Fugger: Pippa Middleton

Royals Round-Up, July 22nd, 2016

In case you missed it, PIPPA’S ENGAGED. We covered it fully here. And in today’s gallery, OUTFITS! PASTRIES! VERY SMALL HATS!

Likewise, today is Prince George’s birthday, and as ever, I invite you to flip through his archive here at GFY. PLEASE READ ABOUT ME IMMEDIATELY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. KP also released new photos of him, which we covered here!

Elsewhere of potential interest:

– The Swedish royals’ family portrait has SO MANY BABIES in it. (People)

– Also at People, Charlene and Albert (who, as usual, just called up People to chat) are skipping the Olympics because of Zika. I am sure that a lot of women of child-bearing age (and their spouses, given that it can be sexually transmitted) are skipping because of Zika.

– At The Mirror: 11 royal secrets revealed by that photo of Theresa May meeting the Queen

– The Hollywood Gossip doesn’t think Kate will be in Pippa’s wedding.

Tatler has 10 things you should know about Pippa Middleton’s fiancé James Matthews



Well Played, Pippa Middleton in Whistles (and a giant ring)

I was going to save this until Friday and Royals Round-Up, but several people have asked (and emailed) about why we’re not discussing the recent engagement of one Ms Pippa Middleton to her boyfriend, hedge fund guru and brother of a dude on Made in Chelsea, James Matthews (whose other brother died climbing Mount Everest, which is very dramatic), and who am I to make you wait?

The white frock is very subtle, Pips:

Newly Engaged Pippa Middleton Steps Out In London

Subtle, but also cute. (You can buy Whistles at ASOS, by the way, AND I HAVE. I have a Wedding Dress — er, not a bridal gown, but a dress I wear to weddings — from them which manages to be both extremely sexy and also totally appropriate, which is nearly impossible. Anyway. Sidebar over. I like Whistles, the end.) She’s also well-accessorized:

Newly Engaged Pippa Middleton Steps Out In London

I just love that bag. J/k: Obvs, the ring is a real sparkler. (Additionally, I am amused by the fact that, per The Mirror, as soon as Pippa smiled for these pics, she got into her car to drive to work and accidentally ran over her betrothed’s motorcycle. FOCUS, PIPPA. YOU STILL NEED TO FOCUS.)

In other news, Ladbrokes (the famous British betting shop where you can bet on anything) has odds of Kate being a bridesmaid at 1/3. I suspect she will not be, because she won’t want to Overshadow the Bride on Her Big Day. But I assume Wills will perform the ceremony wearing the traditional Elvis costume. Let’s discuss!

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Wimbledon Finals

There was a lot of potential ex drama here: Sienna Miller attended, as did Jude Law; Bradley Cooper attended with Irina Shayk, but Suki Waterhouse was present too. I assume MANY weaponized strawberries were hurled at the backs of each other’s heads.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]


Fugs and Fabs: Various Celebs at Wimbledon

DuchCam is coming up soon, but in the meantime, here’s a roundup of a few other people who’ve turned up to watch Wimbledon. (If you missed James Norton In Glasses Looking Concerned, please let me direct you here. Go. GO NOW.)

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Royally Played: Wills Cuts His Hair

FINALLY Wills goes for the close crop — we’ve only been yapping about this FOR AGES — and it looks so much better. In other news, Kate’s re-wearing that Michael Kors tweed she wore over Christmas (she is currently really into tweed, you guys), and Pippa Middleton is sporting a fur turban, which I clearly love. I assume all the Middletons came along to church this Sunday because they’re all over at Anmer Hall for Kate’s birthday, which was yesterday. Wills’s gift was obviously this haircut.

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played: Princess Charlotte’s Christening Photos

Is it terrible that the second thing I thought when I saw these photos — after, “wow, these are really great!” — was, “Mario Testino is so good at artfully cropping William’s bald spot to his best advantage”? But he is, you guys, and that’s a very valuable skill.

[Photos: Getty, Mario Testino]