Fugger: Lady Gaga

Hilariously Played, Lady Gaga

You know, I am sure I should be all, “MY EYES!!!!!!” about this, but for some reason, I think it is hilarious. In part, because we already saw a version of this on Rihanna, so the shock value is gone:

But also because I decided she’s actually on her way to teach a Jazzercise class down at the Y and now I want that to happen SO MUCH that it actually has made me happy for once in my miserable life. If I knew a big-haired Lady Gaga was wearing a sheer spangly wrestling singlet over her lacy bra to teach me how to do a grapevine at high speeds at the YMCA, I would be down there so fast your pearls would fall out of your clutches. Rihanna can come too. Jazzercise for everyone!

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VMAs Fine(??) Carpet: Lady Gaga

I don’t even know how I feel anymore.

On one hand, I almost laid an egg that time she came dressed as one. On the other, doesn’t this feel like something that would have landed in the middle in an Unconventional Materials challenge on Project Runway where they had to shop at a store called Tarps ‘N’ Stuff? Isn’t there some middle ground between ovum and meh?

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VMAs: Crazy Performance Fugnanigans

Or as I said to Jessica, the night Miley Cyrus became LMFAO Minaj. Do we think her tongue obsession came BEFORE this outfit, or because of it?

Note: Sadly this isn’t a Fug the Hellshow of the whole thing; just of what people wore during notable performances. I couldn’t bring myself to go into this again THAT deep, and I say that as someone who watched Sharknado TWICE. So you know this was bad.

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Well, I do think her face looks good. At least, until she decides to frame it with something that fell off the wall at TRL.

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Fug This Way

It’s official: The Fug Boat is making another run. But at least we can see her FACE this time, and that’s a leap in the right direction.

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This Weekend In Lady Fugga

I hate it when my makeup gun gets stuck on Old French Whore.

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