Fugger: Pippa Middleton

Royally Played: Wills Cuts His Hair

FINALLY Wills goes for the close crop — we’ve only been yapping about this FOR AGES — and it looks so much better. In other news, Kate’s re-wearing that Michael Kors tweed she wore over Christmas (she is currently really into tweed, you guys), and Pippa Middleton is sporting a fur turban, which I clearly love. I assume all the Middletons came along to church this Sunday because they’re all over at Anmer Hall for Kate’s birthday, which was yesterday. Wills’s gift was obviously this haircut.

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Royally Played: Princess Charlotte’s Christening Photos

Is it terrible that the second thing I thought when I saw these photos — after, “wow, these are really great!” — was, “Mario Testino is so good at artfully cropping William’s bald spot to his best advantage”? But he is, you guys, and that’s a very valuable skill.

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Royals Round-Up, February 13, 2015

In which we get sledding! And wine-tasting! And Mugging in front of portraits! And a little extra bit of Harry from last week, because I love you.

Around here, we covered Kate’s event yesterday (she actually had two other private events this week; this was the only public one, AKA the only one at which press was welcome). She’s out and about again on Wednesday, so as always mark your calendars.


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Royally Played: Christmas at Sandringham

In which Princess Beatrice wins The Coat Sweepstakes, but Royal Hand-Holding is Once Again Allowed. With bonus Prince Harry Leaping Over a Fence and Making Friends With Animals. Apparently also with Rampant Capital Letters.

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Royals Round-Up, September 26th 2014

No specific royals coverage on GFY this week means LOADS of royals coverage in this week’s round-up. William went to Malta! Harry hugged children! Crown Princess Mary looked gorgeous! Charlene looked totally miserable! AND MORE!

But elsewhere, I have found MUCH for you to read and enjoy:


GQ Men of the Year Awards Fug or Fab: Pippa Middleton in Hugo Boss

Do you think it makes Ol’ Pips sad that most people would probably rather see her sister, or do we think she’s just happy for Kate and enjoys not having quite such psychotic levels of attention focused on her? I mean, she’s certainly still getting invited to all the good stuff, but no one is lurking in her bushes or digging through her rubbish bins looking for her prescriptions or flying over her house trying to take pictures of her baby.

And she was invited to his GQ thing, although she appears to have arrived sans Dreamy Bounder Boyfriend Whom I Suspect Is Bad News (so sue me, I want happiness for Pippa). Let’s look at her dress:

Pippa Middleton attends the GQ Men Of The Year Award at Royal Opera House in London

The color is very,  very pretty, but I will never understand why she has a tendency to go for Sad Lady Mary hair at these things. And it’s not as fabulous from the front as it is from the side:

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Wimbledon

Oh, Becks. You look delicious in that suit. Already a good celeb turn out and we’re not even in the final rounds. I’ve got some Michelle Dockery, some Ed Westwick, a bit of David Tennant, some very dapper Tom Daley, a dash of Tate Donovan, AND MORE. Including a very pink Natalie Dormer.

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