Earlier in the same day, we had this Solace London ensemble:

'Good Morning America' TV Show, New York, USA - 27 Feb 2019

She wore this to GMA, where she ended up taking over and delivering the weather forecast, which is worth watching just to see her gesturing at the screen with the ENORMOUS sleeves that her coat is hiding:

It’s a pretty unflattering outfit, which looks madly irritating to wear; honestly, I would’ve kept on the coat and just allowed myself to sweat on-air like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News. But I am enjoying how thoroughly she’s throwing herself into each section of the rainbow, and can only hope she’ll finish off the week with head-to-toe ensembles in all the other colors. You can do it, Katy. I believe in you.

[Photos: InstarImages.com, Rex/Shutterstock]