I have a phrase I like to use. It is: “Two things can be true.” This is an argument I am having more and more often with people and, frankly, it is a fact I try to personally bear in mind at all times: A person can have always been nice to you personally, and yet also have been a total asshole to someone else, for example. Both of those things can be true. A book can be well-written, and also not very enjoyable. Someone can be very smart, and also bad at their job. Two things can be true. In this case, Katy Perry looks kinda great in this, and also like she’s about to twirl around to face camera whilst cradling a crystal fruit figurine and murmuring a hacky but also enjoyable tagline that ultimately means nothing when you try to parse it — let’s say, “I used to be a pop star, but now I’m singing my own tune.” Two things can be true.

[Photo by RHTY/starmaxinc.com/REX/Shutterstock]
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